Honest Scrap


I brought leftovers for lunch today.



Leftover acorn squash + ww pasta with simple tomato sauce.


and roasted broccoli!

Since I just have leftovers, albeit good ones, for lunch, I thought I would post my Honest Scrap!


I got tagged by Camille, one of the awesome bloggers I met in San Francisco a few weeks ago.

I’m supposed to list 10 things people probably don’t know about me, so here we go!

1. I took piano lessons for 4 or 5 years, and I miss playing.

2. My Pampaw used to have a bright orange VW Beetle and I wanted it!

3. On the way to piano one night, a guy that cut my dad off while driving pulled up beside us at a stoplight and showed my dad his gun by pointing it towards our car through his window. I didn’t see it…since I was a nerd and was reading a Babysitter’s Club book with my awesome book light.

4. I hate Williams Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying. Maybe because I’ve had to read it a million times?

5. I went through a stage in my late high school/early college years where I only shopped at Hot Topic, I dyed my hair dark red, and I gauged my ears (eventually) to a size 0. I’m sure my parents are happy that phase is over.

6. My little sister and I used to dress up in my dad’s sweats, stuff pillows in our sweatshirts and pants and “sumo wrestle” on our trampoline.

7. Even though we’re 3 years apart, teachers in our high school used to ask me and my older sister if we were twins.

8. Although I was an English major, I haven’t read most of the “classics”.

9. I want to write a cookbook! Maybe more than one, but at least one.

10. I am ridiculously excited for Thanksgiving – family, friends, my mom’s fudge pie, Black Friday shopping…it’s the best.

Instead of tagging people, list a few things in the comments! I want to know you better, too ;)


Football this weekend!


9:30 PM ET
No. 6 Boise State at Utah State



12:00 PM ET
No. 10 Ohio State at Michigan

12:00 PM ET
Minnesota at No. 13 Iowa

12:00 PM ET
Duke at No. 20 Miami (FL)

3:30 PM ET
No. 8 LSU at Mississippi

3:30 PM ET
No. 14 Penn State at Michigan State

7:30 PM ET
No. 25 California at No. 17 Stanford

8:00 PM ET
Kansas at No. 3 Texas

8:00 PM ET
No. 11 Oregon at Arizona


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  1. I’ve played piano for about 21 years now and love it for stress relief. I can’t wait to watch my Texas boys play this weekend. I actually have tix to the Big 12 championship the 5th of Dec. :)

  2. I used to play piano as well!

    And I loved Hot Topic in middle school…okay, and some of high school.

  3. I like this Honest Scrap tag! I love learning new things about people – especially you!

    -I took violin lessons for about 3 or 4 years and I hated it! I used to drop and kick my violin on purpose so that it could break.
    -I love to sleep and could probably sleep until mid-afternoon if I allowed myself to.
    -I was in the play, The King and I, with Yul Brenner. My twin sister and I played the role of ‘The Twins’.

  4. i used to play piano, too! and i miss it every time i hear ben folds :) LOVED babysitters club books!

  5. -I played trumpet all through middle school, jr high, and high school.

    -My oldest dog is 14 now and I’ve had her since she was 5 1/2 weeks old.

    -I was Editor of our yearbook my senior year.

    -I briefly dated a “repo-man” and went on a job with him one time.

    -I’ve met the Barenaked Ladies twice.

  6. ahahahahaha, You were a Hot Topic kid? I can’t see it. I just can’t. HILARIOUS though.

    Things about me.

    -I was homeschooled
    -I am a huge book geek. Like I have all new boxed sets of things I love, ie Twilight + Harry Potter [for my kids when I have them] and my mom’s and aunt’s old sets of Hardy Boys + Nancy Drew along with countless others.
    -I chew multiple packs of gum through the day

    There you have it 3 rando facts about moi!

  7. 8 and 9 – me too!

  8. -I will read the same books over and over again.
    -I don’t watch horror movies, and will leave the room if one is on.
    -I once put my brother in the clothes dryer and turned it on

  9. I still have a baby tooth. There’s no adult tooth to replace it!
    My picks:
    Boise State
    Ohio State
    Miami (FL)
    Penn State

  10. Hi Brandi
    Things about me:
    Had a piano growing up and cant play one song
    No matter how I plate my food it is never as pretty as yours
    I am going to Disney on December 6th
    My birthday is January 3rd
    I am wearing my reebok butt tone sneakers
    I am just starting to read the book Twilight
    I also picked all teams that are away this week
    Boise State
    Ohio State
    Penn State

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I love this :D Such a fun way to get to know people…

    Random things about me…
    – I used to love the Babysitters Club, Saddle Club and Sweet Valley High and would spend entire weekends with a stack of books just reading one after another
    – I have a tattoo of a rose on my stomach that I got when I was 15
    – my brother lives 10 minutes away from me and we get on REALLY well but haven’t seen each other since March (!)

  12. Sorry all my Michigan peeps, I’m picking Ohio State :-)

    I pierced my tongue and got an industrial bar through the top of my ear as my gift to myself for completing my dissertation. The tongue piercing closed up 2 weeks later when I took it out because I had a job interview. Still wear the bar.

  13. YUMMY! I love your mom’s fudge pie ;)

    -I remember your Hot Topic phase and it seems so far from who you are now.
    -I have always wanted to play the piano but never learned even though we always had a piano in the house growing up.
    -I REALLY want to have this baby boy on my birthday on Sunday cause I don’t care so much about sharing that day, in fact I think it would be the best birthday gift ever!

  14. – My brother and I are 1 year and 360 days apart. He was born 5 days before my second birthday.

    – My favorite doll as a kid was the home-made cabbage patch my mom made me. I sold my regular ones in a yard sale along time ago but still have my home-made one.

    – I got the day off of school when the Berlin wall fell. My parents were stationed in Germany. Somewhere I have a piece of it.

    – I don’t really like pizza. I only eat it if it has funky toppings like feta and asparagus.

    – I still own all my Baby Sitters Club books and will be passing them onto my daughter someday because I think they are that cool.

  15. Hey!
    Your food always looks so good…and big in your pictures, lol.

    I can’t play any instrument or sing a note, but I love to listen to music.

    I used to live in Michigan and California before moving to Oregon.

    In my youth, I went to lots of rock concerts, like Queen, Aerosmith, Joe Cocker and Cat Stevens.

    Have a great weekend! Anne

  16. Can you post a picture of your piercings? I read from another blog that you have the coolest ones! :D

  17. I can’t believe you don’t like As I Lay Dying. One of my faves. And I loved your earrings. I thought they were great. Also, I only know enough Spanish to help high schoolers with Spanish 1&2. I’m not sure we got our money’s worth.

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