Nutella Makes It Betta

Well, today is nasty. I think they just have “100% chance on rain” on the weather stations here, which rarely happens.

It is pouring down rain and has been since last night – so I’m going to have to just pretend that it’s nice outside!

The one thing I hate about having rain in the mornings? I can’t take my breakfast pictures outside. Natural light is so much better, but that was not an option today unless I wanted to eat a soggy breakfast.


Another quick breakfast! I got up late again today, so no time for oatmeal.

But I was excited for this.


I made a Nutella + Jam sandwich on 2 slices of Nature’s Pride whole wheat bread – the best bread, with the best spread, and the best jam.


Then I took the entire sandwich and put it in the toaster for a few minutes while I sliced my apple.


A regular Nutella + jam sandwich is good, but a toasted one? Even better.


Now if I can just find my rain boots…


What’s your favorite nut butter/spread + jam combination? Do you toast your sandwiches?


  1. Oh gosh now all I want is Nutella! It’s so delicious. I mean anything combined with Nutella is fabulous, but I also love hazelnut butter and raspberry jam together!

  2. That looks soooo goooood! It is cold and rainy where i am too :(

  3. Pumpkin seed butter with fig spread.

  4. I love Nutella! I love honey and cinnamon on toast — delish :)

  5. Peanut butter or almond butter with fig preserves! Yum!

  6. Nutella is soo good. I’m a big fan of something chocolatey in the morning. Makes breakfast so much more fun. :)

  7. Ugh we have the same weather here, it is POURING outside grrr!! I’m supposed to head to the gym soon however all I want to do is cozy up in the house…. on of those types of days off :) Guess I gotta find my rainboots too…..

  8. salty almond butter + strawberry jam into toasted bread, holy YUM~~~

  9. oh my, i’m drooling!! and so impressed you’re already back in the routine, with food :) i haven’t had a chance to go shopping, let alone cook!

  10. I finally bought Nutella yesterday. I’ve only had it once before, but my roommate got it and I realized that I needed to jump on the bandwagon. It’s so good! :)

  11. Hi Brandi!

    What a loser I am,
    Peanut butter & grape jelly on Wonder bread.

  12. OH wow. I haven’t had nutella in ages and that sandwiches is rockin!
    I love cream cheese and jam, peanut butter and honey, or almond butter and a really good raspberry jam. Those are the only I can think if right now, but I know there are some even greater ones out there, for example your amazing nutella one!
    Toasting is almost always a necessary step towards making the perfect sandwich!

  13. In high school, I used to have nutella on toast for breakfast every morning! That combo is SOOOOOO good! I’ve never had it with jam though, sounds yummy :)

  14. omg this combo looks amazing! i’m not a fan of nutella, but with jam and toasted bread i’m not sure i could pass it up! ;) hope you stay dry today! xoxo

  15. I usually have oatmeal, I don’t even remember the last sandwich I had. I do know TJ’s sea salt almond butter goes great with 365 raspberry preserves.

  16. I haven’t had Nutella is forever! Mmm…

  17. Yum, Nutella – I just had that for the first time this past weekend.
    I love White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter and strawberry jam, and toasted is always better because the peanut butter gets melty.

  18. Was this taken in the bathroom? :)

  19. Oh gosh Nutella! When Amanda and I were in Italy for our honeymoon we stayed at this cute little Bed and Breakfast in Venice that had croissants every morning. They had orange marmalade in them and I added nutella. I think about those bad boys every morning. And we brought home an adorable nutella jar with Peanuts characters on it!

  20. mmm i love toasted bread… i spray them with pam and put them on a frying pan so that the inside gets all warm

  21. Yum! This looks fantastic! its rainy here too. I’m hoping it lightens up throughout the day so I can still run outside later. I don’t mind running in rain- as long as its not pouring!! I like nut butter sammies with more nut butter on top ;) or nut butter and fruit (apple or banana)- yum!!! Hope you find those boots ;)

  22. Yum that combo sounds amazing! I like any kind of nut butter with smooshd banana!

  23. I love nutella and raspberry jam from TJ’s. I wish I had a toaster oven. Right now I have just a toaster so I toast the bread pre-sandwiching but its just not the same.

  24. ahhh i love the idea of nutella + jam…it’s like a chocolate-covered strawberry sandwich!

    have a fabulous day dear!

  25. Toasted sandwiches are almost always 100% better than regular ones! I need to get my hands on some new nutella for reeeeeal! Nutella and jam sounds divine. If I were eating a nutella sarnie though, it would probably have banana inside and be toasted…too good!

  26. That’s also my ABSOLUTE favorite jam :)

  27. I usually don’t toast my sandwiches unless I’m having soup with them. Nutella is my favorite-all by itself!

  28. I LOVE NUTELLA! Such a good idea!

  29. I have NEVER had nutella, which is so strange because I love all things European. My favorite combo is Skippy All-Natural PB with Raspberry jam on whole grain Brownberry bread. But, could really eat peanut butter on just about anything.

  30. Omg I haven’t had Nutella in SUCH a long time–it looks so delicious!

  31. Anything nut is great on bread!

    So you are one lucky girl if you rarely get 100% change of rain. It’s a 100% chance of rain where I live the majority of Fall and Winter. Sigh. Luckily today I think it’s only 40% or something for today.

  32. I love nutella – my family from Denmark eats it almost daily for breakfast on bread.

    Have you ever tried a nutella + banana + PB sammie??? mmmmazing!

  33. 100% chance? Isn’t that an oxymoron?? ;)

  34. I love Nutella so much – that looks awesome!!

  35. can you believe I’ve never had nutella?? it just ain’t right! perhaps when I deplete my nut butter stash I’ll have to buy some :) this post definitely inspires me to!

  36. I love nutella with banana slices, toasted.

  37. Oh I love that jam! Hmm I know I have some nutella kicking around some place…thanks for bringing that chocolate hazelnuttiness back into my mind!

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