Favorite Job So Far

I am seriously happy today is Wednesday, but again…the day is just dragging.

One thing that brightens my day? Food!


I brought more of the mac’n’cheese leftovers, with some extra peas + broccoli.



And some crushed red pepper for a little heat.


An apple to round out lunch.


Work has been extremely frustrating today, to say the least, so I thought we should have something fun. The week is halfway over, thank goodness – and we should be celebrating in some way.

Cookbook giveaway over at The Daily Balance!

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What was your best or favorite job growing up?

I would have to say my favorite and most lazy job was working as a pool attendant one summer while I was home from school. Not lifeguard – pool attendant. I got up every morning, put on my bathing suit/shorts/tshirt, and basically laid out and read books (and napped!) all summer. And got paid for it!

You see, the pool never opened that summer. They had some work that needed to be done before it could be opened at the apartment complex, so I just made sure the chemicals were at the right level and cleaned the pool every few days.

I read so many books that summer and had a killer tan. They did have me help with other things in the office if the weather was bad or if they needed me to do something, but it was basically laying out and reading.

Oh…to be back there…


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  1. THat sounds like a job I’d like to have NOW! I always loved all of my jobs…worked at a car wash, a family spa business..it was all fun.

  2. I was a lifeguard but your job sounds way better, not having to babysit!

  3. My favorite job was working as the TA for spanish lab. I got to grade a few random things and sit and talk to friends of mine who were learning spanish. It was hilarious and I actually got some practice teaching things. Easiest student job ever.

  4. There you go again with those peas! i’m seriously craving them so bad. i’m not sure who craves peas but i am!


  5. food makes everythang better! my fave job was at a skate/snowboard shop in high school. best job ever.

  6. i worked at a baskin robbins for YEARS. and sometimes coworkers and management sucked, but seriously, in the dead of winter you got paid to do NOTHING. cause no one wants ice cream when its 24 degrees out. Loved it there!
    and i really liked, and still do, babysitting. watch the disney channel, make snacks, take walks… it’s pretty much what i do anyways.

  7. My fave job was definitely the 2 summers I was a camp counselor at an overnight camp. It was at a camp I went to all throughout growing up and by the time I was 16 I was old enough to be a counselor – yes please! Made some fun friends and had some killer freedom :) Fun times…

  8. That job sounds AWESOME! My favorite job so far has been my Celebrate Brooklyn gig at Prospect Park. I basically got paid to watch free shows, hang out with awesome people and eat free food! :)

    I’m hoping to be back there next summer ;)

  9. That sounds like a great job! My favorite job was working as a pool waitress at a county club. The pool was rarely busy and most of my times was spent reading and gabbing with my fellow-waitressing friend outside. I loved being outside for the entire summer.

  10. What a fun question! Ah…the good ole’ days. :-)

    My favorite job…that is a tough one! I guess I’d have to say when I worked at the before/after school program at local elementary schools, when I was in college. YES, it stunk to get up at 6 (!) when in college, but we played games, had great snacks, and I was the Skipbo queen!

  11. I worked on an ice cream truck one summer. That was kinda cool. Messy and annoying with all the little screaming kids…but kinda sorta cool.


  12. Dogsitting :-) so simple and easy, yet so well paid!

  13. I worked at an Art and Framing Store throughout High School and College, it was AWESOME! We had the chance to frame some incredible art and play…ahem…I mean sell all the art supplies :)

  14. That job sounds AWESOME. ahaha Photography has always been my job. Some things are awesome, other things suck… It just comes with the territory I guess.

  15. I worked at a grocery store and LOVED it. Way better than any desk job I ever had.

  16. That lunch would brighten my day as well! That link you posted for the animals, you can get it so it sends you emails every morning reminding you to click. That’s what I do :)

    My favorite job is my current job! I love that I’m always on the go, traveling, working with others. It’s fun!

  17. I used to work in a daycare throughout high school — it was so fun! getting paid to play with kids.. what could be better?!

  18. i was a camp counselor at a summer camp in maine during college – i had such a great time doing that.

  19. wah. i dislike peas. yay for summer camps!

  20. the day always seem to go super slow when there is something fun to look forward to. hope your evening goes by a bit faster ;)

  21. Wow that job does sound great! I’m not sure what my favorite job was. My first job was working at a sno cone stand and I got to flirt with older boys so that was fun.

  22. fav job to date has been running around chasing raptors on airboats! but we’ll see how my next one lives up to that !!!

  23. Wow. Your favorite job sounds nice… :) My favorite job was working in a spa in high school. I just loved being around cosmetics back then… :)

  24. Your mac & cheese looks so good!

    My favorite job was working at the local library when I was 15. My mom was the librarian and I worked for an hour a day, 4 days a week. lol My check was like $26 a week.

  25. My fav job growing up was working at a 50’s themed diner. Such good food, fun people, and rockin’ music! :-D

  26. I haven’t actually had a “real job” but last year I was a nanny. Everyday, I picked up two little Indian boys from school and brought them home, made them snacks, and helped them with homework. Luckily, they lived right across the street from me! But I really enjoyed seeing them grow and learn throughout the year. It was so cool to see how the boy in pre-k couldn’t read or write at the beginning of the year to watching him read books by the end! Haha. I can’t imagine how cool it’ll be when it’s my own kid :P

  27. i once had a job as a hiking TA. Yes, a teacher’s assistant for a hiking 1 credit course at university. i got paid to do my favourite thing – hiking! My job was to chase the fast people up the mountain. It was tons of fun back in the day when I was in super shape and could actually run up a mountain.

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