Pride and Panko

Ah, I’m sucked into watching Pride and Prejudice right now – love it!

Thank goodness my Monday is ending on a good note – work today was not fun. Way too much to do and not enough time.

I got an easy to eat snack this afternoon to get me through the horribly busy last 2 hours.


PB puffins, Kashi go lean and some almond milk.

After work ended and I unglued my eyes from the computer screen, I found the movie and started cooking dinner.


Baked Chicken Parmesan! Nick went back for seconds, so I know it was good ;)

I took some chicken breast and coated them in a mix of whole wheat flour and Panko.

After browning them in a tablespoon of oil, I put them in a baking dish with some homemade sauce and cooked for 15-20 minutes. Add some cheese, let it melt, and voila!


The sauce was just:

  • crushed tomatoes
  • oregano
  • basil
  • salt
  • garlic
  • pepper

While the chicken was in the oven,  I cooked some whole wheat pasta and tossed it with a little sauce and made one of those steamer bag of peas.

When I was growing up, my mom would always serve peas when we had pasta – and now that’s the only side I think about whenever I’m cooking spaghetti  :)

I’m thinking my night will involve some, or all, of the following:

  • finishing the movie
  • packing my lunch
  • reading


What’s your go-to side dish for pasta?


  1. I don’t have pasta much, but when I do I usually through any and all vegetables that I want on the plate in the pasta, so it’s not really a “side” anymore. But that dinner looks great!

  2. I don’t think I usually have a side when I have pasta. Everything is usually mixed up with the pasta. I always know if dinner is good if my boyfriend goes back for seconds. :)

  3. I don’t normally eat pasta and if I do we don’t have a side. We tend to mix the veggies in the pasta.

  4. Hey there!

    I saw your guest post on Zesty’s blog today and immediately gravitated over here. Wow, so happy I did! Girl you rock!!! I love your page and I love your eats. They remind me so much of my style.

    I’m having a blast getting to know you. Hope to keep in touch!

    Take care!


  5. Looks fantastic!! I love using panko in chicken parm! it stays so crispy!

  6. that chicken parm looks good. I should try using my panko from the Foodbuzz festival!

  7. Oooh Pride & Prejudice…gets me every time! Love the panko idea! Have to try that this week…amazingly I think I have some on hand (that never happens).

  8. My go to side dish for everything is canned green beans boiled witha bullion cube.

    That chicken looks yummy.

  9. oh sweet lord — what are you doing to me?! I am now CRAVING chicken parm.. and I just ate dinner!

  10. Your dinner looks great! I don’t have pasta all that often, but roasted veggies are always a winning side dish ;)

  11. I’m watching P&P too :) it’s the best movie in the entire world.

    panko crumbs are so delish! I love how light and crispy they are!

  12. holy cow, that chicken parm looks awesome. thats probably my most favorite italian meal!!!! If the hubby went back for seconds you know its a winner dinner! :)

  13. Your chicken parm looks sooo good. I love using panko.

  14. I love Pride & Prejudice… :) I’m glad you are getting to enjoy the movie after a busy day!

    I love salad with pasta. I sometimes actually mix the pasta and the salad together; I’m weird, I know…

  15. Your chicken Parmesan looks awesome! Way to make it healthy too. I can eat broccoli with everything, though I’m not sure if its all that compatible with pasta :)

  16. side dish for pasta…hmm…probably a salad. Or just a whole mess of cheese, tee hee heee!

  17. I love peas!! Glad your day ended well :)

  18. Love your blog! Go to side dish? ROASTED VEGGIES! MMM! :D

  19. I love chicken parm and I love your recipe! That looked so good. Don’t you just love panko? I love how it makes things taste ‘fried’. My side dish for pasta? More carbs! How about a hot, crusty piece of garlic bread?!

  20. omg I havent had chicken parm in so long and this looks so good! esp with the green peas! I love the colors on your plate its pleasing for the eye AND the palate :)

    my go to pasta dish is just whatever I see in my fridge I need to use up, so any array of veggies and a fresh tomato sauce on top!

  21. Gosh, I loove chicken parmesan! It’s so good & healthy which makes it even better!

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