Flapjack Comeback

Well, my Monday started off well…at first.

I got up on time.

I had time to sit and read in the quiet of the morning.

And I had time to make pancakes!



It’s been a while since I’ve made pancakes, and I thought we needed them today. Yesterday was a long day and Monday came way too fast.


I topped my pancakes with some sliced banana and walnuts, and had some maple syrup on the side.

All was going well until Roxy pooped in the house – which is why she’s an outside cat most of the time. She just completely quit using the litterbox a few years ago, so she stays outside during the day and usually stays inside with us at night.

But I guess she had to go this morning.

Not the way I want to start my Monday, but I guess it could have been worse.

And at least I had pancakes  :) And coffee is up next!


Do you call pancakes “pancakes” or something else?

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  1. I call ’em pancakes for sure.

  2. Hey, those pancakes look amaaaaazing. So good :D I think they totally make up for the not so awesome part of your morning. ;)
    I call them pancakes!

  3. i call the pancakes, and pancakes is so what i wanted yesterday! those look awesome!


  4. Looove your little syrup bowl–I need one like that, perfect for dipping!!

    Poop patrol is never fun! :o(

  5. Roxy pooped in your house and Sonny dragged a bag of trash throughout our bedroom. I guess the cats aren’t feeling Monday morning either!

  6. Pancakes!! When people call them flapjacks it makes me laugh. I think it’s a funny name.


  7. my little niece would call them ‘panty cakes’….it stuck and now we all still call them that!!! ;)

  8. my fiance wants pets baddd and i’m so worried about accidents like that!
    cause i can bet you a dollar i’ll be the one on clean up duty…

  9. pancakes, straight up!

    i LOVE mornings when you have time to make yummy breakfasts and take your time – that hasn’t happened to me in awhile :)

  10. Beautiful pancakes – yep, that’s what I call ’em :)

  11. Mmmm I love pancakes! Yours look perfect!

  12. Pancakes are pancakes in my book. Also, heavenly :-)

  13. I call ’em pancakes too and yours looks so yummy – looks like a great way to start the day despite cat accidents :-)

  14. I call them pancakes unless they are the little ones that I call silver dollars.

    Yuck on the cat poop. Our dog Leo did that when we first rescued him from the shelter. He was scared so he would hold it all day and then poop in the house. Now we have no problem but that was never fun to clean up.

  15. Ew, sorry about the poop sitch. Not a great start to the day at all!

    Your pancakes (that’s what I call ’em) looks great though.

  16. I went through a phase where I tried to call pancakes flapjacks.. didn’t go over well with the fam or boyf. In return, they insisted on calling pizza “pie” which for some reason I can’t stand. Needless to say I kicked the flapjack phase :)

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