Pizza Party for 2

Despite the rain outside, Nick and I had a fun pizza party inside for lunch today.


I still had some leftover pizza from the other night, so  brought 2 slices for each of us today.


The crust wasn’t as crispy, but it was still good!

I also had some random veggies sides:


Green beans and a diced tomato. It seems as if I don’t have stuff to make a good salad to go with my pizza, any other side is totally random. I mean, who eats green beans with pizza?

The rest of our “pizza party” also included catching up on the Halloween Office episode.




Please, please watch it if you haven’t – hilarious  :)  And a good way to spend your lunch break! You can watch the full episodes on

Oh – and I’m ending lunch with one of my favorite Stonyfield yogurts.


This is my last one! I’m going to need another trip to Harrisonburg soon to restock.


What’s your favorite thing to have with pizza?

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  1. That episode of the Office is the best! :) FACEBOOK was such a creative idea. Love Jim!

    I love salad with pizza (and beer :) ) It’s delish.

  2. The episode was soooooooo hilarious!

  3. Yay Harrisonburg, Go Dukes!!!! :)

    I like a classic salad w/ pizza – but if necessary any veggie will suffice to cut down the heaviness of the pizza!

  4. I just watched that episode last night. Loved it!

    I’ll be honest, I used to eat pizza with a side of ranch dressing. :) Now, I try to be a little healthier…

  5. I am obsessed with the office… Your pizza looks yum.. I enjoy a nice big salad with mine :)

  6. Hi Brandi!

    I am from Mars!
    I have never seen “The Office”

    Please dont shoot me!

    I love salad with pizza,
    With a ton of oil & vinegar

    *Hubby loves a cannoli AFTER pizza

  7. LOL the social networking site, “Book Face”

    I was cracking up so much at that episode! As for pizza, I love eggplant and feta cheese on it!

  8. yeah salad is the only side that makes sense with pizza…

    well, breadsticks go. bread + more bread in the crust = oh so healthy.

  9. That pizza looks amazing! I like the idea of green beans as a side haha. Must catch up on the Office!!

  10. That pizza looks really herby which is just how I like it
    I feel like I need to have a salad or something big and vegetable full when I’m having pizza

  11. Need to catch up on my office episodes! I’m so behind!

    Fave thing with pizza (besides a beer or glass of red wine!) is red pepper flakes!

  12. I love pizza with a big crunchy side salad!

    The Office is such an awesome show :)

  13. I missed that episode of The Office but I’ll definitely have to catch it – it sounds funny! It IS The Office after all :)

  14. i think pizza and salad are the best combo known to man! yum yum! i love that you had a pizza party during lunch, i’m sure it made it alot more fun! :)

  15. The pizza looks great! And it’s been WAY too long since I’ve watched The Office. I need to catch up! I love salad and pizza :)

  16. Hi Brandi! I just found your blog through Cookin Fanatic’s and wanted to comment since I think you are doing a great job! I loevd that episode of the office (actually I love all episodes but this one was really great). Also seeing that Chocolate Yogurt reminded me of how much I miss that flavor in my life!

  17. I love to pile a salad on top of pizza and drizzle with good balsamic. Mmm I want that right now!

  18. I actually eat steamed broccoli with red pepper flakes and parmesan on the side of pizza if I do eat pizza.

  19. salad is always the best for me…cause i end up putting it on the pizza and eating it all w/ a fork and knife!

  20. Beer is def my favorite thing to have with pizza or a salad. But nothing is wrong with green beans either!

  21. I would love it if I could fine that yogurt here!!!!

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