All the Food Groups

Roxy is now behaving herself  :) at least for the moment. She has been cuddling at my feet for a few hours…possibly saying she’s sorry for this morning? Either way, she can be pretty sweet when she wants to be.

Today is busy – sometimes I wonder what would happen if I just deleted every email in my inbox and didn’t look back. I can dream, can’t I?

I was more than ready for lunch today!

1. It was quick.

2. These leftovers are awesome!


I heated up my last mini meatloaf and the last of the butternut rice mixture with some broccoli.


I didn’t have any of the POM-balsamic glaze left, so a little squirt of HFCS-free ketchup had to take its place.

Oh, and turkey + bison make the best meatloaves.

And more POM on the rice and with “lunch dessert”.


I topped one of the little 4 oz. cups of Strawberry Oikos with some pom arils and dark chocolate chips.

I think I hit every food group with this meal:

  • fruits
  • veggies
  • protein
  • grains
  • chocolate


I’ve got to eat and get back to work.

It’s one of those days where as soon as I move one email out, 5 more come in  :\


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What’s your favorite way to eat pomegranates?


  1. thanks for the linkback ms. brandi! i appreciate all your support and makes me love you even more!

    have a wonderful day :)

  2. I love how chocolate is a food group now!

  3. lol. Chocolate is definitely a food group. You have an antioxidant hit with that yogurt!

  4. yummm i love pomegranates :) in yogurt!

  5. Delicious lunch! I need to get some pom arils now! Love the yogurt combo!

  6. Chocolate is a food group! Too funny!

  7. OMG -I’m so going to put the arils in my yogurt now. GREAT IDEA!!!

  8. Does a pomegranate martini count?


  9. i love that you had lunch dessert

  10. sometimes leftovers for lunch are the best – I purposely make extras so I can pack them for lunch.

    I hear ya with the e-mails – but I love getting them in my blog e-mail inbox, haha – its a nice distraction from everything else.

  11. I had some POM seeds for breakfast and lunch today and in Oikos too!
    Glad your kitty is behaving again:)

  12. I’ve been eating it plain, it’s so sweet and so pretty! I want to make something more elaborated to make my submission to the contest! :)

  13. I wish I could find those mini oikos near me. :(

    I want to try your meatloaf recipe. Andy loves meatloaf~

  14. next time i have a POM in the house which i hope is soon i totally need to have it in some yogurt cause that sounds so awesome!

    hope your having a fab evening!

  15. Yay love bison!!! I need to try it in meatloaf…never met a meatloaf I didn’t like…ha! And I really need to get a pomegranate – it’s getting ridiculous.

  16. that is a well-rounded lunch if I ever saw one!

    I am loving the 4oz oikos — there are the perfect size to get your sweet fix!

  17. Haha, glad you got the chocolate food group in. That’s the most important one ;)

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