Too Slow for Joe

Is it really Monday already? This weekend flew by, and I am not ready to sit here and work for 8 hours today.

I didn’t get up with my alarm this morning, so I was up a little later than normal. I’m okay with it happening on the days I’m home, though, because I still have time to make breakfast.


I made Eggs in a Basket today for Nick and me, along with some bacon.


I toasted the middle “rounds” of the bread and spread mine with some almond butter and sliced up an orange for us to split.


I also made me some tea this morning. I wanted coffee, but didn’t want to make it  ;)



Here’s hoping today isn’t too crazy!


What did you do this weekend?

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  1. I studied and enjoyed the weather this weekend.

  2. Mmm egg in the hole! Yours looks so much better than mine! My egg gets EVERYWHERE! lol

  3. Mmmm…I miss “toads in a hole”.

    My weekend was packed. I spent the morning at the yoga studio on Saturday, the afternoon studying. Then yesterday, went to yoga teacher training, drove back and then went to a yoga meeting last night. So, basically, I did lots of yoga :) Good thing I love it!

  4. I love your little round cut out with peanut butter. I did a good amount of relaxing this weekend. :)

  5. cutest.breakfast.ever

  6. I love toad in a hole!
    Lots of relaxing and catching up with some new friends this weekend.

  7. So lucky you get to work from home some days, I was so not feeling coming into work today too! This weekend was fun, quality fam time and relaxation… perfect in my book :)

  8. This toast looks so good!!! I really need to try this some day this weekend!! Just not for breakfast, since breakfast just needs to be sweet for me!! :D (and for the pumpkin oats, I actually put lots of cinnamon in too, but still.. Nothing for me :( )!
    Have a good day love!! Hug n.

  9. mmm what a great monday breakfast! i can’t wait to buy some oranges!

    have a great day!

  10. Your breakfast looks ridiculously good! I haven’t had eggs in so long but egg in a hole sounds fantastic.

    PS. I would say Happy HIMYM day but I think it’s a rerun tonight :( I’ll still watch!

  11. we did a whole lot of nothing, which was great because next weekend is going to be nuts!

  12. The picture of the egg in the bread made me smile… My Grandma used to make that for me! Romanmeal bread with lots of butter… mmmmm :)

  13. I can’t believe its Monday, where’d the time go? Probably I spent it all baking muffins and breads, but that’ll make the week that much more bearable

  14. This weekend was good for me. I spent time with my husband!

  15. I realllllly want to try this–I’ve seen it done and I think it’s so cool! Mmm and that tea sounds good!

  16. perfect breakfast!! yummm

  17. Great looking breakfast! I really need to try that and use up some of the eggs in my fridge.

  18. I keep seeing eggs in a basket; I used to make this for the teenager when he was little. I really should make them again…

    We had a low key, relaxing weekend. Just the way I like it… :)

    Have a great week!

  19. oh miss brandi…i finally got to read your blog this morning! ugh, crazy day. the egg in hole looks delish! and i am STILL on the hunt for those holiday teas!

  20. I was not really ready for the day either! Thankfully it’s almost over now :)

  21. you are so clever – whenever I make my “toad in the hole” as my mommy I calls it, I always throw away the center part. What a waste of a perfectly good palate for some PB!

  22. On days I am just in my office I like to be able to “sleep in.”

    This weekend I did far too much but that’s normal for us. I guess I did a bit too much because I fell asleep in the movie theather last night.

  23. LOVE eggs in a basket!!

    This weekend was all about relaxation :)

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