I did it again!

It seems as though my body knows the days I work from home, and it does not want to get up.

I do still have time to eat and get ready before sitting down to work, but I don’t want to get away from my normal work schedule since I still have to get up and go into the office the other days of the week.

I ended up hitting the snooze button enough times that my alarm just quit going off…so then I just slept until Nick’s woke me up.

I guess that little bit of extra sleep may be helpful, though – we have to leave the house tomorrow morning at 3:30 to drive to the airport! Our flight isn’t until around 5:30, but the airport is an hour from our house.

Nick and I both wanted eggs this morning, but I went with the eggs in a basket and he just wanted them over easy.


The best way to get your bread all toasty in the skillet while cooking the eggs? Put it in after you cook other eggs in a bit of olive oil. Yum. The bread absorbed the oil and got all crispy around the egg.


I also split one of those munsu (?) apples with Nick and made a mini nutella sandwich with the rounds from my bread.



When I was spreading the apples out on my plate, I said to Nick “Hey look! It’s a face!”.

To which he responded, “You and your blogger friends…”


I’d rather have a fun breakfast than a boring one!


Are you a snooze-button hitter or do you just get up on the first alarm?

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  1. I am totally a snooze-button hitter!! Hard core!! At least 3 times each morning! But that is why my alarm clock rings 15 minutes before I need to get up! :D Thankfully I only hit it ’til it stops once in a while!
    Have a good day sunshine!! Hug n.

  2. The cold weather is making me want to stay in bed, too. I just want to snuggle under the covers.

  3. I am ADDICTED to the snooze button! It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even remember hitting it the first time. So bad! :)
    Love your little nutella sandwich!

  4. I’m an early bird, so no snoozing for me!

  5. Those eggs look great :)
    3:30? Ouch, that’s a bit brutal!

  6. Hahaha it’s funny because I thought “oh, its a FACE!” when I first saw your breakfast :)

    I hit the snooze button once. After that, I get up!

  7. I am a snoozer, for sure. I wish I wasn’t because some days, I REALLY need to get up :)

  8. Recently I have been very good with getting out of bed the first’s hard though!!

    I love how you made a mini nutella sandwich!

  9. I love your cute breakfast!! I am def a snooze button junkie… gets me in trouble every time :/ haha

  10. thats honestly funny that you ask…i alwaysss get up right away…but today for the first time- i snoozed!

  11. Isn’t that funny how those of us who take pictures of our food ALWAYS pay attention to the tiniest details and such? Just makes blogging even more fun!

  12. i love the circle sammies!
    the fiance hits the snooze button for 20 minutes EVERY morning. drives me NUTTTTS

  13. I get up as soon as the alarm sounds. If I hit the snooze button, I’m in trouble! It’s so much harder for me to wake up after getting another few minutes of sleep.

  14. I am SUCH a bad snoozer. :(

    LOVE your eggs in a basket, or toad in a hole as they say in England, lol!

  15. Lol at the face. That breakfast is adorable

  16. I wish I could have nutella in my house. My husband made an agreement we can’t because we would eat the whole jar in a day.

  17. Eggs in a frame!

    I’m a snoozer here. I set the alarm for 7 a.m. (which would get me to work on time) and then snooze until 7:30 a.m. (which always makes me about 15 minutes late). I need to break this cycle somehow.

  18. haha, that reaction is priceless.

    yay for eggs in hole – i keep meaning to try that!

  19. Your breakfast brought a smile to my face — love it!

  20. I hit the snooze all the time.

  21. Me and Mr. Snooze are bffs ;) I can’t help it. I’m just NOT a morning person.

    I love how many different elements there were to your breakfast. And I love the face :)

  22. I am HORRIBLE about hitting the snooze button. The hubs used to never snooze but now I’ve converted him so that’s not good. I guess it will all end in a couple weeks when the kiddo gets here and I know longer have the priviledge of sleeping in!

  23. your smiley breakfast makes me smile :)

  24. I agree with this chica up hurrrr ^^^ this happy breakfast makes ME happy inside :)

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