Sugar and Spice

Yesterday was so much fun! We watched football, had good food, and hung out with friends – one of the best ways to spend a Saturday  :)

We ended up not getting home until around 10 last night, but it was fun. And we won!

We had snack-type foods yesterday (meatballs, chicken wing dip, chips, veggies, freshly smoked salmon, pumpkin dip, cookies) and never really had a real lunch or dinner, so I was (and still am!) pretty hungry today.

Nick had to do sound at church this morning, so we left early and just planned on getting some breakfast and coffee at Panera.


I got their gingerbread bagel (yum) with some reduced fat cream cheese and a cup of coffee.


The bagel was awesome, but this did not fill me up at all! I’m so used to having bigger breakfasts, and a sweet bagel just will not hold me for very long. I wanted a breakfast sandwich, but I was so disappointed in the last one I got here that I just went with a bagel.

We were planning on coming home for lunch today, but then I heard someone at church talking about Thai food and lunch plans changed quickly  :)


I got the drunken noodles with tofu – soo spicy! I loved it and it made my lips burn. I ate about half of this and brought some of it home so Nick can have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. I’m not sure how they cook their tofu, but it had the best texture – not like anything I’ve had before.

And since I’m a bottomless pit today, I just had some pineapple, too.


Nick’s asleep on the couch, and I’m about to get started on laundry. There may be a nap for me, too.

It’s a gray and chilly day here, which means it’s a good day for getting in my sweatpants.


Do you like Thai food? Favorite dish?

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  1. I love pad thai with peanuts. Yum yum yum!
    And I swear, anything but oatmeal will not get me through the morning

  2. I love Pad Thai!!

  3. I am obsessed with pad thai. I have tried to make it myself a few times but it never turns out half as good as my go to thai place.

    Gingerbread bagel? that sounds divine. I think I may making a trip up to Panera soon for breakfast :)

  4. never had pad thai!! today is such a nap day…its dark and rainy here too

  5. I love thai food!! I usually just get some sort of veggie/tofu mix with rice noodles! Sorry your dish was too spicy! I hate that.

  6. I love Thai food…mmm Massaman Curry…so delicious!

  7. yum drunken noodles! I love thai food. Panaag tofu or chicken is soooo delicious!

  8. I love Thai food! My favorite is Pad See Eiw (like druken nooldes but less spicy), so good! I might have to go get Thai food after reading this post!

  9. I worked in a Thai restaurant for 2 years and it was likely 2 of the most amazing in my life! My favorite was their baby corn & mushrooms (wood ears and oyster) with tofu. They actually pre-fried their tofu and refrigerate it until they need it. When it’s used in dishes, it’s sauteed just like chicken/pork/beef. It definitely has an amazing texture that way!

  10. GOOD pad thai is one of my favorites. But honestly, I love all things Thai. I adore red and panang curries and thai basil dishes.

  11. pad thai and pineapple fried rice! mmmm

  12. our team lost :(

    about to go for a nap too. ah sunday naps. enjoy.

  13. my fav thai dish is swimming rama!!!

    i had pineapple last night too, but mine wasn’t very ripe! doh!!!

    gingerbread bagel sounds amazing!! im kind of craving a pumpkin bagel or a pumpernickel right now though!!


  14. Sounds like a great night! I’ve been quite ravenous today too. I always seem to be so much more hungry the day after my long run rather than the actual day. I think my metabolism just takes a day to catch up.

    Oooo, Thai food and I are great great friends. My favorite dish is Thai Basil Eggplant with Tofu. Delicious!!

    Enjoy the rest of your day!

  15. Have you ever tried the Cinnamon Crunch bagel at Panera? If not, I recommend having them toast it for you then spread on the reduced fat hazelnut cream cheese. For added ‘oomph!’ add some thinly sliced apples in the middle. I promise. It’s heavenly.

    Oooh I also recommend their chicken and wild rice soup. I crave their soup and order it every time I go…which isn’t often because I could do some serious carb damage!

    Hope you’ve had a wonderful afternoon :)

  16. I attempted to watch football with the boyf today but I just couldn’t do it. Teach me your fball loving ways!

    I have actually never had Thai food (at least not to my knowledge) that needs to change asap!

  17. i had a tofu soup once…sooo good. but i had an allergic reaction to something in it…oh well! tasted great!

  18. Ah, the spice that lingers on the lips – the best!!

  19. I love Thai! My favorites are Pad See Ew (spelled multiple different ways), Pad Thai, and a rice dish I get that has pineapple and cashews. I recently bought the wide rice noodles so I’m excited to turn them into thai dishes at home. I also adore Thai Iced Tea.

  20. Gingerbread bagel? Yes, please!! I LOVE bagels, but like you said, they unfortunately do not fill me up. Crazy because in high school I ate them almost every day for breakfast!

    I’ve never had Thai food. :-( But I REALLY want to try it. I’m almost positive I would love it!

  21. holy moley – a gingerbread bagel?!?!!?

  22. I don’t know most of the names but I love pad thai and some spicy curry soup.

    I once went to a thai restaurant with a Thai diplomat who happened to be my freshman roommate’s uncle. So cool to have him order in thai for things to share on the table. Best Thai food ever!

  23. Oooh Thai foods is one of my favorites!!!
    you have me majorly craving some right now!

    sorry I havent been comenting! I was with no computer for 3 days :)


  24. I haven’t had Thai food in forever. I like most dishes that have the wide noodles. Now I want some… maybe sometime early this week, pre-thanksgiving.

    I love that bowl!

  25. I love Thai food. Pad thai and drunken noodles are my favorite. The spicier the better! :)

    Have a great week, Brandi!

  26. I had thai food yesterday too! Love it!

    Those gingerbread bagels are pretty tasty.

  27. sounds like a nice day and the bagel looks good but i agree, they don’t fill me up! i almost typed “feel me up” haha.. no, bagels do not do that either ;)

    LOVE thai food! pad thai or spicy green curry are probably my favorites.


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