Vegan 4 A Day

I am not doing good in the “get out of bed on time” department this week. I don’t know what it is…but I can’t make myself get up!

I was excited, however, to get up and start off my Vegan 4 A Day Challenge!


Make sure to check out Katy and Michelle’s blogs for more info, but a lot of bloggers (and others!) are going Vegan for today.

While I’m not even a vegetarian, I thought it would be an awesome challenge and a great way to really think about what you’re eating.


I was really excited for my vegan breakfast  ;)


I had an almost empty jar of (vegan!) Trader Joe’s Almond Butter, so I made myself some oats-in-a-jar.


  • 1/3 cup oatbran, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1 small local gala apple, diced
  • almond butter!


While the oatbran cooked, I diced up the apple and microwaved it with some cinnamon and ground ginger.

Then I mixed the apples into the oatbran and loaded it into my “bowl”.


Great way to start my day!

I think the hardest thing for me today will be figuring out dinner (based on my meal plan) and coffee!

Does almond milk work okay in coffee? I guess we’ll see  – I’ll report back at lunch!


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  1. i know soy milk does pretty well in coffee! ;)

  2. Perfect start to your all vegan day!

  3. Good luck with the vegan challenge!

    I actually don’t like almond milk in coffee but you might. It is too watery for me.

  4. I have had almond milk in coffee before and it is pretty good. A bit thin, but good!

  5. I will be interested to see whatcha eat & come up with!!! It’s always fun to try different ways of eating. Almond milk kinda seperates is coffee, but it’ll do the job ;o)

  6. TJ’s do an amazing soy creamer (in the fridge section). If I had a TJ’s near me, I’d use that all the time for coffee :D Oats in a jar rock! I think I should start a drive in my area to collect “empty” nut butter jars!

  7. Almond milk does work in coffee, but like Jessica said, it is a bit thin.
    Good luck with this today, I’m doing it too, and excited about it!

  8. I’m going to try going vegan today as well! So fun.

    In my experience almond milk works in coffee, but doesn’t always mix completely or give you the rich flavor of milk. I drank my coffee black today!

  9. oh this is a fun challenge!! I love all the fun and yummy vegan recipes I’ve discovered through blog world.. though I don’t know if I could fully convert — I love me some greek yogurt :) have a great day, Brandi!

  10. Great beakfast, I still need to try my oat bran! The warm apple sounds delish and warm!

  11. I’m going vegan too! This should be “fun”. And I’ve had almond milk before; besides the flavor it’s just like the real thing

  12. I use almond milk in iced coffee all the time! Not sure about hot coffee though…. hmmm keep me posted on that :)

  13. To me, almond milk works great in coffee! I’ve also been wanting to pickup some coconut milk creamer to try that too. Good luck with your challenge! It’s probably easier than we think she we are always making concious decisions about food.

  14. Wow, that looks like an amazing jar of oatbran! I can’t wait to finish my jar, and try oats-in-a-jar.

    I am also going vegan for today!

  15. Almond Milk was OK in my coffee this morning. Your OIAJ just made me very hungry! nom!

  16. Way to go lady! So impressed with your vegan for a day gusto! And that breakfast looks amazing…mmm.

  17. I’m excited you are doing this. It is a fun challenge and I look forward to your eats.

  18. almond milk doesnt work too well in coffee.
    Silk milk does though.

    great job being vegan for a day!! YAY <3 love you!

  19. good luck on the vegan days… I can’t imagine (and wouldn’t wnat to) have life without yogurt and cheese.

  20. I’ve seen tons of bloggies take on the challenge. i think this is so awesome and i give you a round of applause because i’m not sure i could it! but i’m so proud of you girl! i cant wait to hear what you thought up for dinner

  21. looks like a fabulous breakfast! I think the almond milk is a little thin in coffee from what Ive heard. They have a soy creamer that is pretty tasty though. Silk makes some. Its tasty!

  22. yayyyy for vegan 4 a day…i thought of doing this, but i feel like poo right now, so it may not happen. have a good day girl! enjoy being vegan :)

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  24. okay gotta comment on this one too. haha. i ONLY drink almond milk. i am not vegan, i just prefer it, and it is great in java!

  25. Yay! I’m doing it too!

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