Happy Humpday everyone – glad it’s halfway over already.

Thank you, thank you for your votes! I’m going to go ahead and say that I will be shamelessly plugging this for the next week until voting is done – you can vote every day so keep ‘em coming!

I know I’m late to find out about it, but I figured – there’s NO way I’ll get if I don’t at least try, right? So, what the heck!

I woke up this morning wanting eggs – thank goodness we had some in the fridge!


I toasted up a piece of Nature’s Pride bread, topped it with 2 over easy eggs, some chile/garlic/sea salt and split an orange with Nick.


I’m not sure why I wanted eggs so badly this morning – maybe because I used the last of my pumpkin in my oatmeal yesterday? I guess it doesn’t matter because breakfast was good either way.

Lunch today was a hodge podge of things from the fridge.


Uh…sorry for the unappetizing picture. Sadly, that’s also how it tasted to me today.

I brought a serving of my black bean soup from this weekend and added the rest of my broccoli from yesterday.


Do you ever bring something and then, when you’re eating it, it’s not what you want AT ALL? I only ate half of this  because it was just gross to me. I guess I really did not want soup once lunch time rolled around.

Then I had some roasted kabocha slices on the side. Probably better right out of the oven, but so so good.


These definitely redeemed my lunch.

Nick and I were planning on going to get some kind of sweet treat to make up for my gaggy lunch, but we didn’t have enough time. :(

I just broke out my trail mix that I brought for a snack today.



Do you ever have times where you just can’t eat something? I wanted so bad to want my lunch because I was hungry, but I just couldn’t do it!

I’m glad squash is filling and carby – let’s see how long it holds me today.


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  1. Your first line about humpday being half over just got me so excited! It IS half over! Woohoo! Closer to the wknd!

  2. ALL THE TIME! I hate when I think I want something so badly, then have zero interest in actually eating it!

  3. ugh i hate when that happens! i meal plan, and every now and then i stare at what i said i’d make and just don’t want it. and i’d picked it out!

  4. I think kabocha is a good fall back food all the time :)

    I am glad that I’ve convinced myself that if something doesn’t sound good, I don’t have to eat it! No more of this clean my plate nonsense.

  5. Yep, that happens to me. I do eat leftovers quite often but sometimes eh, it’s just not what I want.
    I never tried kabocha squash, everybody’s been talking about it, I’m curious :)

  6. Ew yes, that just happened to me at lunch today. I bought a vegetarian enchilada and wanted to like it sooo bad, but every bite made me hate it more and more. Sad!

  7. I get those days sometimes. I plan dinners for weeks in advance and there are days I just can’t eat it.

  8. LOL at the title of this post. Sorry your lunch turned out not so good. Breakfast looks great though!

  9. Ugh, last night I made myself an english muffin. I really wanted to want it because I took the time to toast and nut butter it but my heart really wanted oatmeal. So I had to waste the english muffin(which is becoming precious carbs now that I only get to a TJ 1 a week) and make up oats 20 minutes before I wanted to sleep

  10. I hate when that happens! It happened to me the last time I made savory oats. They tasted okay, but they were just grossing me out!

  11. Yeah, I totally know what you mean. Sometimes, when that happens, a trip to the local salad bar or deli is in order. Hope the rest of today’s meal spark your interest!

  12. I voted! Good luck, sounds like an awesome gig!

  13. I cast my vote for ya–good luck!

  14. I haaate when I’m hungry but nothing sounds good. It’s the most frustrating feeling ever. Or the opposite…when you’re not hungry at all yet you wish so badly that you were.

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