Vegan Lunch A-Go-Go

Today is busy! And all I’ve been doing (besides work) was thinking of what I could have for lunch.

While it may not win most creative or most beautiful, it was delicious!


I was working with what I had, so here it is!


I had some local acorn squash that I got at the market a few weeks ago, so I cut one in half and roasted it at 450 for about 40 minutes. When there were 15 minutes left, I added in some broccoli to roast along with it.

For the filling, I cooked up some whole wheat pasta (just flour + water!) and tossed it in some leftover pasta sauce I had (tomatoes and seasonings).


I love tomato sauces with squash – it’s such a great combination!

And, I had to have some sort of dessert ;)


I actually got this yesterday at lunch, but saved it for today!


My favorite local chocolate shop, The Chocolate Spike, has vegan treats! This is a Pomegranate Blueberry Vegan fudge. Yum.

As for my coffee…


The almond milk wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good in hot coffee. I’d like to try those coconut milk creamers, but I haven’t found them here yet.


Are you going vegan for today? If not, what do you think would be the biggest change for you or the hardest thing to “replace”? Or what was the hardest switch for you if you are vegan?

I think if I found those creamers, I could totally do without milk in my coffee. I just think I would miss eggs so much! For baking, I know there are substitutes…but if I just wanted eggs for breakfast…there’s not really anything to take their place.


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* Football tonight!

7:30 PM ET
Colorado at No. 12 Oklahoma State


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  1. PASTA AND SQUASH!! YUM!! that sounds so good. and i think im going vegan for a day soon! the hardest part for me would def be giving up dairy.. i love yogurt!! and i also LOVE football!

  2. If Ihad to be vegan permanently, I would be making my own soy milk greek yogurt I’m guessing
    Great idea for lunch! vegan AND local

  3. K.. I am loving your combo.. squash AND pasta.. perfecto!! :)

  4. I would miss cheese dearly, and yogurt. The alternatives just aren’t the same! I’m picking Oklahoma State tonight.

  5. mmmMMM the pasta squash combo sounds amazing. Will have to try it out! And those pom. blueberry vegan fudge pieces look divine! wow. I love football too. Although im a UT fan! eheh. My husband is from Texas so it goes with the territory. Im rockin out the vegan for a day challenge too! looks fun! have a super day!!

  6. It would be so hard for me to go vegan. I love yogurt, cheese, milk etc too much! I don’t eat meat, haven’t for about 20 years, but giving up dairy would be impossible!

  7. I honestly wouldn’t miss meat ALL that much if I went vegetarian (which I don’t plan to) – but I could never go vegan! I LOVE yogurt, cheese, eggs….you name it. :-) Plus, osteoporosis runs in my family and I’ve been told my bones are small anyway. I know they have calcium supplements (which I take), but I do believe sometimes the real thing is best!

  8. I never thought to stuff acorn squash with pasta-that’s a genius idea!

  9. Pom-blueberry fudge sounds fantastic!!!

  10. Your lunch looks delicious!

    I’m not going vegan today. But if I did, especially indefinitely, eggs and milk would be the hardest to replace!

  11. I beg to differ, that lunch is pretty creative! I haven’t seen rotini stuffed acorn squash before – that’s kind of fun.

    The only thing that is keeping me from NOT being vegan is cheese and Greek yogurt. Two reasons: 1. I like to use that as a protein source since I don’t eat a lot of beans or tofu and 2. It’s delicious. However, dairy doesn’t agree with me so we’ll see how long before I cut it out all together.

  12. Your lunch looks pretty creative and tasty to me! I’m roasting squash up right now.

    Pom vegan fudge?! YUM!

    I WAS going to go vegan today, then realized there was cheese in my veggie burger :-( I do find myself eating vegan for entire days unintentionally, but I’ll make a formal day of it soon!

  13. I linked to your blog from Polly’s because I noticed you’re reading Donald Miller. Love him. Raw, honest, and intellectual. He shows us how we can love Jesus while being IN the world, not OF it.

    P.s. Really like your blog. :)

  14. I honestly neve had any problems switching from vegetarian to vegan. I missed ice cream for a little while, but I got over it pretty quickly.

  15. I’ve been wanting to try the, “So Delicious” creamers too! I use silk creamer for my coffee, and like it – maybe you could try that! That lunch looks fab! :-)

  16. You lunch looks great!

    For me if I was going vegan eggs and milk would be hard. I ordered a latte today and forgot to ask for soy. Besides I don’t really like soy milk and almond milk just isn’t the same even if it is yummy in some things.

  17. I love tomato sauce and squash too! That fudge looks amazing.

  18. Great lunch!

    The things I would miss most on a vegan diet would be eggs & cheese.

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