7th Heaven

What. a. day.

I can’t believe I get to be one of the 6 Nature’s Pride Bread Ambassadors at the Foodbuzz Blogger Festival! I was so shocked when I got the email the other day, and it was extremely hard to not say anything  about it until it came out today! Thank you for all the congrats and notes and comments. I can’t wait to meet the other bloggers!

I am so excited and honored, but slightly terrified? I mean…I have to cook for hundred of foodies who make meals I wouldn’t even dare to try! I think it will be a great time and an amazing experience – I just did not expect to win, so I am still adjusting to the idea that I’ll be in San Francisco in 2 weeks.

In between work and all this craziness, I had some TJ’s nuts over raspberries mix for a snack.


As soon as I finished work at 5, I dusted the house, cleaned the kitchen counter tops, and headed out for a 7 mile run. My longest ever.

The good thing? I did it! I can’t believe it…that is the farthest I’ve ever run, and I’m very proud and excited to hit that milestone.

The bad thing? It was not a good run. My right leg was really tight the entire time, and I ended up having a side stitch for most of the run. It went away a few times and gave me a little relief, but it wasn’t that great of a run. At least the weather was beautiful and I finished anyways!

I came home, showered, and heated up some leftovers.



I had some mac’n’cheese from last night and some broccoli.

It was good, but I’m already hungry again, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be having some popcorn soon.


Football tonight! Leave your pick in the comments!

Florida State vs. UNC – nice ACC matchup – game is on at 8 pm eastern, ESPN.


The Office should also be awesome tonight – the commercials have been good for this episode.

I’ve got to clean the bathroom, finish packing my bag, and change my purse.



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  1. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for you!

  2. As much as i am Florida native, I have to say that UNC will most probably kick FSU’s bootie.

  3. i’m still smiling :) can’t wait!!

  4. ah congrats Miss Ambassador of bread :) don’t forget about us little people when you become a big bad foodie legend, k? :)

  5. Congrats on the win again and even that run! I’m all about finishing so it’s amazing that you did through out the pain. Way to go!


  7. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! SO excited for you!

  8. Congrats on the win! You deserve it. You are amazing blogger and a sweet and caring person.

  9. Wahoo!! That’s really cool and I’m super jealous :) I’m going with UNC tonight… we’ll see!

  10. congrats girlie, I am SO excited for youuuuu!!!!!!!!! :)

  11. Congratulations! That’s so awesome.
    Congrats on the 7 mile run also and hanging in there even though the run wasn’t perfect.
    Not knowing anything about football teams, gotta go with the homestate team – FSU. Oh, and the Angels in the baseball playoffs tonight.

  12. congrats! how exciting!

  13. CONGRATULATIONS! I am *so* happy for you. I will be there, please save some time to meet me, you celeb ;)

  14. CONgrats!!! I saw your name early this morning…I am so excited for you!!!

  15. great job winning the contest and going to the festival! so jealous!!!

    and even though the run was tough; you did it! congrats!

  16. So many congrats! I saw it on the FoodBuzz web site today and was so excited to see your name!! What an opportunity and experience.
    Also CONGRATS on hitting the 7 mile mark! Tough runs are hard to take and you always want milestones like that to feel amazing but at least you did it! Onwards and upwards friend!

  17. Ahhh!!! OMG CONGRATS, suga!!! You are going to have an INCREDIBLE time in San Fran! You could always go visit the VegNews peeps :)

  18. I’m so excited for you!! Congratulations!

  19. HUGE congrats, Brandi :D

  20. Yay Brandi! I saw your name on the list and I was like, “WHOA!!” I totally know her! I was so proud! (:

    That mac and cheese looks fab by the way! I’ve been craving some of that comfort food!

  21. That’s so exciting!!! Congrats!!! :)

  22. Congrats on the run AND on going to San Fran! I’m so happy for you :) !!!!

  23. I am so excited for you and so jealous that you will get to meet my Brittany Boo!!!

  24. WOW GRATS GIRL!! I’m so jealous! hehe!

  25. a big fat congratulations to you!!!

  26. Congratulations! :)

  27. Hoooray, I’m so happy for you!!!!!

  28. Congrats, that’s awesome!!! I can’t wait to hear all about it.

  29. Congrats!! I was so happy when I saw you won!! Then again, I knew your pumpkin stuffed french toast would probably win! ;-)

    p.s. I’m going to send your package out to you either today or the beginning of next week!

  30. Congratulations! You are so deserving! Can’t wait to see what you cook up :)

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  32. I’ve already said it, but CONGRATS! So happy for you!!

  33. Congrats on being an ambassador! That is so exciting!

  34. Congrats to you! YOu deserve it!

  35. congrats my lovely on that 7 miles run! you finished and thats all that matters! mile 8 9 and 10 are on their way! :)


  36. Congratulations!!! I saw your name on there and was really excited for you. Also, congrats on the run!

    If you would like to meet up while you are in SF (I live in San Jose), let me know! We could grab a cup of coffee or something. I would love to meet you!

  37. Why do I stumble across food blogs when I’m hungry?!!! lol

    And to make things worse, blogs that have lots of yummy photos on them! :)

    That pasta looks yuuuuuuummy!

    Saw your other post where you put post its on the scales :) what a cool idea! my scales are always shouting abuse at me … the nerve! lol

    Great blog btw



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