Reality Bites

Blah…Monday is Monday and I’m just sad I’m not in San Francisco!!! This weekend was so much fun – I mean, how can you beat being around other foodies AND bloggers?!? Work is definitely not the same.

I just wish I was making my pumpkin french toast all over the country or just working with foodies and/or bloggers in some way. This weekend really confirmed my passions, and it was a great way to get me thinking of how those passions could possibly be a lifelong thing.

Who knows, right?

It’s always one day at a time.

And today was nuts. Work was crazy all day – non stop – my email never quit.

I ate lunch while putting together my final recap post of the Foodbuzz Festival.


I heated up some leftover peanut-y noodles and veggies  – it was easy to eat + blog at the same time!


This afternoon was ever busier than the morning! I was working, working, working, and took a quick break to make a tiny snack plate around 3:30 or so.


Kind of a weird combo, but I liked it! Almonds, a few dried apricots, and some crystallized ginger. Yum. I know Erin knows all about the ginger  :)  It’s addicting! That sweet burn is so good.

I ended up working until around 5:20 or so (from home!) – there were just a few things that I had to get finished today, so as soon as I shut down my computer, I finished up the grocery list and ran up to the store to get the few things we needed for this week.

I wanted to go shopping right at 5, but since that didn’t happen, we went the super easy route for dinner: frozen pizza.


While I would much rather have my own homemade pizza, this is what it was tonight. I bought a California Pizza Kitchen Margherita Pizza for me tonight and a different supreme one for Nick. I wanted to make sure we would have some leftovers for lunch since I didn’t make a big dinner tonight.

The closest grocery store here doesn’t have Kashi products, so this was the next best one I could get, based on the ingredients.


It tasted pretty good, but it’s hard to believe I was eating salmon and beef cheeks just 2 nights ago, and now I’m having pizza  :)


We each had a salad with our pizza and I remembered that we had these Almond Accents in the cabinet. They’re so good! Garlicky and crispy – the perfect salad topper.

I also had my first winter beer of the season –


We just finished watching a hilarious episode of How I Met Your Mother and now I think the only thing left on my agenda for tonight is to pack my lunch!

A good thing since today wore me out. I’m hoping I’ll be over the little bit of jet lag by tomorrow  ;)


  1. I’ve never tried that beer, but I love Blue Moon! It’s my absolute favorite beer!!!

  2. Peanut noodles. I forgot how much I missed having pots to make pasta! I’ll make a big batch when I go home to refrigerate.
    And I found an awesome ginger preserves at my Whole foods! So spicy for pumpkin bread

  3. Crystalized ginger is SO GOOD :)

  4. YUM I’ve been meaning to try Full Moon. How is it?

    • It’s good! This one definitely tastes different than the normal “blue moon” – it’s a bit darker and doesn’t taste like a normal wheat beer. I liked it!

  5. Your weekend looked like such a blast and you were a total blog celeb! Great job! :)

  6. Your lunch looks so good. I love crystallized ginger, too!

  7. Going back home from blogger event is tough! It’s like coming down off a high. Haha. Hanging out with cool bloggers should be a job, seriously. :)

  8. Oooo Crystalized Ginger. I love the contrast in flavor.

    You make some divine looking meals so even if they aren’t gourmet you are an amazing cook :0)

  9. Gosh, that noodle looks good! you’re already on track, I see, in eating moderately! Have you plowed through your free loot yet? ;-)

  10. Those noodles look reeaaaally good! :)
    Hope you have a great tuesday :)

  11. I have to say that after seeing everyone’s recaps, your French toast would still top my “must try” list of Foodbuzz festival foods! And the “original” flavor of those sliced almonds are great in rice with sauteed mushrooms, butter and pepper. So easy, so good!

  12. Sorry work was nuts! Days after trips are always so overwhelming. Hope tdoday is better!

    That salad looks pretty tasty and I like that California Pizza flavor, it’s not bad for a frozen pizza.

  13. Crazy how just a few days ago we were eating beef cheeks and other amazing things! That meal was outstanding. It was so great to meet you!!

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