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Hi guys!

I only have one picture for you tonight! At least it’s a good one.


I was so hungry today!! Stomach grumbling, hollow belly hungry. I had a clementine + Larabar this afternoon while finishing work.

Since Nick and I have football watching plans tomorrow, we went to get groceries right after work before heading home.

Well, we got the groceries done, but then we decided to try this new Chinese place in town.

It. was. crazy. 

Seriously – it was packed in there! I think the whole town was there, and our table ended up being right in front of the doors where the line of people were waiting to be seated.

I ended up not taking my camera out for pictures because it was just nuts. We had people standing right behind our tables, all around us, and another 2-top table right beside us. The food was pretty good, I guess.

I haven’t been to a Chinese buffet-type place in a while – everything I had tasted good, but I’m just a little afraid my stomach might revolt :\ Right now, I’m feeling okay. It’s just been a while since I’ve had that kind of fried/greasy food, you know? I had a bunch of green beans, some mushrooms, some chicken + broccoli and this black pepper chicken that was super spicy.

So, no dinner pictures, but I had a lot of things happen today that made me think of blogger friends! So I thought I’d spread the love.

– I saw a Pug Calendar in the bookstore today that made me think of Tina and Murphy

– I saw The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook in the bookstore, today, too, and- besides making me super excited to see it – it also made me think of Rose and a conversation we had earlier  :)

– The locally made chocolate milk in our grocery store made me think of one of my favorite girls named Olga that had been teasing everyone with hers for a while!

– I finally saw Smuttynose IPA, Erin! I didn’t buy it tonight, but I totally thought of you.

– Nick and I saw sweet potatoes in the grocery store tonight that were, honestly, the size of my head. One looked just like a bike helmet. I knew VeggieGirl could appreciate a huge sweet potato since she loves them so much!

– Although I didn’t buy any tonight, I found a bunch of frozen waffles that I’ve been wanting to try – and those all made me think of Janetha.


I know there were more, but I can’t remember them all!

Either way, it was a fun day  :) 


We have a lazy night ahead, and I’m happy for it. Tomorrow morning will be pretty low key, but busy around here. I’m already in my pajamas, so I know couch time is coming up.

Happy Friday!


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  1. aw, this post is so sweet :) every time I see some crazy looking fruit or veggie in the store I always think of the bloggies!

  2. haha I love all the blogger thoughts! I do that constantly!!!

    chinese buffets are yummy, but def. greasy!


  3. I hope the food doesn’t revolt! Love the cashew lara!

  4. Eating out on a Friday night is a great way to end the week. Hope you have a fun and stress free weekend!

  5. Bloggers enter my mind all the time like that too! Isn’t it funny how people that you know through the internet can effect our lives in such amazing ways? I just love it!

  6. Haha awww, thanks for the mention – those sweet potatoes DO have to be big :-D

    Looove Pioneer Woman’s cookbook!

  7. awe. i am glad waffles made you think of me! haha. football makes me think of you actually.. :)

  8. Wow that must be good food! I can’t eat it too often because my stomach rebels even if it tastes good going down.

  9. I WANT the PW cookbook. It is precious.

  10. hehe funny!! great post though! :)

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