Portable Breakfast

I’m still working on the last part of The Path to Now, but it will be up tomorrow! Thank you for all your notes and comments about it – it seems there are a lot of people with similar stories, so I hope to hear yours as well.

I was excited to make breakfast today.


You know what an almost empty jar of pb means…


I had a little over a tablespoon in my peanut butter jar and made some basic banana oat bran to have with it.

  • 1/3 cup oatbran, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1/2 banana, sliced
  • cinnamon
  • drizzle of maple syrup on top



I think these make the best breakfast-on-the-go, but I need to try it on a day that I’m actually going somewhere!

I’m off to get some coffee before work starts today – I’ve got a busy one at work and with stuff at home.

Random Question:

What type of laptop bag/sleeve do you have? Do you like it? I have a really cute laptop bag that I use, but I think I need a different one for traveling because I can’t fit anything in it besides the computer.


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  1. How come everyone else’s oats in a jar’s look delish, but mine come out meh? Either way – looks awesome!

    I have a Kate Spade lap top bag I got several years ago for my first “big girl job” – I was so excited!

  2. I hate a nice laptop bag but I don’t use it often. My laptop is wayyy too heavy to carry around. It’s a little ironic but it’s not portable at all!

  3. Do you have a Mac by chance? There are awesome covers for the Macbooks. I have on in hot pink and it is spandex and squishy! I love it. I don’t remember the name but can check later today if you have a Mac!

  4. I had a feeling after seeing that empty jar, it would be filled again the next pic–can’t wait for more of your story to debut! :-)

  5. I have the same peanut butter!! ;) Thank god I can order it online (along with truvia and stevia!!)! The stuff we have here is just disgusting!! Good idea about the portable breakfast, as I often have empty jars (the glass ones), I’ll have to keep that in mind! ;)
    About the laptop bag, I’ve a pretty big one from Kappa (was a gift). Perfekt for traveling (I used it very often since I lived at my sisters on the weekent – had my horse there) but not so convenient for the daily use though. Have to buy a small one sometime soon….!
    Have a good day hun! Hug n.

  6. I have a Belkin laptop bag for my HP. It’s like yours though. It doesn’t fit a lot other than my laptop. Yay for oats in a jar! And that mac and cheese you made last night looks awesome. I’m going to have to pull out my cooking light magazine from last month!

  7. Love your portable breakfast! :)

  8. Love that breakfast! I brought oats in a jar on an airplane once and got some strange looks from people. Whatever, they don’t know what they’re missing :)

    I don’t have a laptop bag, but I’ve seen a few cute ones in Target.

  9. i have a timbuk2 messenger bag for my laptop. i love it-and they come in about 8 million colors (my fiance ebay-ed it for his and paid a whole lot less than retail)

  10. I need a laptop bag for traveling too!
    Love oats in a jar, so fun scraping the extra pb at the bottom!

  11. I have a sleeve that fits inside of a purse/ladies business type bag. Target has a lot of cute ones that aren’t that much.

  12. Now that is what I call a portable breakfast. I need to try this PB trick sometime soon. I still haven’t done it!

  13. I love Skippy Natural-it’s awesome! I don’t have a laptop bag, but I really need to get one.

  14. Oh, I wish my nut butter jar was empty. I don’t have a bag, and frankly, I’d like a new laptop too!

  15. I always have trouble with oats in a jar because I end up with big bites of AB at the end instead of throughout like I like.

    I have a Targus rolling laptop case for travel. It holds my laptop and Hunni’s at the same time. I really need to get a single one but we hardly go anywhere when we aren’t taking both …yet.

  16. Hi Brandi. Thanks for commenting on my blog! I live in Richmond so we are sort of blog neighbors. : )

  17. First off, CONGRATS on your sponsorship to FoodBuzz! I was so pumped to see your name :)

    Also, I love oats in a jar as a transportable brekkie too.

    I have a pink ridic laptop back that I never use anymore so I usually borrow my roommate’s neoprene sleeve when I travel and just put it in a regular bag. I really want a nice laptop carry-on.

  18. I think your on to something – how amazing would it be if they sold oats in a jar?! ah, life would be perfect!

  19. I wish I had a laptop lol. But I’m about to buy one.
    This breakfast is beyond awesome!

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