Lovin’ Puffins

Happy Friday!

Thank you for all your notes on my earlier post – I appreciate every one :) 

This morning was a first for me.

We were actually rushing around a bit because we had to get ready for work and get the car packed for this weekend. Instead of making a hot bowl of oatmeal, I decided to have a yogurt bowl so I could eat it faster and get out of the house on time.


Today was my first time ever trying peanut butter puffins! I have never bought them because they’re always $4-5 a box here, but I found them last weekend on sale for $2! I had to pick them up.


Now I know what all the fuss is about. They were awesome!

I layered a Vanilla Oikos with 1/2 a sliced banana, some pb puffins, and a dollop of dark chocolate dreams pb on the side.

Not the most appetizing looking breakfast, but it was good.


I actually had a meeting this morning, which was okay. I met Nick afterwards and we headed over to one of our favorite Mediterranean places, Souvlaki, for lunch.


I got their hummus plate – so good. Their pitas are amazing. They’re super fluffy and doughy and always warm.

It came with a red pepper hummus, the pita, and a salad.


Now I’m back at work until 5 when we hit the road to go to Nick’s parents’ house for the weekend. I’m really hoping it rains before 5 and stops by the time we need to drive tonight.


Football this weekend!

12:00 PM ET
No. 12 Georgia Tech at Virginia

3:30 PM ET
Tennessee at No. 2 Alabama

3:30 PM ET
Louisville at No. 5 Cincinnati

3:30 PM ET
Clemson at No. 10 Miami (FL)

3:30 PM ET
No. 13 Penn State at Michigan

3:30 PM ET
Oklahoma at No. 25 Kansas

3:30 PM ET
Boston College at Notre Dame

7:00 PM ET
No. 6 Iowa at Michigan State

7:00 PM ET
No. 6 Iowa at Michigan State

8:00 PM ET
No. 3 Texas at Missouri

8:00 PM ET
Oregon State at No. 7 USC


Make your picks!


What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. OMG you had never had PB Puffins!?? I LOVE them. I also love DCD peanut butter, but have never tried the 2 together. I may have a new breakfast…

  2. $2 PEANUT BUTTER PUFFINS?! Insanity!! I would have cleared the entire shelf – I love me some PBP :)

    GO IOWA – walking a “Race for the Cure” event tomorrow, then hunkering down to watch the game!

  3. I never tried puffins, never probably will :( I envy all you u.s. bloggers for having such a great choice of foods.
    I plan to study study study. and spend some quality time with my mom :)

  4. Before I scrolled to the 2nd picture, I thought you had Puffins with chocolate pudding. Now THAT would be an awesome combo!! Your breakfast looks great though :)

    Mmmm, warm fluffy pitas!! I say this every week but, GO BLUE!

  5. i want your lunch. i made hummus two days ago. i might have already eaten all of it. there’s a chance.

  6. I’ve never eaten them because of the price. But the look yummy. And that Chocolate PB would be like crack.

    This weekend is relaxing. I’m still trying to get over the flu so I’m going to be a bum. And perhaps go for a brisk walk.

  7. What a great combo involving puffins! I love them but I’m not a cereal fan so I always need new ways to eat them

  8. Your lunch looks amazing! I love Puffins too, but I never buy them. Too pricey! $2 is a great deal!

  9. A box of Puffins literally lasts like 24 hours in my house. They are currently on the banned list, along with Reeses PB cups. So dangerous!!!

  10. ah yes, welcome to the PB puffins dark side ;) I’ve only had them but once (they don’t sell them hurr.. wah!) but literally went through the box in 3 days.

  11. i havent tried the peantu buttter puffins yet, I LOVE the regular ones so thank you for the great review!

    you are right, that pita on the salad looks so fluffy and homemade!!

    enjoy your dayyyy :)

  12. I love PB Puffins so much, you know they stopped making them in big boxes for some reason? Weird.

    Mmm…hummus. That’s delish!

  13. first time having peanut butter puffins!? o my geeze. i’m so glad you finally got to taste this love of a cereal! its AMAZING right??

    and that lunch looks AMAZING! i’m craving Mediterranean food sooooo much! yum yum its so healthy and filling!


  14. I don’t know what you’re talking about – I think your breakfast is very photogenic – it looks amazing, what a great combo!
    I had to put my PB puffins in serving size baggies so I didn’t eat the whole box…

  15. $2 puffins? Wow! I’ve never seen them that inexpensive!
    My picks:
    Georgia Tech
    Miami (FL)
    Penn State
    Notre Dame

    im way jelous.
    i would have bought like.. 5 boxes, no joke

  17. that yogurt bowl looks aWESOME!!!!

    and this weekend i’m working…and have a 12 miler planned! whoohoo!!

  18. That breakfast is pure (peanut butter puffin) perfection. Aren’t they ADDICTING? They were once on sale for $2 here too and it was a happy happy day. Sadly that day is gone and my cupboard is Puffin bare.

    Mediterranean food! Love love love.

  19. I love peanut butter puffins too!

  20. Hi Bran!!

    Of course, I’ll be rooting for the “U”

    Miami that is

    I’m actually going to the game with my daughter. Can’t wait and hopefully it doesn’t rain like they anticipate.

  21. Hi Brandi,

    Sorry late again,
    Have a great weekend,
    I have two 5 year old b-day partys…..
    Great…Wanna trade?

    My picks are all home teams

    Notre Dame
    Michigan State
    Michigan State

  22. I am waiting for the PB Puffins to go on sale so I can try some..but I have a feeling that may open a door to an addiction :-)

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