Tricks and Treats

Time got away from me today, but it was nice.

We all got up – with no alarm clocks – and ate breakfast at the house while watching Young Frankenstein. Have you ever seen that movie? It is so funny – we actually have 2 copies on DVD…not sure how that happened.

I did another trial run of my Pumpkin Stuffed French Toast for my family this morning! I wanted to make sure I had the recipe down and I tried changing one step to see how it might work for next weekend at the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival.


It turned out great!


We each had one “french toast sandwich” and some apple slices my mom cut up for everyone. And lots of coffee  ;)

After everyone ate, we headed into town to the farmer’s market. We bought a bunch of apples (from our county – yay for local food) and I got some acorn and butternut squash.

My mom wanted a sweatshirt, so we took her over to the bookstore to find one before heading over for my hair appointment. I chopped my hair off! It feels great, and I needed a haircut really badly. I also needed to make sure I didn’t look disheveled next weekend in SanFran!

Nick and Dad had gone up to Buffalo Wild Wings to wait on the girls while I was in the salon, so we went to meet them and have lunch before they headed out of town.


I got their veggie burger and fries. Eh…it was okay. The bun was really dry, so I ended up just eating the burger with a fork and most of the fries.

After we said our goodbyes, Nick and I went over to Kroger to get the rest of the groceries for the week before coming home.

I was actually really productive this afternoon! We came home, put the groceries away and went up to the store to get Halloween candy for tonight. Nick cut the grass when we got back and I finally switched my summer/winter clothes. I love having all my sweaters upstairs  :) 

Then we had our normal Halloween ritual here: We sit outside in our fold up chairs, and our neighbor, Clayt, comes over to talk to us. He’s lived here all his life and knows just about everything there is to know. It’s amazing how many stories he has about this place from growing up here, and we get to hear everything when kids aren’t coming up for candy. Tonight we learned about the local money they used to use here, since Clayt had some in the shirt pocket and showed it to us. He was also telling us how to really train and discipline a dog, and talking about how his family used to take a train for less than $4 total (round trip) and a cab for $1 to go visit family.

We sat out there for about 2 hours tonight, talking to Clayt and passing out candy to the trick-or-treaters. As soon as it got dark, it started raining and we were out of candy so we came inside for dinner.


I knew I had to use these tiny butternut squashes – or squash? – I bought at the market today.


Nick said I’m funny for buying food  because it’s “cute”, but I couldn’t resist! They’re the size of my cell phone!!!


I roasted 2 of the mini squash, heated up some leftovers and steamed some broccoli for a quick dinner.


On one of my squash halves, I just sprinkled some salt. But on the other…I took a hint from Nick and sprinkled on a little cinnamon sugar and a pinch of salt. So good! Just enough sweetness and salt.


We’re cuddling Roxy and about to heat up some of those cookie-brownies I made last night –



Can’t beat that.


I know I complain about the lack of good shopping here, but there’s nothing like living in a small town. People are proud of their history here, and it shows. And I’ve never known people with so many stories and memories and the willingness to just sit and share with others.

Maybe I’m turning into a small town girl.


Happy Halloween!



  1. ah i would’ve bought those squash too! how cute!

  2. I think the perfect bun is hard to find in a grocery store, let alone a restaurant.

  3. those cookie brownies look amazing! :) Happy Halloween dear!

  4. that pumpkin french toast never ceases to make me hungry!! yum :)

    cute squash


  6. All of your eats look so delish, especially the french toast and cookie brownie. Yum yum. Sounds like it was a fun night :) I love learning about the past from people who have experienced it…these are important things to pass on to younger generations!

  7. That’s why I tend to get burgers bunless when I eat out.

    Can’t wait to see what your hair looks like :-)

  8. I think your french toast will be a hit! I have never seen those tiny butternuts. How cute.

  9. shoooo girl…all your halloweeen eats are looking so fabulous! and yay yay yay for perfecting your foodbuzz demonstration – i cannot wait to see it!!!!!!

    happy halloween girl!

  10. Happy Halloween :) What a day of delicious eats.. that french toast looks like a dream come true..

  11. Hmmm french toast. :D
    And those cookie brownies look amazing.

  12. That’s the smallest butternut squash I’ve ever seen. and the cutest :)

  13. Wow, looks like you had an awesome day, Bran!

    Those squash are cute, I would have bought them for the very same reason!!

  14. I have never ever saw little butternut squashes like that–they’d be perfect for stuffing!!

  15. Those squashes are too cute AND we have the same cell phone :)

  16. Those squash(es) are adorable! I’ve never seen such little ones. Would be so fun to serve individual ones for dinner like you did!

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