Mail is Fun

Busy is a good word to describe today.

Work has been busy this morning, and I’m trying to squeeze everything I can into my lunch break. We’re actually going out of town this weekend, so I’m working on laundry and trying to clean as much as I can before we leave tomorrow so we won’t have so much to do when we get back.

That makes my lunch break go fast!


I heated up a serving of my chicken noodle soup, and have a little hummus plate with some celery and multigrain Food Should Taste Good chips.


How is it that soup just keeps getting better?


If you have smoked paprika in your house, add it to your hummus. You will not be disappointed – it’s so good together!

I got such fun packages today and yesterday!

Devan, from Melon Shots, and I did a little blog swap – this was my first time ever getting or sending international mail!


It was such a fun package to open!


  • lip gloss
  • face wash and lotion packets
  • a burt’s bees mask (LOVE burt’s bees)
  • tiny bottle of maple syrup!


  • dark chocolate hazelnut bar that I can’t wait to open
  • honey/flaxseed treat that smells amazing
  • Hemp seed! I’ve never tried them.


  • hummus coupons that came at the right time since I just used the last of ours with my lunch  :)

Thanks so much, Devan! This was fun!


I also got a package from Kristina at Stonyfield today!


I haven’t been able to find the strawberry flavor here, so she offered to send me a few to try and review, but when  I opened the package, I found a little of everything!


I love this little 4 pack of yogurts – I hope they start selling them here soon.

Thanks so much, Kristina! They’re in the fridge, chilling out and waiting to be eaten  :)


Do you have things you try to get done before leaving town, or do you just let it wait until you get back?

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  1. OMG you know I love my smoked paprika…yummy.

  2. You are going to have a great time with that yogurt! :-)

  3. Aw, kinda jealous of your packages! ;)
    I usually take care of everything before I go, I just don’t like that feeling that you have when you don’t finish something you know? But that’s me :P

    That lunch looks fabulous!

  4. I try to get everything done in advance… but that doesn’t always work out ;)

  5. Strawberry Oikos?? I LOVE Chobani Oikos, so I bet I would LOVE that.

    I always try to get all (or most) of my things done before leaving on a trip. When I was little, my parents always cleaned the house and did all the laundry BEFORE leaving for a trip. It infuriated me! But now, I totally get it. It’s lovely to come home to a clean house! :-)

  6. Mailman was good to you today girl!!! How awesome :)

    I def like to have things in order before I hit the road for a trip – makes coming home (esp on a Sunday) that much easier….!

  7. You won the Food Buzz contest! Congrats!


  9. wow you get the best packages everrr!

  10. YAY! I am SO happy that your package arrived safely :D

    I cant wait to see how you like the bars and facemasks :)

    and great job on the Food Buzz award!! XOXO

  11. oh i love the idea of a blog swap! that is soooo cute! and yesss for paprika in hummus – it IS a winner!


  13. Um, way jealous of your yogurt over here. I can barely find plain oikos, let alone the strawberry kind! Luck duck!

  14. Wow; great packages!!! Very exciting…
    Congrats on your foodbuzz award…amazing…your pumpkin stuffed french toast is awesome….

  15. Two fantastic packages in one day – how fun!! I hope you enjoy testing everything out :)

    Woohoo for going out of town this weekend! Good luck pulling everything together!

  16. aw lucky you! I am an oikos ADDICT. Literally, eat the stuff everyday! I haven’t been able to find the 4 oz containers though.. they look like such the perfect size for a little mini snackage…and I adore the new packaging :)! Enjoy!

  17. The Oikos is so yummy! I tried the main Stonyfield ones but have not ventured into Oikos yet. One day, one day…

    Also, congrats on winning one of the Bread Ambassadors. I’m a new reader and just dropped by after seeing your blog listed on foodbuzz.

  18. what a great stoneyfield package! i love their yogurts, and the four packs are awesome! i love the plain ones!!!

    and i try to do things before going away on the weekend…cause i’m always tired when i get back. :)

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