Monday Fun

My Monday is going pretty well – busy at work, but good.

I drank a few cups of tea this morning to keep myself warm before opening up these new treats I found at the Amish market this weekend.



They’re like a teeny tiny Larabar! The texture is a bit softer since there aren’t any nuts in the date mixture, but it tasted very similar.


By the time lunchtime rolled around, I was cold again! All I could think about was a hot lunch.

I found one of those boxed Imagine soups, the butternut squash, so I heated up 1.5 cups of the soup.


I love the texture, but it was a bit sweeter than I wanted so I added a few things:

  • garlic powder
  • onion powder
  • pepper
  • smoked paprika
  • chile garlic sea salt



Sweet base with a little heat.

I also made a little hummus tasting plate, thanks to our trip to Costco yesterday.


Nick and I can go through a normal hummus container while watching one football game, so I knew we needed a good amount. Plus, this is only $6 and it’s 3 times the size of the containers I can get here.

Have you ever seen a hummus container the size of your head?


I have now! and I know our favorite SnackFace did this weekend, too  :)


I scooped out some of the hummus to go with my multigrain Food Should Taste Good chips and some celery.


I don’t know how long this container will last  :)


I also booked our plane tickets today for the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival!!! I’m still in complete shock that I was chosen to be one of the 6 Nature’s Pride Bread Ambassadors!

Congrats again to the other winners:

Brittany from Eating Bird Food

Sabrina from RhodeyGirl Tests

Kim from Ravenous Couple

Shannon from Tri to Cook

Stephanie from StephChows


I can’t wait to try all the recipes and meet everyone!


Are you going to the Foodbuzz festival?

What’s been the best part of your day so far?

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  1. Mmm my mom used to get those date rolls when we were little. It looks good.

  2. I just broke into the same giant tub of hummus from Costco! Despite how big it is, we fly through it!

  3. I might go through one of those tubs a week, though I do get a little help. I am so thinking a tasting plate is a must for lunch!!!

  4. once i had a retreat where we had an extra tub of that hummus (like, the costco sized) left over.
    i took it home with me.
    i lived alone at that point.
    it lasted maybe a week.

  5. The best part of my day so far is that it is almost 12pm and that means on ly 3 more hours of work! yay!!

  6. Those date rolls look really good :o And soup, yum!
    That photo is cute :P

    Still haven’t found hummus.. I’ll probably have to make it. I’m a little nervous about that!

    The best part of my day was… being at the gym!

  7. Yum!! Those date rolls look awesome!

  8. The best part of my day so far has been working on a surprise crochet blanket for my best friend who’s getting married in May.

    I saw that Sabra hummus in BJ’s over the weekend, and I couldn’t get over how huge it was!

  9. Gahhh I cannot wait to dig into my tub! I’m still working on a small/regular size that I’ve had for over a week. Now that’s crazy, right?

    I wish I could go to the Foodbuzz fest :( Too bad, I’ll be in NOhio. Hmmm best part of the day so far…a seriously sweaty workout. Felt so good!

  10. i want to get my hands on that sabra hummus asap! YUMMM

  11. lol- what a cute picture! and yes, this is a gigantic tub of humus! I don´t think, that one can get something similar here in Germany- that´s a shame! these dates look awesome, too! oh, and congrats on your foodbuzz award!

  12. i love the mondo hummus tubs at costco! mine carries the sun dried tomato flava. so yum!

  13. Hey there! I just want you to know that I have been reading your blog for a while now and have started my own :)

    And you will see TONS of hummus on mine because I have to eat it every single day.


  14. mmm, i just tried their spinach and artichoke hummus from costco… i think i’ll stick to the plain or roasted red pepper…

    yes i am going!! haha, booked my ticket friday :)

    i made two peoples’ day today, and that made me smile :) (my giveaway winner and a friend i’m bringing a treat to!)

  15. Congrats on scoring the trip to Foodbuzz!

    I’m not a Foodbuzzer (by choice) but have a blast!

  16. I love those large tubs of hummus. I eat it daily and sometimes for several meals :-)

    The best part of my day today was Lunch at Whole Foods and then some shopping at Trader Joes. I love doing that :-)

  17. Haha that picture of you with the hummus is hilarious! Those Amish “laras” sound really good!

  18. I love the hummus/face comparison! Haha! The spicy addition to your soup sounds fantastic :)

    Hope the rest of your day goes well!

  19. yum date and coconut bites…I wonder if those are easy to make??

    my mom got that sabra the other week! its hugeee, btu we are huge hummus eaters and didn’t take us long to get through it!

    thats so awesome you are going to the foodbuzz festival! thats going to be so much fun!!

  20. Those date and coconut rolls sound good. I love raw snacks like those.

  21. hahaha I love that photo!
    I LOVE the giant tubs of hummus that costco has :D

  22. I actually have a similar recipe to those nut and date bars and I plan on making them for Christmas gifts along with homemade biscotti and hummus :-)

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