The Best Kind of Morning

I woke up this morning at 6:30 to a cat meowing and jumping on the bed, right in my face, begging for attention.

After getting up to let her outside, I put on my glasses and stood in the kitchen, barefoot, while planning out some new recipes to try today.

I love the quiet of the morning. It’s different than being up late at night, for some reason. Being up early just makes me feel at peace.  I don’t think there’s anything better, really.

I stood in the kitchen for a while in my pajamas and glasses and bed-head, with a cookbook for reference. And it was awesome.

Then I sat on the couch and read Donald Miller for a while – what a great way to start my weekend. If only every day could start this way…

And now it’s going to get busy!

Nick and I have had a lazy morning and it’s been fabulous so far.

We watched a little news once he got up, talked to both our families on the phone, and finally made breakfast.


Nick cooked up the last of our Applegate Farms chicken breakfast sausage (yum!) and scrambled some eggs.

I needed some orange zest for a recipe I tried this morning, so we sliced up the orange to have along with our meal.


Plus Trader Joe’s Kona coffee – only the best. 


Still in pajamas  :)

As for my recipe I already made, it involved some NuNaturals I won from Heather!


Specifically, their baking blend which is what I tried today. I also received some packets and their vanilla liquid, which I can’t wait to try in an iced coffee!


Unfortunately, I’m not giving this recipe out yet because I’m also going to enter it in the POM recipe contest!

Nick and I both had a slice this morning and it turned out great. The baking blend was perfect in this quick bread! I can’t wait to try it in other recipes, like Mama Pea’s Vegan Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls  :)

I still have a lot to do today, but most of it should be fun.

  • Make meatballs (also a new recipe I came up with)
  • Make pumpkin dip?
  • Uh…shower  ;)
  • Football watching with friends!

I better get going!


What are you doing today?

Most of my day will include cooking, football watching, and eating – I can’t wait!



  1. I’m baking today, too :-)
    I almost bought those sausages yesterday but talked myself out of it. Now I wish I had!

  2. Fabulous baking job!

    I’m studying right now and then I’ll be off to my celebration dinner tonight! :)

  3. Cooking, shopping, prepping myself mentally for Thanksgiving next week and a ton of people at my house!!

    Have a great day!

  4. aw sounds like the perfect morning. Hope the rest of your day proves to be just as perfect :)

  5. Love the PJ pants photo.. so cute! I am hanging out just like you pretty much all day, then out on a date tonight (hehe) and to a friends party at his new apartment in the city. Have a great day!

  6. Don’t you love how cats have their own time table and have no real regard for yours?
    On the weekends, or if I have a day off, Octavian gets super annoyed that I am not up at 5:40 like usual and will literally climb on top of my chest and stick his butt in my face! If that doesn’t work, he smacks me with his paw and meows! I love him, but really? Can’t a girl sleep in? The silliest part is that he doesn’t even go outside, he just wants me to let him out of my room so he can go “meet” with the neighborhood cats that wait for him at my sliding glass door. Lol!

    Your day sounds glorious, enjoy!

  7. AHhh. I love quiet mornings too. Last night I was exhuasted (in bed at 7:30!) and woke up early at 5:30 and wrote report cards until just before noon. Now I’m ready to relax….and watch football like you!

  8. That bread looks like a winner! :D

  9. Love the lazy mornings.

    And great job on the baking! Wish I had your skills. Hopefully your Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls will more of a success than mine were. I am sure they are fantastic if you know how to bake, but people that ruin every single baking recipe like myself are doomed when it comes to baked goods.

    Oh well, enjoy your weekend! :)

  10. the bread looks real good! i look forward to the recipe and i am sure it will be a winner. your day sounds fun! i have been unpacking all day, i went to the gym for an hour and now i am reading blogs. my reader is up to 170! yipes.

    going to make some dinner and bake pumpkin cream cheese cupcakes here in a minute.


  11. Pumpkin dip? Mmm yummy!
    Lovin’ the PJ pants haha, super cute! ;-)

  12. Today was our Community Thanksgiving dinner so all day was busy with running around and then leading that. I enjoyed it but I’m dead tired.

  13. I have a lot of baking planned this weekend too. Your bread looks great!

  14. I am in San Diego working all weekend. But I get a comp day for Wednesday and will be starting my holiday weekend early! Can’t wait.

  15. send me a slice of bread please? thank you.

  16. making bread is so much fun. i wish i had a bread maker!!!

    hope you enjoyed your saturday! :)

  17. ahhhh that sounds like my perfect morning too. i love those mornings when you can laze about, do whatever you want and just relax! ahhh, mine also involve reading blogs in bed, which i am doing right now :)

  18. I totally agree. The mornings are the best. Especially when you are the only one awake and can just enjoy the quiet before the craziness happens. Sundays are my favorite day to try new recipes too! Your scrambled eggs look delicious :)

  19. What a gorgeous loaf of bread! Really tempting! ye scrambled egg also sound fantastic!! :)

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  21. I need that breakfast! I haven’t ate eggs ‘n sausage in like forever!

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