Spooked Awake

Is it weird that the only day this week I get up on time is on Friday, the 13th?

Maybe I knew I needed to get up and get a good start on the day – or maybe my weird dreams woke me up. Who knows? But at least I’m not rushing around this morning!


Another thing that got me out of bed? Eggs for breakfast!

I’ve been eating oatmeal and toast all week, and the thought of having some eggs just made me happy.

I made some “eggs in a basket” for me and Nick this morning using Nature’s Pride Whole Wheat bread and Eggland’s Best eggs. Their yolks are always so bright!


I cut a hole in each slice of bread using a biscuit cutter, put the bread in the hot pan and then cracked the egg in the middle. Once it has cooked for a minute or two on one side, flip it over and wait until the second side sets.

I don’t leave mine in too long since we still want the yolks to be runny, but you can cook it completely through, if you’d like.


And…I had a mini nutella sandwich with the cut out rounds from my bread  :)  I’m obsessed with the nutella this week, I guess – and it keeps me from wasting that bread.

Nick and I split a VA apple to have some crunch + fruit with breakfast.

I’d say this was a good way to start a Friday!


Are you superstitious at all?

I’m not really superstitious about anything..except for football days! I have to wear my Hokie socks and a tshirt and/or jersey and my sweatpants if we’re home ;)


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  1. I’m VERY superstitious – borderline paranoid, hahaha ;)

    Happy Friday!

  2. Those eggs look yummy. I wasn’t hungry for breakfat until I saw those.

  3. i am not superstitious really.

    love the eggs and anything with nutella is just seriously the best. all hail the nutella! happy friday brandi!

  4. I forgot it was the 13th until I just read this. Ah!

  5. Awesome breakfast as always! :)
    I’m not superstitious at all. :P

  6. I didnt even know it was Friday the 13th till I read this.. lol GREAT my students will be in rare form today!!

    Awesome breakfast btw :)

  7. I’m more paranoid than superstitious.

    I was wondering how you got the centers so perfectly round, and then you mentioned the biscuit cutter! Love the idea of using the rounds for a mini nutella sandwich!

  8. Those eggs in toast, look perfect! Mine always come out a hot mess! maha
    I’m not too superstitious at all, really. I forgot it was Friday the 13th.

  9. I didn’t know it was Friday 13th until I logged onto Twitter a few minutes ago (it’s 1:30pm here!) So far, so good…*touches wood* (me? superstitious?)

    Have a fab Friday!

  10. i’m normally not superstitious, but when i used to play sports i used to be cause it was like a ritual thing. LOL


  11. Mini Nutella sandwich – how fun! In everyday life I’m not superstitious but in my sport? That’s a different story. Same underwear for events, same schedule for the day, same meals (well, what else is new?! Hah), same places to site, etc. It was borderline OCD how superstitious we’d get.

  12. I love that you don’t waste the bread. I never know what to do with it when I make frog in a hole.

    I’m not too superstitious. I have some quirks though.

  13. I am a tad bit, Friday the 13th kinda creeps me out. But other than that I try not to think too much abt that.

  14. I think I’ve grown out of my superstitious phase, but I’m still convinced certain places and things are haunted.

  15. Hi Brandi!

    Very superstitious!
    I already hit a curb this morning with my back wheel.
    I was turning (on red) and “bump”.
    My luck it probably just ruined my cars alignment.

  16. Left you a surprise on my blog! :)

  17. I’m not superstitious on everything, but I have my quirks!

  18. Thanks for reminding me that it’s Friday the 13th! Didn’t even know.

    I made Eggs in a Basket the other day… makes me happy just looking at it!

    I’m not superstitious for the most part, but I make the same wish at 11:11 every time I see that it’s time.

  19. I love that you don’t waste the middle parts of the bread. I always wondered what people do with that part when making “eggs in a basket.” It looks delicious! I am nutella crazy.

  20. Those look good! Especially the Nutella sandwich! It’s hard not to be obsessed with Nutella. It’s not safe for me to have it in the house!

    I don’t think I’m really superstitious about anything.

    Happy Friday!

  21. That is so cool! I’ve never seen anyone do that with their eggs and bread! Yum! I am a little supersticious…I think today something will happen because there are such strong winds here!

  22. Eggs in a basket remind me of my dad. He used to make them every weekend for me. He still makes them but I don’t eat eggs anymore :)

  23. I need to remember to make eggs in a basket one of these days. It looks too good on everyone’s blogs!

    I’m not really superstitious but my Peruvian side of the family is. Except today I was walking out of my dorm and I totally picked up a penny that was heads-up :) Anyways, for example in my house my mom HATED when you put shoes on the table because it’s a sign of death. And when someone gets nightmares, you tie a red string around their wrist to keep them away. The most interesting one is that when someone is sick, you are supposed to roll an egg over their body…kind of weird. I remember when my aunt did it to my grandpa and I was like what the heck is this?! Haha. Okay, long comment but just had to share!

  24. Football is the only thing I’m supersitious about too. I think my rituals have failed me this year though :)

  25. Next time I go home, I really need to make the eggs in toast for my dad–I know he’d go crazy!

  26. Have I told you this yet… find the new cinnamon graham cracker goldfish… dip them in Nutella… it’s heavenly!!

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