From Yoga to Tofu

I loved reading some of your favorite books! I think I did read each and every R.L. Stine book, as well  :)  Those cheerleader ones were crazy!


You know what makes strawberry yogurt even better?


Dark chocolate chips.

I loved this combo – the mix of the strawberry Oikos and the dark chocolate was awesome! Sweet and tart make for a good mix.


I was so happy coming out of my building today! Not only because the day was over, but because I also saw one of the last pretty trees around here.


Most of the leaves fell off the trees here last weekend after a storm came through, but there are still a few holding on!

As soon as we got home, I changed and went downstairs to do some yoga. With this getting-dark-at-5:30-when-we-get-home stuff, neither of us want to go running.

I did a 20 minute detox flow podcast from, and it was just what I needed today. My right leg/hip has been really tight and sore lately and I’m not really sure why. I’ve been trying to stretch it, but nothing has really worked. The yoga flow I did today had all the things I needed to stretch it out: low lunges and pigeon. It’s still feeling a little tight, but it at least feels better than it did earlier today.

After washing our lunch dishes, I got started on dinner.


I baked some tofu at 425 for about 25 minutes, flipping it once halfway through. I drained/blotted the extra water off the tofu, sliced it into about 15 slices, and coated it in a mix of soy sauce, teriyaki, crushed red pepper, sesame oil, vinegar, and garlic.

While the tofu was in the oven, I cooked some whole wheat angel hair pasta and added 2 frozen bags of stir fry/mixed veggies in the last few minutes.

Then I drained the pasta/veggies, put them back in the pan, and stirred in a sauce of pb2, soy and teriyaki sauces, lime zest, sesame oil, ground ginger, garlic and vinegar.


Top with scallions and serve!

I can’t believe it’s only 7:30. I feel like it’s so late!

At least I have time to read my book before Top Chef comes on  ;)



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  1. Gorgeous fall foliage!!

    Hell yes for ‘Top Chef’ tonight :)

  2. Mmmm I had chocolate chips on a pineapple chobs earlier and I was just about to see what crazy concoction I could do with a plain Chobani now! Yogurt just begs for fun toppings

  3. ooh i gotta get me some chocolate chips before my prize of chobani comes tomorrow!!!
    Sorry for the lack of comments friend, I can’t comment at work but i’m definitely reading!

  4. Thank Goodness for Yogadownload… for serial haha, it’s the perfect way to fit in a quick workout at home!

    I’m going to have to try that strawberry yogurt with dark choc chips combo… sounds & looks awesome

  5. Top Chef?! I love it, my favorite show. First Redeeming Love, now Top Chef ;)

  6. strawberry and chocolate is one of my fave combos from childhood – i’d forgotten about it!!!

  7. This time change has really not caught up with me yet. when its only 6:30 i feel like its so much later then it is.

    That combo of dark chocolate and strawberry Oikos looks amazing! yum!

  8. The tofu dish looks awesome! I really want to start including more tofu in my diet, but I am too scared to buy it because I haven’t had much luck cooking it myself in the past. I guess I should just suck it up and buy some so I can practice!

  9. You are so fab!! I need to take a page out of your book with the eats — mine have been not-so-hot lately. I love the strawberry + chocolate Oikos.

    I love looking at fall foliage. I took some pictures over the weekend and it made me so…peaceful :)

    Great tofu dinner as well! Can I come over???

  10. dude everything is better with chocolate.

    if only i knew where my chocolate chips were…

  11. I love Fall leaves… they’re already falling off the trees here!

    Love the detox flow class… perfect for 20 minutes of relaxation.

  12. I did some home-yoga today too! I tried this 4 part sequence for runners I found on youtube. One of the parts was specifically for preventing side stitches when you run. I think I remember you posting about a problem with side stitches? Maybe it will help:

    I love trees in the fall :)

  13. so excitied for Top Chef!!

    strawberries and chocolate.. deeelightful! :)

    ..still wiating for your package! hope it comes by soon!

  14. We had practically the same snack today, except I added a banana! TWINS!

  15. OMG chocolate chips and greek yogurt are a dangerous combo for me – I LOVE THAT! Add some heart to heart and I’m serious trouble. ;)

    ALL the leaves are gone from the trees here in upstate NY – enjoy them while they last!

  16. My right hip gets uncomfortably tight/sore too! I do some 1/2 piegon and frog poses to help stretch it out. It hurts doing it but feels so much better afterward.

  17. Mmm peanut sauce and noodles is the best combo evaaaa. And such a pretty tree! I’m sad all the gorgeous golden leaves are falling off :(

  18. Dark chocolate takes so divine! And I like it because it only takes a little to satisfy a choco-craving

  19. The time change is nutty! Your dinner looks great though!

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