Leftovers, Pesto, and a Holey Dessert

Happy Friday!!!

I’m so ready for the weekend – I’m looking forward to a lot of down time, football watching, and a few fun activities :) 

Last weekend was such a blur and went by so fast – I hope this weekend is fun but restful, so I can finally catch up after the few days we had in San Francisco.

Nick and I ran a fun photography errand at lunch, so the break went by quick. We both had some veggie chili leftovers today.


I also had some broccoli on the side after we got back from running around town.

Work was so slow today – I think time just creeps by every Friday…it knows that we’re all just waiting to get out and go home.

I had one of my Pumpkin Trail Mix Muffins this afternoon, while watching the clock + working.


The bites with the chocolate are the best :)

Finally, I got to come home and get started on dinner! This meal was already in my head last night. As soon as we finished eating, I knew what we were going to have for dinner tonight.



Pesto Pasta with Artichokes and Sundried Tomatoes


I cooked 6 oz. of whole wheat pasta shells and added in a handful of chopped sundried tomatoes near the end, so the boiling water would soften them a bit.

I drained the pasta + tomatoes, returned them to the pot and added 2 cups of chopped leftover cooked broccoli, the leftover shrimp/artichokes from last night, and 1/4 cup of this Mezetta Pesto from my Foodbuzz Festival swag bag.


Delicious! Especially with a glass of our Black Box wine, which is now just about finished.

The  best part is this made 4 servings, so we have leftovers!


Caution: Sugar Coma Ahead!

Okay, do you remember my French Fried Donuts?

Well, tonight was the night they decided to make another appearance! Nick had the great idea of bringing home the last cinnamon sugar donut and powdered sugar donut from work today and making dessert with them.

How could I say no?

It’s basically double-frying donuts, and it’s amazing.

I just cut each donut in half, dipped the cut sides in a mix of egg/milk/salt, and cooked in a pan just as if I were making french toast.


These Carol Lee donuts are in my office every Friday, and I can usually resist them. I mean, I’m usually coming in right after having a good sized breakfast and they don’t normally tempt me that much – especially when I’m full.

But snagging a few to use for a Friday night dessert? That’s just fun ;) And the perfect time to indulge after a long week.

Nick and I each had 1/2 of each donut and a scoop of that Ben & Jerry’s Pumpkin Cheesecake ice cream, which I forgot we had in the freezer! It may not last long now that I know it’s still in there.

Football! Before I forget!


8:00 PM ET
No. 25 West Virginia at No. 5 Cincinnati


12:00 PM ET
No. 7 Georgia Tech at Duke

12:00 PM ET
Tennessee at Mississippi

3:30 PM ET
No. 1 Florida at South Carolina

3:30 PM ET
No. 10 Iowa at No. 11 Ohio State

3:30 PM ET
No. 14 Miami (FL) at North Carolina

7:30 PM ET
No. 16 Utah at No. 4 TCU

8:00 PM ET
Notre Dame at No. 12 Pittsburgh

8:00 PM ET
Texas Tech at No. 19 Oklahoma State


And…I think I need to lay down – sugar coma on the way!




  1. Wow, that dessert sounds… wow. You know what to cook and how to cook it :-)

  2. I have a feeling Homer Simpson would die right about now — those donuts are insanely amazing!

  3. Pumpkin cheesecake ice cream over donuts? Yummmm.

  4. I think that is a great way to end a week. THere is nothing wrong with a little sweet indulgent ending! All of your food looks awesome and I think I am actually going to bake those muffins this weekend. :)

  5. That veggie chili looks delicious, but your dessert takes the cake! It looks so decadent :)

  6. Oh my Hunni would die if I made those. He loves donuts.

  7. I had pesto pasta for dinner tonight too!

    OMG OMG those donuts look so good. I wish I could come over and try them.

  8. I don’t like donuts but your way I think I could become a fan! I’m glad you liked the pesto, I’m excited for mine to get here.


  9. The pasta and the donuts sound & look awesome! And I so want some of the ice cream! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Brandi! :)

  10. Excuse my French, but…holy crap. Those donuts look incredible.

  11. Pumpkin cheesecake ice cream and fried donuts?! I want. Can I come over?!

  12. Yum! What a wonderful looking pasta. And dessert–wow! I think I might be the only one still making picks for the games…
    Georgia Tech
    Ohio State
    Oklahoma State

  13. French fried donuts? Did I ever tell you you’re my hero? Well, you are! :D

    I had that pesto today with a grilled cheese sandwich!!

  14. I have NO pesto anywhere in my house–I must get some..yummy!!

    I love how you allow yourself to indulge in real treats, it’s inspiring :-)

  15. Wow your dinner looks awesome! And french fried donuts are genius!

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