Pack Rat

How’s your Thursday going?

Mine is busy!

Tons of stuff to do with work, plus doing laundry and trying to clean just a little before we head out of town for the weekend.

And I haven’t even started packing!! That will be tonight once all our clothes are clean – plus, I won’t come home to a full hamper late Sunday night, either.

Nick took the last of the ham/bean soup today for his lunch, so I dug through our one pantry-ish cabinet and found some soup of my own.IMG_6924

I found a can of Progresso Lentil soup, which is actually pretty good! Not as good as homemade soup (what is?), but it’s probably the best canned lentil soup I’ve had.


Some of the ugliest soups are the best, right? Lentils, spinach, celery…all good and green!


I still have a bunch of celery that needs to be eaten before we leave, so I’m having that and some hummus. Those two crackers got crumbled in my soup  :)


When it comes to packing, do you plan out outfits before packing everything up? Or just throw things in that you want to wear and hope you have everything?

I think I’m somewhere in between. The bad thing is that I keep thinking of things I want to take and then I never wear everything. I’m going to TRY to pack as little as possible to save room for things to bring back!

I think I have my outfits planned out – in my head, anyways – so we’ll see how the packing goes tonight  ;) 

My bags always weigh SO much more than Nick’s. But he doesn’t have to take contacts/glasses, makeup, hair stuff…it’s tough being a girl!


Back to work…


Football tonight!

VT vs. ECU – can we snap this losing streak? Goodness gracious, I hope so. I’ll be in all my Hokie gear come 7:30 tonight!




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  1. My day is flying by and I don’t know how to catch up.

    I love that Progresso soup.

  2. I always overpack, but I also leave room for plenty of souvenirs. So I usually have A LOT of baggage

  3. I am a horrible packer. So much so that since about the age of 8 Hannah has not only done her own packing, but mine as well.

    Sometimes I wonder how that child even came out of me! :D

  4. I am such an over packer… it’s the joke in our house actually haha.

    I like that lentil soup too, pretty good for canned!

    Oh and quick tip that I just recently learned for celery storage (random, I know, but I had a bunch and we rarely eat it so wanted to keep it fresh as long as possible) — wrap the bag of celery completely in foil, leaving the top ends exposed and it will last up to a month in the fridge!! And it really does :)

    Hope you have a fantastic trip, represent VA whoop whoop!

  5. I always over pack too! Its better to be too prepared than to forget something though! I Hope you have a great trip tomorrow!!! I can’t wait to hear your foodbuzz adventures!

  6. i TRY to lay out clothes and outfits when I pack.. I tend to pack way more than needed.. or way less. bleh… but i figure, if I pack less, I can BUY more lovely things to wear with my otha things ;)

  7. I try to plan when I’m packing. I detest this task though. I’d be happy to pay someone to pack for me!

  8. You should definitely plan your outfits, that way you won’t pack things you don’t need… less stuff, less weight to carry! :)

  9. I usually plan out enough outfits and then through in some extras just in case I don’t feel like wearing that. I’m NOT a light packer :)

  10. I used to never plan out my outfits before packing, but now I do, and that’s helped a lot. Unfortunately, I like to have a lot of options, which means that I tend to plan more outfits than necessary, but I guess it takes baby steps. :)

  11. I am so anal when it comes to packing — I always get so nervous I’m forgetting something I usually end up just bringing my entire wardrobe. Good luck packing, love!

  12. Don’t judge a soup by its cover hehehe! I always forget stuff when I pack!!!

  13. hahaha! I alwayssssssss overpack! I don’t even usually end up wearing half of my clothes!!!

    Good luck!!!

    Love ze hummus action!

  14. lentil soup is one of my absolute favorites :) I didn’t know progresso made lentil soup!!

  15. Mine was really busy, too! Haha, so true about the ugly soups tasting the best. It happens with yogurt mixes, too! Good luck packing :)

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