Four Corners

I could not decide on my oatmeal toppings today! There are so many choices and I couldn’t pick just 2…so I just tried to pick ones that would taste good together.



In these corners, we have chopped raw almonds and unsweetened coconut.


and these two have almond butter and POM arils!


This turned out to  be the best combination – sweet, tart, crunchy, creamy.


Another reason to love pomegranates – they make everything beautiful! Like little jewels on your food.


We’ve got to leave early today to drop our car off to have some work done – not the most fun thing to do, but at least I get to listen to more of our favorite morning radio show!



  1. I love your “four corners” breakfast. Have you ever been to that part of the United States? I’ve always wanted to go – I think it would be so cool (said in my official nerd voice) :)

    Good luck with the car today!

  2. can’t agree more on that pomegranate makes everything prettier! :)

  3. Im having some arils in my yogurt today, thanks to you. :)

  4. Looks like a fab way to start the day!

  5. That combo looks delishhhhh to me!

  6. Yum yum yum. That’s all I have to say!

  7. sounds like a winning combination to me :)

  8. Haha, I love your topping medley! It looks awesome :)

  9. That oatmeal looks great. Sometimes I need to play “taste tester” with peanut butter and jam on toast because I can not choose

  10. That combination looks delicious!

  11. that is a GORGEOUS bowl of oats my dear!

  12. I love pom arils, I will be sad when they are out of season!

  13. HOLY MOLY that looks good! I love the idea of four corners, I usually just dump everything in the bowl together, but now i am inspired to make it neater and split up :)

  14. Very very beautiful!

  15. Four corners! Love it :) I have never tried pom arils in my oats!

  16. I have to go out an get another pom-it looks so pretty in the oatmeal.

  17. “You are my breakfast queen, young and sweet, and you look like a teen…
    Breakfast queen, best looking oatmeal I’ve ever seen…
    You can cook, you can bake, there is nothing you can’t make…
    See that girl, watch that scene, diggin’ the Breakfast queen…!”

  18. That is such a pretty bowl of oats! Sounds like a yummy combo too!

  19. ooo that oatmeal looks delicious! I love that you decided to have all of the flavors you were craving :)

  20. Looks beautiful! And I can just taste it! :)

  21. Oh my, your oat toppings look AMAZING! Makes me wish it was morning so I could enjoy some breakfast!

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