It’s Friday!!! I’m totally confused as to what day it is…I took the day off today since my family is here, so I keep thinking today is Saturday.

It’s also 6:30 in the morning and I wasn’t in bed until almost 1 am, so we’ll see how well this post turns out :)


Yesterday afternoon, while finishing up some cleaning and waiting for my parents to get here, I broke out the Nutella.



and took another small spoonful right of the jar.

It’s a good thing I don’t have any pretzels in the house – those and a jar of Nutella can be trouble.

When my family was almost to the house, I ran over and picked up some sandwiches for everyone to eat before heading over for the game. sandwich

My favorite from this place:

  • wheatberry bread
  • turkey
  • ham
  • spinach
  • lettuce
  • tomato
  • red onion
  • sun dried tomato spread


It’s probably the same way for every college team, but if you’ve never experienced a Thursday night home game…you’re missing out.

The crowd is intense the entire time, and it is usually louder in the stadium than at any sold-out Saturday afternoon game. The most fun games I’ve been to (wins and losses) have been on Thursday nights.


Sadly, our game did not end well. My heart was breaking for the Hokies last night…but football season goes on. We have another game next week.


See the VT? 


I’m not sure what the plans are for today – Nick and I have to go into the bank this morning at 9 to sign some papers and then we’ll get breakfast out in town. Other than that? The day is up in the air. It should be fun!


Happy Friday!!!


Favorite condiment?


  1. I really need to get my hands on some nutella! I’ve only had it a couple of times but have never actually purchased it even though I thought it was delicious.

    Favorite condiment… definitely ketchup.

  2. I prefer nacho cheese sauce, esp. on Mexican pizza or warm tortilla chips. I must make some guacamole, actually I always forget about it.

  3. Ketchup! I put it on everything!

    Enjoy the time with your family!

  4. Those sandwiches sound amazing! Have an awesome time with your fam–I am sure you will :-)

  5. Nutella and Ritz crackers are also amazing!! It’s a good thing I have neither in my house because I could go to town on those.

    Favorite condiment? Lately it’s been mustard which is weird because I didn’t used to like it! Hope you’re enjoying the family time AND your day off :)

  6. Nutella on just about anything is great. I love to put it on apples.

    But my favorite condiment is hummus. I just had some roasted red pepper hummus on my chicken burger last night.

    Have fun with the family :-)

  7. Hmm probably spicy mustard… I’m not a huge fan of condiments in general but a little dijon on a sandwich is amaaazing

    I’m sorry for your loss (the Hokies) You’ll get em next time!!! haha.. happy Friday!:)

  8. That looks like one heck of a delicious sandwich!

  9. I don’t really understand american football, but after watching friday night lights (a tv show I LOVE) I started understanding a bit better the enthusiasm people have for the game and everything surrounding it. Wouldn’t mind watching a game (live) just for fun. :)

  10. Have a great weekend with your family!
    I love salsa and guacamole!

  11. yay for the family finally being here! i know how long you’ve been anticipating them coming! :)

    My fav condiment is mustard!!!

    Have a great day!


  12. I haven’t had Nutella in soooo long. Why does it taste good on everything and anything it touches?! I want a little mini jar of it now. Hmm…I think my school’s little store might carry it. This could be dangerous.

  13. Enjoy your day today!! Nutella is amazing stuff!

  14. nutella is the devil. i could eat that straight out of the jar each and every day. enjoy your open day!

    fave condiment? mustard or ranch :)

  15. The banana + nutella combo looks delicious! And my favorite condiment is Annie’s ketchup. It tastes so much better than all the other ketchups!

  16. mustard. he’s a stud. serious.

  17. Nutella never lasts long in my kitchen!

  18. Happy friday! Sooo glad the weekend’s here

  19. guac!

    and that nutella looks AWESOME!

  20. Enjoy your day off! I always laugh at getting the days of the week screwed up when the schedule gets thrown off.

    Love those nutella nanners – it’s hard to go wrong with bananas, hazelnut and chocolate!

  21. Bananas with Nutella are SOOOO dangerous! ;)

    Favorite condiment: Wasabi mayo.

    Have a wonderful Friday! :)

  22. Nutella is amazing! Enjoy the family time.

  23. nutella is good. too bad it reminds me of an ex boyfriend. ew

  24. I’ve never been to a Thursday home game. I bet it would be super fun though!

  25. Those sandwiches look fantastic! I just finished lunch and I want one of those so badly. Nutella used to be one of my vises! Looks so yummy.

  26. I want to go to a game with you, Brandi! You make it sound like so much fun! BTW, I can’t have an open jar of nut butter lying around…it’s so dangerous for me! Imagine what I would do with the nutella?! Have fun with you family and have a great weekend!

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