Up and At ‘Em

I cannot get up on time this week! Last night, I had Roxy on one side of me (right beside me) and Nick on the other – with both of them cuddling me down, there was no hope of getting out of bed on time.

At least I’m working from home today, but it still puts me in a bit of a rush to get ready to start work at 8. I have to eat, blog, dry my hair, get my coffee…


At least there was a tiny break in the rain for me to snap some pictures.


I’m sure if my neighbors saw me out this morning, taking pictures and shivering in my robe, they’d think I’m crazy.

IMG_7193I finally had all the makings for pumpkin oatmeal again, thanks to my baking project last night.

  • 1/2 cup oats
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • 1/4 cup pumpkin
  • cinnamon
  • 1 Tbsp crunchy pb
  • 1 tsp each dark chocolate + butterscotch chips



What’s your least favorite thing to do in the morning?

I hate, hate, hate having to dry my hair. I wish I could just let it air dry, but it would look even worse than normal  ;) I’m just not good at doing my hair!



  1. I’m with you on the hair completely! It takes forever, then I have to flat iron it. I used to wear it curly, which was natural, but it looks better throughout the day if I straighten it and put the time in. What sucks is you can’t do anything else while blow drying your hair!

  2. if you have a blogger neighbor, it will be so much easier! ;D
    I hate hate rushing out in the morning… I need 2 hours to read blogs, write blogs and have a nice breakkie! :D

  3. I also hate drying my hair! It takes forever!

  4. I hate getting out of bed! That initial moment when it’s dark out and cold and warm in my bed…it’s the WORST! hahah

  5. That bowl combination sounds amazing! I hate waiting for my coffee to brew – it’s like watching paint dry.

  6. Ugh drying the hair is the worse – confession – if it’s warm outside I don’t do it!

  7. I air dry my hair but that means I have to get up an extra hour ahead of time. I wish I could cut that time out of my day and maybe get some more sleep! :)

  8. Great combo for your breakfast. I’ve never had butterscotch before but it looks worthy :) Breakfast duh…is my favorite part of the morning.

  9. I hate havin to rush in the morning to get to school–I like my summer leisurely morning much better!

    Do you have an ion blow dryer? It dries my hair in like half the time!

  10. Besides getting up, I have rushing to get out the door and it seems like I am in a rush everyday!

  11. I hate drying my hair too. I usually let it air dry and pretend that it looks cool (it doesn’t but I don’t care).

  12. I hate putting on my uniform. It doesn’t take any more time than it does to put on regular clothes but I don’t like the pants so I feel like a bum in them.

  13. I hate mornings where I’m rushed and want oatmeal because I feel like the two are mutually exclusive
    Also, I hate making oatmeal with my loud microwave when my roomie is sleeping. It feels like a lot of noise

  14. I hate washing my face in the am – the water is so cold! Sometimes I just use those make-up remover wipes!


  15. My least fav thing to do in the morning? Hmmm, I have no idea! I love mornings most of the time :P

  16. Hi Brandi,

    Right now in the mornings I hate letting the dog out,
    Once that door opens and that cold air hits me,
    Gives me the chilis.

  17. haha i just realized we are still connected with the whole name thing…. First I had my Brandy baby for 15 years (my dog that passed away August) and we just about 2-3 weeks ago, got Roxie! Always the opposite spelling, but still! Too funny!!

  18. I HATE HATE HATE drying my hair in the morn so I shower at night.. ya, weird but it save a ton of time!!

    Whenever I take my food outside for pics, I always look around to see if our neighbors (we live in a townhouse complex) are watching. They must think Im nuts. lol

  19. OMG Brandi I totally agree with you. I HATE drying my hair. Its just so time consuming, but I can’t let it air dry because its getting colder and it never looks as good when I do that.

  20. First off, you have such cute hair!!!

    I hate blow-drying and flat ironing my hair so much. But it looks like hell if I don’t!

  21. I also hate drying my hair!

    BEAUTIFUL oatmeal! :)

    Have a great day!

  22. Hair.

    My hair is exactly the same way. So I wear it in a pony tail or bun everyday. I think I need to cut it so I’ll wear it down for once. I’m such a slacker in that department.

  23. I’m right there with you on drying my hair! I hate doing it in the morning!

  24. I hate taking the dogs outside. It’s great to spend a few minutes with them but when it’s cold it’s the last thing I want to do!

  25. ummm.. cuddling with boys and pets is the reason i am late EVERY DAY. ok, just one boy, not boys.. haha. loved the mental image of you snapping photos and your neighbors watching! i am sure some of mine think i am crazy too.. whatever it takes for good lighting! hah. hmmm in the morning i think probably my makeup. it doesnt take long but it is just such a bore. i dont mind drying my hair because i check all my emails/comments i got during the night on my phone while drying. i actually look forward to that haha. have a great day my dear!

  26. just found your blog “:) your eats look SOOO good!! i am drooling over the oats!!!

    my least favorite thing to do in the AM is wake up EARLY! :) hahha

  27. I absolutely hate drying my hair in the morning but if I didn’t I’d have the fluffiest hair in the world!

  28. I am so low maintenance, I usually just put my hair back in a pony tail wet!

    In the summer I use my car as a blow dryer, just roll all the windows down, and since my hair is so thin, it’s usually dry by the time I get to work! :D

  29. I hate drying my hair too! which is why I quit :)

  30. AH, I hate fixing my hair! It doesn’t help that I am in sore need of a hair cut right now. :(

  31. this is going to sound weird but i hate showering in the morning! its like such a chore to me, but alas i gotta do it! ;) hahaha

    tht bowl of oats looks amazing!


  32. I hate drying my hair too! I only do it every other day though.

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