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Football this weekend, if you’re not doing too many Halloween things  ;)

No. 21 West Virginia at South Florida


12:00 PM ET
Indiana at No. 4 Iowa

3:30 PM ET
Georgia vs. No. 1 Florida*

3:30 PM ET
No. 19 Miami (FL) at Wake Forest

7:45 PM ET
No. 22 South Carolina at Tennessee

8:00 PM ET
No. 3 Texas at No. 14 Oklahoma State

8:00 PM ET
No. 5 USC at No. 10 Oregon


Okay, now where do I start? We’ve had a fun day today.

Our bank appointment ended up taking over an hour (!), but at least it’s done!

The only bad thing that happened today happened right as were trying to leave the bank. We got in the van, my Dad went to turn the car on….and nothin’. The battery was dead.

Thankfully, we got one of the bank employees to come out and jump start the van. Of course, by this point, it was after 10 am and we hadn’t had breakfast or COFFEE!!! We drove over to an AdvanceAuto parts store so they could buy a new battery for the van, and finally went to get some food.


We went to our favorite little greasy downtown diner, Joe’s. We actually waited in line for about 15-20 minutes – there were a bunch of people still in town after the game last night and they all had the same idea.


2-3 cups did the job.

I ordered a veggie omelet with a biscuit. Their biscuits are so good – I’m not sure if it’s something about the actual biscuit, or just the fact that they split them and heat them up on the griddle for a minute. Yum.




After finally getting some food in our bellies and laughing the entire time we were eating, we headed over to Best Buy to pick up a webcam! My little sister and her husband talk to my parents and sister every week on Skype, so my dad bought us a webcam so we could talk to them tonight!

My dad has also become quite the antique lover lately (I know you’ll love hearing that Anne!), so we found a few antique places to visit. That actually turned out nice because the weather was kind of overcast today.

Melissa and I found a bunch of cool hats – those kept us busy for a while.


Scarlett O’Hara and Mary Poppins


The Mad Hatter and Flapper Football Helmet. Maybe we should sell antiques – we know nothing about these hats, but we did have fun  :) Ooh! Also see that red chair/table in the background behind Melissa? That’s the kind of kitchen I want someday. Totally retro, 50’s, glittery vinyl table and chair, black and white tile floor….something reminiscent of I Love Lucy.

My dad bought an awesome old top hat that I am convinced was Abraham Lincolns and a really cool chandelier to take back home.

We got home, let the dog out, and then went to get an early dinner. That was definitely needed since we had no lunch. Breakfast ended up being “brunch”, so I’m fixing that by making dessert right now for our “third meal of the day”. I’m not used to only having 2 meals, so my stomach has kind of been growling most of the day, but it’s working out fine.


We took my parents to our local place, The New River Grille, and I had to try their new onion ring recipe. I didn’t get my burger, but the onion rings were definitely worth the trip. I got some blackened flounder, the onion rings, and a salad that I shared with Nick.

Then we Skyped!

We just talked to my sister for about an hour, and it was so cool! It was like 2 am in Spain, so we didn’t talk for too long but it was pretty awesome.

I’ve got a batch of those Cookie Topped Brownies that I just pulled out of the oven, and we’re all on the couch watching a Sinbad comedy DVD.

I’ve got to get to those brownies…they smell amazing! Then more laughter and some sleep – I’ve got a lot of french toast to make in the morning ;)




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  1. Hats are always entertaining

  2. Fun family days are great. I love that you can enjoy the entire day with your family.

    I hear ya on the rumbly tummy. I ate breakfast late and the rest of the day was downhill. I am soooo hungry but its 10pm and I’m almost ready for bed. So I just ate a spoonful of AB.

  3. I LOVE greasy diners! And that sandwich you had yesterday looks awesome!! Love the hat pictures! Glad you had a great day off! Sorry about the van issues. Hope everything is ok! :-)

  4. lovin the hats!!!! i love your vision for your future kitchen! :)


  5. oh my gosh, you’re doing a trial run! i should really try to scale up… getting nervous :/ what time are you cooking?? i think i’m 1:30…

  6. YAY USC! DIE Oregon!

    Wow, a retro kitchen? Sounds so cool! I truly hope you achieve your dream kitchen!

  7. you are so cute :) You and your family sound like you are having an AWESOME time :D
    love the hat pictures!

  8. Looks like you had a lot of fun with your family!!
    Enjoy every second of it!! ;)
    Oh and… The package is on its way!! ;) But it might take up to 14 days!! :( So I’ve been told!!!
    Have a great weekend sweety!!! Hug n.

  9. Looks like your having such a great time!! Family, food, and fun..what more could you ask for?!

    Sometimes good ol’ greasy diner food hits the spot–I have a few favorites and always end up getting an omelet as well..or pancakes :-)

  10. I can’t remember the last time I had a biscuit. It was probably good because of all the buttaaaa ;)

  11. hehhee cute hats! skype is the best :)

  12. such a fun day :) and I hate to say this, but you and your sister look SO much alike! I used to hate when people told me that about my sisters and I.. but I can’t help myself :)

    Happy halloween miss Brandi!

  13. What a fun and productive day! I love those hats, and the diner biscuit looks so good!

  14. Sounds like such a fun day, minus the dead battery of course. Glad the onion rings were good!

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