New Day, Different Soup

I finally got to try the dinner I made for Nick on Sunday night! I put a 16 bean soup mix in the crockpot with some ham I had cooked/froze a few months ago and let it cook while I was gone all day.

It’s so easy to cook you own beans – I just wish I remembered to do it all the time. I soaked the bag of beans overnight on Saturday and then just drained them and put them in the crockpot with the ham and water. Easy!


Not the most appetizing lunch, but it was good! I’m not sure what Nick added at the end, but I think there was at least some whole grain mustard?

I had some soup and some leftover broccoli, plus some hummus and celery that needed to be eaten.


This afternoon turned out to be kind of crazy. I had people emailing me about this huge confusion on their paperwork, a phone call right at the end of lunch that took up about 10 minutes, and then I had a meeting that started right after I finished eating. All of that was fine, but by the time I got back to my desk, my inbox had tons of new emails already…all in a day’s work? :\

Once I weeded through my emails and started on the other things I needed to get done today, I was ready for my snack.


I still haven’t found this chocolate underground yogurt here, but I bought some while we were at Nick’s parents house last weekend.


That chocolate layer at the bottom is so rich!

Dinner was easy tonight, and I was happy for that! Nick went up to get his new cell phone and pick some shampoo and cat food, so I just heated up my dinner a minute ago.


I heated up some of the leftover frittata from last night and sliced up some kiwi.


I really cannot even tell you how much better this frittata is than the last one I made. Is it the pan? The browned top? The mix of ingredients? I’m not sure, but I’m sad tonight is the last night of the leftovers  :)


I’m pretty sure I’m going to finish “Julie & Julia” tonight and hey, I just found a football game!

Lots of excitement here, I tell ya’. When you live in a town with no stoplights, there aren’t many things to do after dark  :)



  1. Cooking your own beans is such a great way to save money, it’s something I’ve always wanted to do but the closest I’ve come is lentils

  2. Layered chocolate-vanilla yogurt sounds amazing! I’ve never seen it.

  3. What?! That yogurt looks outrageously good! I’ve never even heard of it! Awesomeeeee

  4. Wow. No stop lights huh? I think I would like that for a change.

    Loving the slow cooker. SO handy, isn’t it?

  5. I love that chocolate yogurt! It was such a surprise the first time I tried it. Your fritatta looks delicious as well! Must make one ASAP.

  6. Yummm I haven’t seen that yogurt before, looks so good (almost like pudding?!)

    I wanted to just give you a heads up on something I read about the other day in regards to raw beans, specifically kidney beans. It just triggered as I was reading your post even though I don’t know if kidney beans were in the mix – but apparently you can get some pretty serious food poisoning if you don’t boil them after soaking even if slow cooking — I know, crazy right?! But just wanted to let you know just in case (I’m a better safe than sorry type gahhhh)

    Enjoy your book reading tonight, I totally need to see that movie :)

  7. I want to get a slow cooker so badly! I have decided to wait until I move into a bigger apartment, so hopefully next summer. It’s so convenient!

  8. Gotta love homemade beans!

  9. i always feel so much more like i’m really *cooking* when i cook the beans myself!

  10. i used my crock pot to cook beans tonight and it was a big success!

  11. I am dying to see Julie and Julia!! I think i am going to wait to buy it on DVD though.. hmm
    let me know how it is!

  12. Wow that Frittata looks great! I’ll be sad to see it gone, too.
    I wish I had a crock pot! Right now I just cook my beans on the stove…

  13. chocolate yogurt!? OMG i gotta find this! Hectic day’s are crazy crazy, glad you got through it though! :)

  14. I’ve never made a frittata, but yours is sooo pretty! I love how brown it is. I hate when the good leftovers run out!

    Mmm that yogurt looks good. More like a dessert than anything else!

  15. Sorry about the busy work day. Non stop inboxes can be so frustrating!

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