Rainy in San Fran

Well, we made it!

Today started out early, early, early.

I was up at 2:30 this morning to shower, finish packing, and pack a quick breakfast. We both had a banana before leaving the house on the hour long drive to the airport.

The good thing about driving at 3:30 in the morning? There aren’t many people on the road OR in the airport.

Our plane left from Roanoke at 5:30 am – right on time – and we landed in Charlotte at 6:30.

While waiting for our flight to leave from Charlotte, I opened up my cinnamon raisin bagel with pb.



Nick had a Cinnabon. He really wanted one when we were coming back from Honduras, but we could never find it in the airport! So, he finally got to have it and enjoyed every bite.

Our flight to San Fran left right on time – at 7:30 am eastern.


Nick and I both slept through the short flight, so I was more than ready for some coffee by this point. I had already been up for 5 hours!


1 coffee with a little cream and 2 cups of water. I finished Julie & Julia – good, but a lot of language, which is why I stopped reading it the first time I tried. I really did enjoy the story, though, and I wanted to read it after I saw the movie.

Since our flight from Charlotte –> Roanoke was 5 hours, we both had snacks and I started another book.


Started and finished another book, actually.


Have you read these Coffeehouse Mystery books by Cleo Coyle? I love them! They’re so addicting. Every time I read one, I want to be a detective AND have my own coffeeshop. Not a bad combo, right?

Plus, there are tons of tidbits about coffee throughout each book, and there are always recipes in the back  :)

I had this local (VA) apple somewhere over the midwest, and Nick and I both had an Amazing Grass bar to tide us over.


Who knew I would get Nick to eat a green bar?  :)

I didn’t want to eat too much because Nick and I met his cousin, Jill, for lunch today. Our plane actually got in early – like 30 minutes early! That never happens. Jill picked us up from the airport and took us to this awesome little sandwich shop called Little Lucca.


Oh, California.

I got the BLT & A: bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado on sourdough.


The bread was so chewy and doughy, and I watched her open the avocado right before smushing it on my sandwich. I think all BLTs should now come with avocado instead of mayo – it was delicious!

We ran a few errands with Jill, and then she dropped us off at the BART station so we could take it to downtown. I’m so glad we were able to see her while we were in town – thanks again Jill!!!

Nick and I got our tickets and hopped on the BART. We’ve never taken this before, so I’m glad we got on the right one and that we were going the right way. The weather started turning while we on our way downtown.

By the time we got to our stop and got up on the street, it was raining pretty hard. We stopped in an indoor mall thing to look at the map, and then walked through the rain to find the hotel.

Check-in wasn’t supposed to start until 3, so we were just going to drop our bags off and go explore for a while, but they actually had a room ready. That was probably a good thing, because I looked a little like a drowned rat. We have no umbrella or raincoats, so my hair was a mess after traveling and then walking in the rain for a few blocks.

Anyhoo – we made it!

The hotel is amazing –




and now I’m sitting here, blogging and watching the rain come down.


I think we’re going to brave the weather and walk around for a bit before I have to come back and make myself look presentable  :)

I’m very excited (and really nervous!) to meet everyone – I feel like I “know” so many bloggers from reading, but I’m pretty shy when it comes to meeting lots of new people.


Oh yeah!

What – you didn’t think I just forgot about football, did you?  :)

While I won’t be able to watch any games tomorrow, there are some good ones!


Friday Night Game!-

8:00 PM ET
No. 7 Boise State at Louisiana Tech


Saturday –

12:00 PM ET
Northwestern at No. 4 Iowa

12:00 PM ET
Virginia at No. 17 Miami (FL)

3:30 PM ET
No. 9 LSU at No. 3 Alabama

3:30 PM ET
No. 8 Oregon at Stanford

3:30 PM ET
Wake Forest at No. 10 Georgia Tech

3:30 PM ET
No. 16 Ohio State at No. 11 Penn State

7:15 PM ET
Vanderbilt at No. 1 Florida

8:00 PM ET
Connecticut at No. 5 Cincinnati

8:00 PM ET
No. 12 USC at Arizona State

8:00 PM ET
No. 24 Oklahoma at Nebraska


See you later tonight!

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  1. Yay so jealous! Your hotel room is gorg!

    Love that Nick ate a cinnabon and an AG bar in the same day. Talk about balance ;)

  2. Glad you had a good trip :)
    That hotel looks pretty good!

    Have fun!

  3. Have a great trip! It’s looking fun already

  4. meeting you tonight!!! :)

  5. you are a reading machine girl!

    glad you got there safe and sound — the hotel is fabulous!

  6. I love the hotel!! You will have a blast this weekend! :)

  7. can’t wait to hear about the conference!

  8. Looks like you’re going to have a great time! Good luck with your demo!!

    Boise State
    Miami (FL)
    Georgia Tech
    Penn State

  9. After watching the movie I found the blog and couldn’t get past the language. Not my kind of reading.

    Glad you had a good flight and trip. Enjoy the day and maybe I’ll watch some college football for you since I’ll probably be on the couch with the flu Hunni gave me.

  10. Those books sound interesting!! Glad you guys made it safe and sound! Have a blast :)

  11. Glad you guys arrived safely, have a great time!

  12. Glad you both got there safe and sound, have fun and enjoy the experience and just relax, we Love you both

    Mom & Dad

  13. wow! what an early morning :D But i am glad you had a good and safe trip! you are going to have so much fun :D

    that BLT looks SO good!! smooshed avocado makes anything better ;)

  14. Hotel looks amazing.
    Have lots and lots of fun! :)

  15. wow, your hotel room is gorgeous!

    and i’ll have to look up those books! i’ve been plowing through them like no other; i’m currently reading the series by the woman who wrote the other bolyn girl. very good!

  16. Lucky you–California is my favorite!! Hope you have a wonderful time! So cool Nick got to tag along too!

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