Box to Table

Thank goodness today is over!

I’m sitting on the couch in my pajamas have nothing else planned for tonight besides packing my lunch and having some tea and maybe some popcorn.

I had some almonds + dried apricots this afternoon – I knew we would probably be running once Nick got home from work.


I was not in the mood to run today, but I knew we needed to go. The rest of our week is either going to be bad weather or busy, so this may be the only night we get to go until this weekend.

So, we went. It wasn’t great – my legs were super tight the entire time, but we went anyway. Today was ran about 3 miles – something is better than nothing, right? I think any activity I can get in is good, especially since my job is just sitting for 8 hours.

At least dinner tonight was easy!


I took 2 boxes of Annie’s Whole Wheat Shells +White Cheddar and added the following:

  • 2 bags frozen mixed veggies (peppers, corn, broccoli, cauliflower)
  • 2 extra crowns of broccoli
  • 2 laughing cow wedges
  • 1/2 slice colby jack cheese
  • salt



I added some red pepper flakes to mine for a little kick.

We didn’t eat all of that tonight – I decided to go ahead and make both boxes I had in the cabinet so we could have some leftovers for lunch this week.


I can’t wait to have it tomorrow  :)


So much has been happening the past week, that I keep forgetting to post the voting reminder! I know I’m pretty far behind, but I might as well try while it’s still going!

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  1. 3 miles is better than nothing?! If I could run 3 miles I’d throw a party for myself!

  2. mmm red pepper flakes make everything delicious!

  3. 3 miles is great! Definitely better than nothing :) Yum that mac ‘n cheese looks soooo good! I love the idea of adding all those veggies for bulk!

  4. mac and cheese never disappoints for dinner. I’m so thankful for the trader joe brand one I can make in my microwave

  5. Hello, yummy mac and cheese – and good for you too! Looks delish.

  6. Annie’s never dissapoints :) Just voted for you my fellow good mooder! <3

  7. Sounds like me – I had a scheduled run today that I bailed on. I really wasn’t feeling it and knew I would crap out on it if I went. Wish I could have had the same attitude today that you had – it probably would have made all the difference.

  8. Workouts when you’re not feeling it can really suck, but good for you for going anyway!

    Love your Annie’s dinner… I always totally load my bowls, too!

  9. love annie’s mixed with veggies – such a great go-to dinner! i also like to add chicken sausages to the mix, yum :) and great job on the run, 3 miles is not easy girlfriend and I think its wonderful that you still trucked through it even though your motivation was low :) !!!

  10. This mac and cheese looks awesome! :) Glad you got your 3 miles in!

  11. Delicious! again :) You always conjour up yumm things!

  12. Thanks for the comment :)

    Love that mac and cheese… way to veggie it up!

  13. Something is DEFINITELY better than nothing! Great job getting those 3 miles in :) I love that you veggified the Annie’s mac n’ cheese. It looks delicious!

  14. I think Mondays are the longest day of the week!

    I love corn in my mac and cheese :) Have a great Tuesday!

  15. 3 miles is awesome! I wish I could run 3 miles :P
    That dinner looks delicious. :)

  16. Your like me–I am always adding in stuff to boxed Mac n Cheese!

  17. Mac n cheese is the best! Your version looks great!

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