Horsin’ Around

Happy Saturday!

Our day started out at 6 am today. Don, the man Nick’s parents bought their horses from, came up yesterday and stayed the night here at the house with everyone last night before heading home to South Carolina today.

Since he had a good 6 hour drive ahead of him, we got up early to get working on breakfast so we would have time to go see the horses again before he left.

I wanted to get some more practice making my french toast, so we went and picked up some cream cheese and Nature’s Pride Honey Wheat bread for this morning.


I mixed up a bigger batch of my Pumpkin Stuffed French Toast filling, made 5 sandwiches, dipped them in the batter and had Bob flip them on the griddle for me.


We had some diced apple, maple syrup, and bacon from the market. And coffee to wake us up – tea for Nick’s mom.

We headed over to see the horses, but the weather wasn’t nice enough to ride today, sadly. It’s been raining off and on all day, so I don’t know that we’ll get to ride this trip, but it was fun to go see them!


This is Montana.



And this is Stormy.


They are both so beautiful and so sweet. I hope we have good weather the next time we’re here.

We headed back into town and ran a few errands before coming back to the house. Nick and his Dad ran out and washed the truck, so me, Cindy and Harley took a nap  :)

Cindy had put lunch in the crockpot, so we just ate once the boys got back.


We had some london broil with some potato wedges and some salad leftover from last night.

There was also a small slice of that carrot cake, too ;)

Nick and Bob took naps, and Cindy is asleep again so I’m not sure what the plans are right now. I think we’re heading up to the Amish market soon to get a few things I need – the rest of the day is up in the air!

Aren’t weekends the best?


  1. Gorgeous horse!!

    Weekends are amazing :)

  2. Now that that’s an award winning recipe, I’m definitely going to have to make it one of these days

  3. Yep, weekends are definitely the best. :)

    The horses are so beautiful. I think that horses are very… graceful. :)

  4. weekends are fantastic!
    and that french toast continues to look yummy

  5. awe wow! what an awesome weekend you are having!

  6. Those horses are beautiful. I love riding and haven’t done so since college. But horses are amazing and loving animals.

    Weekends are me time. I usually take all Saturday morning to myself with my Weight Watchers meeting, grocery shopping, TARGET (of course) and a nice starbucks coffee. :-)

  7. Ahhhh I wish I could taste your french toast! After you made it for me. :)

  8. I can’t wait for some bread baking and pumpkin puree to hapen, so I can make that breakfast.
    I love horses, they look beautiful!

  9. wow that french toast looks FANTASTIC. you always have drool worthy breakfasts!

  10. Awww!!! Montana looks a lot like the horse I had a year ago!!
    I miss him so much…. And riding… I might have to start again!

    Wish you a wonderful rest of the weekend!! Hug n.

  11. I’ve only been horseback riding once – and my horse took off and I’ve barely touched a horse since! :D

    They are beautifil though!

  12. the horses are beautiful!!!!

    The french toast looks amazing as well! mm i want some so bad now! ;)


  13. Ponies!!! That french toast looks pretty sweet too :)


  14. oh heavens… pumpkin INSIDE french toast? Abbi is a cream cheese nut and pumpkin nut… so I am thinking I GOTTA make this for her. I am so into pumpkin right now and so we have a can of orange in the house at ALL times. :) mmm. Latest? Today I combined turkey and pumpkin. Basically Thanksgiving. It was soooooooooo good, I want to have it everyday for lunch forever and ever Amen. ;) hehe I think I won’t turn orange if I just eat pumpkin once per day. :P

    Hey girl, I just read your story, I had no idea! You are such a delight… yes, eat to live and the process of not guestimating (my word I use) calories or points is a hard one to break. BUT… I do think in time, I absolutely think it can. :D By the help of Jesus and a sweet support system (hubby and your hubby) we can do it. HUGS!

    Also………. I got your DVD order yesterday! I will mail it out on Monday, thank you so much Brandi!!! Love ya! XOXO

  15. horses! i love this post!!

  16. I have always wanted to ride horses–it seems like it’d be so peaceful!

  17. look at you, trying out your recipe in a larger scale :) i should try that!! sounds like you’re having a fabulous weekend!!

  18. ahhhh i hope one day i get to try your award winning recipe! weekends ARE the best…those horses are GORGEOUS!

  19. What a great weekend! What a beautiful horse!

    Enjoy your Sunday! :)

  20. Aw, what beautiful horses!

  21. what gorgeous horses! I have always been a little freaked out by them since I had an awful experience at a fair when I was a youngin.. apparently “lightening” didn’t like me much and threw me off his back.. regardless, they are such beautiful creatures!

  22. Montana is gorgeous. What lovely pictures. And yes, weekends ARE the best!

  23. Brandi!
    YOu are runner up on my blog giveaway! You must have missed the post, but send me your address so you can get some awesome goodies!!

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