Stayin’ Up

I think all that butter in the scone kept me full this afternoon ;) I never got hungry for my snack!

Of course, we ended up going to pick up our car from the shop after work, so by the time we got home, I was ready for some food.


I hate that it’s completely dark at 6:30 at night  :(  But at least dinner was waiting on us when we got home.

I heated up the leftover chicken parmesan and had mine over some Israeli couscous with some extra sauce and peas.


And I think I’ve figured out how to stay awake until I’m ready to turn in.

Stay upright – easy, huh?  :)

Once I blog and sit on the couch for a bit, I always end up laying down which means I’m asleep in no time.

But tonight, I wanted to make sure I made my new recipe for us for lunch tomorrow so I waited to blog until now.

I got more done than I planned!

  • Lunch recipe made for tomorrow
  • Pineapple cut and in the fridge
  • Celery cut and in the fridge
  • Lunch somewhat packed
  • Pajamas on  :)

Now all that’s left is eating this dark chocolate with hazelnuts, maybe making some tea and reading for a bit.


Not a bad ending to a “meh” kind of day.


How do you get everything done during the week? Do you have certain schedules or plans for doing it all?


  1. I’m having chocolate to end the day too(well I’m sure I’ll have more in a bit, but I’ll make sure that’s also chocolate ;-))
    I use Google Tasks to write things down but how much I get done fluctuates

  2. that couscous looks like a bed of pearls :) pretty and nummy, can’t beat that!

  3. I DEFINITELY live by a schedule. I admit, when things occur that change my intended plan, I get a little urked, but that’s life, right!?

    I can’t wait to see your surprise lunch tomorrow. It has to be great if you delayed blogging for it. ;)

  4. I have kind of an unwritten schedule for the week – morning routine, work, exercise, home, dinner, make lunch and other chores, then relax! There are times when I make a list, but usually my weekdays don’t change.

  5. I make lists to try to keep myself on track.

    That chocolate sounds yummy!

  6. It’s dark by 5 here! I hate it… the days feel so short :-(

    Dark chocolate with hazelnuts is my favorite! Chicken parm is Ari’s. We’d be happy at your house today!

  7. Great idea for staying up and being productive!

  8. I have certain things that have to get done on certain days. Those come first. Then I do the things that really need to get done for the day first and all the extra stuff if I have time. It’s just prioritizing things I want to do versus things I need to do.

    Chocolate makes the end of the day better :-)

  9. Hey, Brandi! Love your blog!

    I am a definite list maker too, it makes me feel good to have little checkboxes and check off the tasks as I get them done.

    As for falling asleep – I am there with you! As soon as I get in a relaxed position at home, it is Grandma style lights out for me haha.

    Mmmm couscous, I love it! That chocolate looks like a pretty darn delicious snacky too. ;-)

  10. I never have enough time to get everything done that I want to during the week! I have friends coming over for dinner tomorrow night, so I’ve been prepping this whole week, so it won’t be too tough to put together a nice dinner and dessert after work tomorrow.

  11. That chocolate looks so good! I hate how early it gets dark too :(

  12. i get everything done the night before (coffee set up, lunch/lunches if i’m working packed, clothes out if i work)
    and i plan out all the dinners ahead of time, and make sure to plan that a few of them can be lunches too

  13. I try to make lists to get things done, but sometimes it just doesn’t work!

  14. It’s a little belated, but I wanted you to know it was great to meet you at Foodbuzz and your recipe was delicious! I’m adding you to my google reader and look forward to following your food adventures.

  15. my schedule is bananas this week – micromanaged to every second, including when i eat. i kinda hate it but at the same time, it’s better than twiddling my thumbs and wondering what to do.

  16. I am like you, after I hit the couch, it is basically lights out for me. If I need to accomplish things, I have to do it before then!

  17. I love Israeli couscous. So dense and filling.

    I get everything done by not doing anything else! Seriously. My nights are packed from the minute I get home. I sort of hate this busy lifestyle, but I’ve gotten so used to it. I just keep telling myself: “Only one more semester to go!” and then I’ll have all the evenings to do whatever I want!

  18. Goodness, I have still not tried couscous!!!

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