POM Chicken Salad

I’m so excited for this lunch!!! I’ve been waiting to make this since I cracked open my pomegranate on Sunday.


  • 12 oz. cooked chicken, shredded or diced
  • 1 small apple, diced
  • 1 scallion, sliced
  • 2 Tbsp walnuts, toasted and chopped
  • 2 Tbsp Pomegranate Arils
  • 1/4 cup plain yogurt
  • salt
  • pepper

I love the little sparkle from the arils in this – that bright red color just makes the salad pop.


I had mine with celery sticks and some multigrain Food Should Taste Good chips.

This would actually be really good to make with leftover turkey from Thanksgiving, too.


I just love the mix of sweet apple, toasty walnut, tart pomegranate, and the tiny bite of the scallion.


Is it weird that I get so excited about food?

I just love good food, good meals, new ideas…maybe it’s because I didn’t really cook until the last couple of years. Now I come up with ideas that even I think are weird sometimes  ;)  But they still taste great!


Do you get more excited about food than other people you know?


  1. It’s funny, you and Jenna (EatLiveRun) both talked about food excitement today. And YES, I get more excited about most things than most people but food especially.


  2. I get super excited about food. So much, in fact, that I’m wondering how you haven’t eaten all of those arils yet? I ate all of mine in one sitting!! :)

  3. I get totally more excited! Love the salad idea, looks so good and refreshing!

  4. Of course I get more excited about food that people I know…that’s why I adore food blogs! Everyone’s like me…! That salad would be great with turkey…!

  5. That Chicken Salad looks amazing!!! What a great idea to add arils to it.

    YES – I totally get excited about food! Especially new (to me), healthy food – like quinoa, squash, greek yogurt (all things I’ve just tried this year). I’m like a little kid at Christmas!

  6. YES. most of the time :)

  7. oh man, i get waaayyyy more excited! i sometimes find that a lot of my conversations make their way to a conversation about food. unfortunately, i haven’t met others who share the same passion, which makes me ever so grateful for food blogs!

  8. I get playfully teased all the time for getting so excited about food!

    That chicken salad looks great. I sometimes put grapes in mine, so I can just imagine what the pomegranate arils add!

  9. i get more excited about most things. i think food is just an offshot of that.
    life is better with joy

  10. I get a lot more excited about food than most people I know. I think the people about my office think I am a little off because of it. Oh well!

    Thank chicken salad looks yum. I have never really thought about how to incorporate pom into dishes, I love your ideas!

  11. Food of any kind and making recipes excite me more than anything. My parents think its weird that when I come home for Christmas the first thing on my list is Whole Foods and Trader Joes!
    I’ve already got a list of things I want to make while Im home too:)

  12. that looks awesome :) and i totally get excited about food!!!

  13. I get told I’m nuts when I talk about food. I’m super aware of good for you stuff tasting good so I talk about passionately. Most of my friends just laugh now :0)

  14. what a fabulous idea with the pom girl! i love it :) i def get wayyy too excited about food, i think my boyfriend thinks i’m crazy bc of it haha… ah well, to each their own right?!

  15. Thank God for food blogs! Now my husband knows there are THOUSANDS just like me out there who obcess about food!!

  16. Haha YES! I have tried to explain food blogs, and some people just don’t get it. I get so pumped when I find a really awesome meal item, or have a scrumptious time baking/cooking something. Power to food lovers! :-)

  17. Oh totally! I get super excited! I sometimes get on a roll, and then need to reel it back in when I’m with my non-food loving friends and family hahah

  18. I get too excited about food… If you like arils in your chicken salad, try it in guacamole! YUM!

  19. I definitely get the most excited out of anyone I know. What a great idea for some crunch in chicken salad!

  20. That really does look yummy! x

  21. That looks amazing- I love fruity chicken salad! I get waaaay more excited about food than anyone I know (aside from bloggers, of course!)

  22. I ADORE chicken salad .. especially with raisins and grapes :) there’s just something extra special about adding that sweet touch!

  23. fabulous idea my dear! I would love that I bet it would be good with tuna toO!!!

    check out my blog for a giveaway :)

  24. I definitely get waaaaay more excited about food than other people I know which is why my blog is still somewhat of a secret. . .
    I love chicken salad. I add mango chutney, grapes, and curry powder to mine. Yum!

  25. People my age are not interested in good food at all..or cooking–so it’s very odd for me to be so interested–but it’s a good addiction :-)

  26. The chicken salad looks so pretty! I love the little POM seed accents :) And I def. get more excited about food than most!

  27. Ooo! Good idea with the pomegranate in your chicken salad. I tossed a few on a salad this week too and it’s so nice to have that sweet juicy pop mixed in. We both were popping over pomegranate’s on Sunday!

  28. ok, had to comment on this one. pom arils in chicken salad IS GENIUS!

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