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I don’t know what has been going on lately, but our office has been slammed! So busy…all day long. It does make the day go faster, but the emails are just nonstop. I would like to request that everyone quit sending things in so I can enjoy an empty inbox just for 5 minutes – think it’ll happen?

We still had some of those peanut-y noodles left, so I brought those today to finish them off.


I like noodles for lunch.


Plus some hummus + celery that really needed to be eaten – done!


Nick and I went and ran a few errands at lunch today. I finally got my rebate back from buying new contacts and needed to deposit the money. Thank goodness they rushed that to me – it only took 4 months or so?!? At least it finally showed up – I was beginning to think we just weren’t going to get it at all.

In fun news, Olga gave me an award!!

“The terms & conditions of this award state that I must list 7 random things about myself and tag seven other bloggers.”

Here we go!

1. I am left handed, but I use scissors and throw things with my right hand.

2. I know Tommy Boy (the movie) by heart and can finish any scene.

3. The very first “real meal” I tried to cook in college was chicken cooked in salsa in a skillet…and I couldn’t even make that right. I thought I was doomed.

4. I am a huge worry wart – I play the “what if” game in my head all the time and it drives me crazy.

5. I had never had a cat for a pet until I got married. I think Roxy hated me at first for moving in with “her man”…but she tolerates me now. I was always afraid she would just attack me if I tried to pick her up! And sometimes, she does.

6. I still don’t like raw carrots, unless they’re cut into super thin strips.

7. I bit my fingernails until I was in high school when my family paid me to stop.

Now I get to pass it on!

There’s no way I can just pick 7 favorites since I read so many, so I thought I would pass it on to some bloggers I met this weekend in San Fran – everyone was so sweet and friendly, and I can’t wait to see their answers!

1. Alison

2. Quinn

3. Maggie

4. Sophia

5. Coco

6. Andrew + Amanda

7. Shannon

I would pick everyone I met, but that would be WAY more than 7 ;)

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  1. I’m feeling so peanuty noodles for dinner!! :)

  2. I love that you do things with both hands. I do too :-)

  3. loved your 7 things! you are so sweet! thanks for the lovin! ;)

  4. Loved your 7 things! I’m a worry wart too.
    Thanks for the link love!

  5. You’re so good about making 1 thing and eating what you have at hand. I definitely need to learn from you. I usually let my taste buds roam wild and have 10 different leftovers lying around

  6. Love noodles for lunch. Having some right now except I use pomegranate dressing. Where can I find your pb dressing recipe?

    • Pomegranate dressing sounds good!

      I just used a mixture of: pb2 (could use regular pb) soy sauce garlic crushed red pepper ground ginger lime zest and fresh lime juice

  7. Thanks for the nod! Will need to come up with 7 very creative things :)

  8. I wish I was skilled and could use my left hand — I’m a righty. I am pathetic trying to do anything left-handed.

  9. MMM i had PB noodles last week and i just LOVE them!

  10. I want a pet cat! Maybe when I get married I’ll get one too :)

  11. I love noodles anytime of the day?

  12. I love your 7 things! I’ve never owned a cat but my boyfriend loves them so I’ll be having one around eventually. They used to seem so boring to me (I’m definitely a dog person) but being around them at his house has made me start to like them! I even posted about the cats at his house yesterday!

  13. fun thing #7 made me laugh loud!!! hahaha…. Thanks for tagging me, now I need to think what fun things I can tell! :)

  14. I’m with you when it comes to raw carrots – I just can’t do it. I prefer most all veggies cooked, with the exception of traditional salad veggies (lett, tom, cukes).

    I’m impressed you can use your right hand for things. I’m right-handed but can’t do a darn thing with my left, with the exception of opening jars, haha. I have freakishly strong hands & for some reason moreso when it comes to my left hand.

  15. I just noticed you tagged Amanda and I. We are going to have to get on this ASAP!

  16. Yay, congrats :)

    I used to bite my finger nails when I was younger too! hahah

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