Orange Obsessions

I’m running a bit behind, so I better hurry this morning  :)

Getting up a bit late will also explain why I’m not eating oatmeal – it just takes me too long to eat! I like to take my time, especially since it’s usually so hot, so no oatmeal this morning.


Nick and I toasted up the last of those sprouted grain cinnamon raisin bagels this morning. I topped mine with some laughing cow cheese + TJs pumpkin butter.


The laughing cow + pumpkin butter combo was perfect on the cinnamon bagel – although, I don’t think you can go wrong with cinnamon OR pumpkin. Like they say, pumpkin is the new bacon  :)

We also split one of our VA apples on the side.



What’s your favorite orange food?

If I had to pick an order, mine would be:


sweet potato






  1. I love pumpkin, oranges, and sweet potatoes…carrots..not so much. :)

  2. A really good orange is probably one of my favorite foods. I could eat oranges all day. So glad they’re coming back in season! :)

  3. I’d also put butternut squash up there!

    That bagel sounds amazing, I need one in my life soon! Hope your day goes well!

  4. Sweet potatoes and carrots are definitely at the top of my list.

  5. Oranges and carrots probably. And sweet potato is a newfound love thanks to the blog world :)

  6. Sweet potato! Can’t eat citrus, really bothers my mouth? :/

  7. Good question! I would say sweet potatos, followed by orange tomatoes and then pumpkin.

    Love that you combined the flavors of Laughing Cow, cinnamon raisin and pumpkin – so unique and yummy sounding!

  8. Pumpkin is definitely my fav with butternut squash at a close second–have a fabulous day!

  9. Sweet potatoes!! I eat them daily :)

  10. That looks sooo yummy! I reallyy need to get some of that pumpkin butter. My favorite orange foods are definitely sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and carrots.

  11. Hey, I blogged about Orange today too! Must be on the same wave length.

    I crave homemade sweet potato fries…. Mmmmm! But Pumpkin takes the cake!

  12. SWEET POTATOES….soooo versatile and delish!

  13. Oh my gosh do I have to pick one!? Butternut squash, pumpkin, peaches, clementines…I love ’em all!!!

  14. Your plate looks like a face! ;) Great job at the Foodbuzz festival, I read people really enjoyed your French toast!
    My favorite orange food…um none really, however I’m a huge fan of red food – apples, strawberries, strawberry jam, tomatoes from the garden..well tomatoes can be orange too, so this counts:)

  15. PUMPKIN… followed by Orange, grapfruit, carrotts and sweet potato.. but really anything orange I LOVE!

  16. my favorite would be sweet potatoes and pumpkin! So delicious.

  17. Cinnamon raisin bagels are so amazing!

  18. I vote for mangoes. And peaches. Peaches are sort of orange.

  19. Carrots definitely come first. Then sweet potatoes and squashes. I don’t really like oranges but I do like orange juice.

  20. That bagel looks delish! I love clementines, but got a bad batch recently.

  21. Hey Brandi,

    I’m a new reader and I am so happy I found your blog! Such a great site.

    Immediately, this post caught my eye because of the cinnamon rasin bagel, LC and Pumpkin Butter combo. I’ve discovered this a few months ago and have been IN LOVE. Okay, if you are a bit more daring, I have the most amazing sandwich recipe for you using these ingredients.
    Cinamon Raisin Bagel or English Muffin, LC Cheese on one side, Pumpkin Butter on the other, spinach, sliced Pear and Goat Cheese….it’s unbelieveable!

    Hope to keep in touch with you.

    Have a great night!

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