Muffin Memories

Thursday is halfway over! How is this possible? The day that I need to go by SLOWLY is flying by!

I had a lot of coffee this morning, so please excuse any typos or caffeinated randomness.

  • One load of laundry is washed, dried, folded and put away. I have one more to do today.
  • Goodwill stuff is ready to go. I’ll be taking as soon as I finish eating.
  • New pots/pans are put away.
  • Dusting, cleaning the bathroom, and vacuuming will be happening this afternoon/during lunch?


For lunch today, I let the fridge decide for me.

If you’re thinking “How many more times am I going to have to see this mac’n’cheese?”….you’re not the only one.


Thankfully, this is the last of it! I heated up some extra broccoli we had and mixed that in and topped it with some salt + crushed red pepper.


You know what I wish I had to finish lunch?



Nick and I went to our favorite local bakery (Our Daily Bread) yesterday during lunch, and I got this vegan pumpkin chocolate chip muffin.


Why didn’t I buy 2?


I split it with one of my co-workers yesterday, and it was the best afternoon snack. I already want another one!


I had a couple questions about my eggs this morning – here’s how I make them!


AND football tonight!!! Virginia Tech vs. UNC – guess who’ll be at the game?  ;)  Pick your winner in the comments!


Have you ever made or had a vegan baked good? What’s your favorite?


  1. vegan brownies are my favorite. absolutly!

    These muffins look dang tastey though! nice job!

  2. That question made me laugh :-D

  3. That’s a great looking muffin
    Thursday is fully done for me and I’m so happy for rthat

  4. I never get tired of seeing mac ‘n cheese. :)

  5. I have made vegan muffins and pancakes before and can never tell the difference. Now, I make gluten free and vegan things!

  6. Yum..that muffin looks so good.

    I am going to pick up some broccoli at the grocery store tonight because I have 2 boxes of annies mac and cheese that needs to be eaten up…and yours looks so good with that broccoli :)

    have fun at the football game

  7. whole foods here has some crazy good vegan cookies. i like soft, chewy cookies, and theirs are PERFECT

    plus, i pretend “vegan” means healthy. so they’re good for me!

  8. I have eaten vegan baked goods. I used to go to hardcore (music) concerts and a lot of people there were vegan/vegetarian. And sometimes there were food stands and they sold vegan food. I’ve eaten some delish foods, not gonna lie.

    Thanks for the eggs “recipe”! :)

  9. I just made vegan pumpkin muffins this week! Mine had cranberries instead of chocolate chips, but they were way yummy!

    I’m going with Virgina Tech tonight.

  10. I’ve had a vegan muffin before and it was soooo good. Hunni didn’t even know there weren’t any animal products in it.

  11. I’ve actually never eaten or made a vegan baked good before, but I was just talking about how I want to find a good recipe to try out!

    Have a great time with your family!

  12. I made some awesome vegan blueberry muffins (recipe on my blog) the other week. I think they were the best I’ve ever made! :)

  13. Have fun at the game tonight, hope they win for you!
    That pumpkin chocolate chip muffin looks so good!

  14. I don’t think you could ever have too much annie’s mac n cheese – LOVE it!

    That muffin sounds and looks AWESOME! I don’t think I could’ve bought just one either :)

  15. I keep meaning to try vegan baking! Everyone raves about it!

  16. You seriously make annie’s mac & cheese look gourmet. If I were you, I’d head to that bakery right now and get another muffin! It looks so good!

  17. i’ve never had a vegan baked good of my knowledge, but that muffin looks so good! it looks like a chocolate chip cookie!

  18. That muffin does look absolutely amazing! Good luck getting things done! Yay for football :)

  19. Oh my gosh – that muffin looks so good. It’s exploding right out of it’s little cup. I wish you had another one too. I bet you could make a delicious version yourself.

    Most of the baked goods I make are vegan, and I love them all…that’s why I don’t make them very often. ;)

    Have fun at the game tonight, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to go with the Tar Heels since my brother is an UNC alum.

  20. Crushed red pepper is a must for mac n cheese! Well, that and Tabasco! :D

  21. You should have bought two and sent one to me!! ;)

    WFs has an amazing sugar free, vegan chocolate chip cookie. Oh my word, it’s like cookie dough!

  22. All of my baked goods are vegan! :) I don’t know if I can pick a favorite, I’ve made way to many things. I am partial to cookies and muffins though.

  23. Hi Brandi! How are you? I am FINALLY back to blogging…and so excited! Anyway,I have a lot of your posts to catch up on, but I just wanted to say hello…and tell you those muffins look incredible!

  24. Your salad looks so delicious, love the color in it…and of course the muffin looks so moist and yummie :-)

  25. girl I am definitely not complaining about seeing that mac and cheese again — never fails to make me drool :)

  26. I love mac n’ cheese! I honestly could eat it Or, I could eat the whole box in one sitting! I love how you bulk up the pasta with veggies like broccoli and peas. Great idea! What an awesome eating day! Leftover mac n’ cheese and a choc chip pumpkin muffin? Who could ask for anything more?!

    I have never had a vegan baked good – can you believe it? But I’m sure they taste just as good as the non-vegan. I’m curious to try the Babycakes NYC vegan cupcakes. I hear they are some of the best cupcakes around (and not just in the vegan category).

  27. That muffin looks great! I’ve made vegan gingerbread muffins before, and they’re delicious :)

  28. Oo that muffin looks perfect–I actually don’t think I’ve ever had something baked that was vegan come to think of it.

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