Caramel Closure

Happy How I Met Your Mother Day!

I think I was jinxed all day today:

  • I got up late
  • Roxy pooped in the house again
  • I cut my finger when I was making my lunch
  • I’ve had a headache all day

But it’s still been a pretty good day  ;)


I had a slice of my pomegranate bread for a snack today. Work was really busy this afternoon and I was going to have another slice, but I got so tied in up things that I never got up again to get it!

As soon as I turned off my computer, I got working on dinner.

I had some leftover meatballs from this weekend and some veggies that needed to be used.


I cubed up an acorn squash and 1/2 an eggplant I had in the fridge, and roasted them with some olive oil, salt, garlic, and oregano at 450 for about 45 minutes.

While the squash and eggplant were roasting, I cooked some whole wheat pasta and heated up the leftover meatballs.


Once the pasta was cooked, I mixed it with the roasted veggies, meatballs, and a can of diced tomatoes and topped it with a little mozzarella. Baked at 350 for 15 minutes and it was ready!


I love the roasted eggplant with the squash! I’ve tried roasting eggplant before, and I’m not sure if it wasn’t at the right temperature before, but it turned out great this time.

I needed something sweet to end dinner with, so I just broke into these caramels from the Foodbuzz Festival.


Amella Carrot Cake Caramels!


These tasted just like carrot cake but still had that creamy caramel texture – and I loved the “icing” layer on top! Yum. A great way to end my day.

HIMYM is on – the highlight of my Mondays  :)


Do you like caramels?

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  1. My husband and I are watching How I Met Your Mother right now. Love It! Do you watch Accidentaly On Purpose? We love that one too.

  2. Those truffels sound like heaven in a candy

  3. I SWOON over caramel ;)

  4. I adore any type of candy from sophisticated caramels to reese’s :)

  5. I had that the other day and it was way too sweet, so I guess I don’t like caramel flavor!

  6. i LOVE carrot cake..that sounds aweeesome girl! and that pasta..drool

  7. Those carrot cake caramels look incredible!

  8. Carrot cake caramels?! Holy delicious – those sound amazing!

  9. All of your food looks awesome, especially the pomegranate bread… yumm! Hope you feel better…

  10. Roasted Eggplant and Squash are excellent together. They also make a killer Pizza topping….just saying! ;)

    Oh. My. GOsh! Those chocolates are making my jaw drop. I am INFATUATED with carrot cake, and well, chocolate, what’s not to love. Put these two things together and that is just pure fatasy.

    Glad Monday is over for you. Sounds like it was a rough one. Tomorrow will be better hun! It always is! ;)

  11. Aw man, sorry about your bad day! That bread does look amazing though, and so does the caramel! Not a bad way to round out an icky day ;) I love caramels!

  12. I love caramel – and How I Met Your Mother! Monday is a good day :)

  13. Those caramels look adorable! I just made caramel-pecan bars yesterday – we’re obsessed with them. You have to try them!!

    We watch the whole Monday night line-up. Love HIMYM!

  14. did i ever tell you my friends created “how i met your mother?” my freshman year roommate’s hubby and his best friend.

  15. I thought those caramels were amazing! Did you try the passionfruit ones at the expo? So good!

  16. ohhh…caramel and i are deep deep enemies…have pulled off more braces than i can count. haha.

    love the dinner. looks awesome!

  17. Sorry you had another bad Monday. At least it is a shortened week. I definitely like caramel. Your candy looks especially delicious.

  18. Sorry you had a rough day. At least you finished it sweet. I love caramels but they are a huge trigger for me so when I would eat them I would have to buy a few from the bulk bin instead of the huge bag.

  19. sorry about the jinxy day and the poop in the house! your leftovers look incredible. i love caramels but i havent had any this year as per my NYR!

  20. Ooh jealous – I got the black forest ones (which were also good).

    I LOVE caramels. Especially the salted ones from Miette. Yu-um!

  21. Aw days like that are always a little rough, it looks like those caramels could definitely make up for it! I don’t normally like caramel, but if they came with icing on top? I could muscle it down…;-)

  22. mmm i love caramel candies!

    i tend to cut my finger almost ANY time I am cutting up fruits or veggies.. which is daily. I have a cupboard for bandains.

  23. Dang that looks like one good meal!! And the caramels look to die for. I absolutely love caramel. Somehow, I’ve never had a salted caramel though. I mean I’ve had like salted caramel flavored ice creams and stuff, but never a pure salted caramel. I looove it though!

  24. I <3 caramels! carrot cake is my favorite dessert! how did I not see these?? lol

  25. I so love caramels. Even when I was younger and didn’t like other sweets, I really enjoyed caramels. Yours look AMAZING!!! I think they’ll be stuck on my brain all day now… May have to get a little caramel fix… ;)

  26. Those caramels look great! So does your dinner. Hope this morning/day goes better :)

  27. I loved those caramels & they are soo rich and buttery, you only need a little to satisfy! So glad you got to try em’ :-)

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