Hollow Leg

I am still hungry! I don’t know what’s going on today, but nothing is filling me up. I’m about to make some popcorn to have as a snack tonight so my stomach will quit rumbling.

Isn’t it so weird to be so hungry some days?

While working on laundry this afternoon, I had my last mini strawberry Oikos yogurt with some trail mix.


Roxy started bugging me while I was eating this because she loves yogurt. She kept trying to grab the spoon and stick her face in the container before I was even finished!

Once I ate everything, she got to have the last bit around the inside of the container. I wanted to get a picture of her with her entire face in the yogurt cup, but I couldn’t get to my camera fast enough. It was so funny to watch.

She licked it clean – it looked like there had never been any yogurt in there at all.

Nick stopped working on the dresser a bit ago so we could eat dinner.


We made some more quesadillas with the leftover roasted sweet potatoes and beans. I put a little colby + pepperjack in mine tonight.


And I finally had some veggies today! Lettuce, corn, avocado and salsa on the side.


I love the roasted sweet potatoes in the quesadilla – it gives just enough sweetness to counteract the spicy seasonings + salsa.

I’ve got all the laundry done, folded, and put away and clean sheets on the bed! That’s my favorite part about Sunday nights – getting into bed with fresh sheets.


I’ve got to get something to eat. And of course I want ice cream and we don’t have any :\  Oh well, I’ll find something!



  1. I always get that way when I don’t eat enough veggies during the day.

  2. I think it’s pretty normal to have bottomless pit days and days where nothing seems appetizing. Thankfully the two balance each other out

  3. You have a yogurt-loving pet?! That’s ADORABLE. All I know is that my dog loves asparagus, popcorn and dog food….and my cat loves tuna! ;)

  4. I have been having some bottomless pit days lately too — must be something in the air ;)

  5. I had that hollow leg a few days ago (as per my last post on my blog). You know, sometimes, you just gotta eat!! Go for it!

  6. I have days like that, too! It’s so weird!

  7. i hate bottomless pit days!

  8. Haha ME TOO!!! I’ve been a bottomless pit myself today. Oh well, I say embrace it. I think I’d rather be ravenous than not hungry. I swear, when I have those days where I am not hungry at all, I get more upset than when I can’t stop eating. Weird, guess it just shows how much I love food! ;)

    Oh my gosh, my pup is OBSESSED with greek yogurt. He does the same thing with the container. I’ve never seen him lick a container as clean as he does with the yogurt. It sparkles by the time he is done with it.

    Enjoy the rest of your night and your popcorn. Yum!

  9. I’ve been eating butternut squash mexican-style lately. The sweet + spicy mix is really good.

    Clean sheets are my favorite part of Sundays too.

  10. I love when I get all the laundry done on Sundays too… makes me feel so accomplished!

  11. Sweet potatoes in mexican food sounds like a unique combination. I should give it a try. Enjoy your evening!

  12. I WISH I was hungry…my appetite has basically been non-existent today!

  13. i think its so weird how we are a pit one day and the next day our appetite runs off!

  14. Haha definitely have had those days :) I love the idea of sweet potatoes in a quesadilla!

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