The Path to Now, Part 3

Part 3, here we come. (Here’s Part 1 and Part 2 if you missed them)


I’m not exactly sure what was different the 3rd time joining WW.

Maybe it was because I was kind of settled. I wasn’t “away” at school any longer; I was married, living in “our” house, working, and finishing school.

My Mammaw ended up sending me the money to pay for WW meetings so I could really do it and get to my goal weight. I’ll never forget that and am so appreciative.

And somehow, I did it.

I reached my goal weight in November of 2004 and had to go through “maintenance” for 6 weeks, which ended the week before Christmas. That was definitely a challenge. Thanksgiving fell during those weeks where I was having to learn how to not gain/not lose anymore. But I did it.

I made Lifetime with Weight Watchers in December of 2004, and they recruited me to work for them starting that following January.

Working for WW was actually a great thing for me, especially right after reaching goal.

It kept me motivated – I was working the meeting I used to attend, so I still got to see the other members. I also made some amazing friends with the ladies I was working with at the meetings.

I did great maintaining that first year. I also ended up attending Leader Training for WW and eventually was leading a meeting of my own.

But something changed in me in 2005. I’m not really sure what it was, but I found out those bad habits from college were sneaking back into my life.

I had to weigh in once a month (at least) and send in my weight to my manager for WW.

That in itself was fine – but I started trying to push it every month. I would eat well the week before I weighed in, and just eat whatever and however much I wanted the rest of the month.

Again – did I really think this would be okay? I was fine for a while, but the weight eventually started coming back on.

In 2006, I found myself 10 pounds above my goal weight, and I actually changed my goal weight because I just didn’t think I would ever be able to get there again and maintain in that place.

Anyone that has ever lost weight can probably tell you that the more you have to lose, the easier it comes off (at first).

Having to lose that 10 pounds AGAIN took me 2 years.

2 years.

Mostly because I was trying to do this and get rid of these bad habits at the same time. I would do well for a few weeks, and then “mess up” and give in.

If I ate more points than I had…I would just throw my hands up and think “well, I’ve already messed up…I might as well just have whatever I want now and start over tomorrow”.

Except that “tomorrow” sometimes turned into starting Monday.

Starting next Monday.

Starting next month.

I was still at a healthy weight for my height, but I wasn’t happy and I was still just horribly critical of myself.

Something had to give.



Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

Okay, I know I’m super late to do this, but I just found out about this after a friend sent it to me yesterday.

NatureMade Sam-e Complete is conducting a nation-wide search for their next Good Mood blogger and I’ve applied as a contender! Aah!!!

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Please help me win my dream job!

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Thank you, thank you!



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  1. Good luck with the blogging job! I just voted for you! :)

    I continue to love reading about your journey…

    Have a great day!

  2. so interesting to read your story, so inspiring, i used to have the “start Monday” thing too! :)

  3. I used to have the same Monday thing too.

    Good luck with the job…I’m off to vote!

  4. I hear ya on the relosing weight.

    I am going to vote for you NOW!

  5. i think you’d be great for the job! i voted. all the best!

  6. yayyyyyy voted for you yesterday AND today! you are such an inspiration dear brandi and i love you so!

  7. Wow, that job sounds soo amazing! I wanted to apply, but I am a bit too busy with school :) I will for sure vote for you :)

  8. I love your story Brandi
    So inspring! you have a beautiful heart and strong mind :D
    and are a beauty yourself <3

    VOTED <3

  9. I am SO right at that place right now with my story. In fact, I feel like I could’ve written what you did! I am struggling being ten pounds over my goal weight as well, and it’s very frustrating. I can’t wait to hear how you switched your thinking made it work for you!

  10. After reading part 3, i seriously saw “me” in you! I’ve done weight watchers for years. my first attempt worked well, but then gained back. But this time around i awesome and lost all my weight that i wanted. but i can totally sympothize with you and how you felt if you some how ate all your points for the day you would throw in the towel and say well i already screwed up. I love the program but it can get a little bit overwhelming! Your story is so inspiring and i feel connected to you because we share so many similarities! Thanks for sharing girl!

    I’ll be sure to vote for you! this seems like such a great job! :)

  11. A lot of what you experienced sounds like what I am now experiencing. I have joined WW multiple times, and for some reason, this one stuck. And when I had what I refer to as “my freak out” last week, I had the same mentality about having already blown my points, so I might as well eat whatever I want.
    It’s amazing that you kept the motivation for the 3 years it took to lose 10 pounds.
    Can’t wait to read how you turned it all around!

  12. Weight watcher’s seems to be a really great program–my mom had great success when she did it–and I love all their recipe books too!

  13. great part 3! love reading about you. i need to go vote for you! oh and i saw that you won the nature’s path thang! CONGRATSS!!! cant wait to meet you in san fran :)

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