Sunday Scramble

No alarm clock today.

It was nice…until Roxy jumped up on the bed at 6:45 and started meow-ing in my face because she was hungry.

I guess we always have some sort of alarm clock in our house: electronic or feline.


I took the reigns with breakfast today and made a veggie scramble.


I cooked up 1 scallion, some sun dried tomatoes, and about a cup of broccoli from last night in a tsp of oil.

Once the scallions had cooked and the tomatoes softened a bit, I added in 4 eggs (beaten with a splash of milk) and 1 slice of colby jack cheese torn into pieces.

Stir in salt, pepper, crushed red pepper, and oregano and let it cook (slowly!) until the eggs are just cooked.


We also tried some Applegate Farms Chicken & Apple sausage today! I’ve never had their breakfast sausages, and the flavor was great!

And the first clementines of the season! Perfectly sweet.

I’ve got to grab another cup of coffee to go and we’re off to church.


Favorite veggie to eat in the morning?

Weird question, I know, but there are some I just don’t think I could eat at breakfast!



  1. I have eaten all sorts of veggies at breakfast, especially since giving up gluten but I really like pumpkin and spinach at breakfast time!

  2. Spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes…I definitely am a veggie in the morning girl!

  3. love the scrambled egg with broccoli idea! I don’t know if I’d eat it for breakfast, but definitely as a meal!
    favorite morning veggie? spinach for green oats and pumpkin for pumpkin oatmeal!

  4. this breakfast looks wonderful! i dont think i could eat broccoli or cauliflower in the morning. well now that i think about it broccoli could be good in eggs. lol

    have a great day!

  5. I used to get broccoli omelets at work basically every sunday (we have a breakfast buffet on sundays and it includes an omelet bar!) I haven’t tried spinach in eggs yet but from your comments, it looks like it’s something I’m going to need to try!

    After thanksgiving, I eat a lot of veggies in the morning due to leftovers! Corn pudding… green bean casserole…. yum!

  6. Sorry if you got some random comments from me just now! My computer is acting crazy!

    The scramble looks great! I’ve been craving eggs all week!

  7. I think pumpkin is the only thing I could imagine in the a.m. I really want to try their sausages! I also love al fresco’s maple blueberry ones.

  8. I once had asparagus for breakfast. It was delish! We stayed at an upscale hotel and that was served with our breakfast. I loved it!

  9. I rarely eat veggies with my breakfast — I am a sweet breakfast kind of gal. but I LOVE mushrooms and spinach in my omelets/scrambles.

  10. I don’t think there are any veggies I couldn’t eat for breakfast that I would eat at any other time.

    At least you had an alarm clock this morning! Unfortunately for us, we forgot to set the alarm and the cats behaved themselves, so we slept until 11!

  11. Love Applegate farms sausages, I haven’t gotten them in ages though!

    Zucchini – I love shredding it and putting it in eggs, it makes them really fluffy, you just have to squeeze all the water out first though!

  12. Spinach in omellettes and scrambles topped with salsa is my favorite.

    I used to have a feline alarm clock. He would nibble my nose if I didn’t feed him. I’m lucky now that Hunni walks the pupps. If he is gone or sick they wake me up at 7.30 for a walk.

  13. Your scramble looks delicious! My favorite “morning veggies” are sauteed mushrooms.

    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and have a great week! :)

  14. I had something similar this morning – except I added spinach & bell peppers to my scramble. Yum! Favorite morning vegetables – bell peppers!

  15. I love mushrooms, spinach, onions and tomatoes in the morning. It is also great to add leftover roasted veggies to an omelette/egges in the morning because they are already soft and well flavored!

  16. I love eating peppers and onions in my omelets for bfast–but I know what you mean about not being able to eat certain things in the a.m. I don’t think I could stomach salads!

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