Pumpkin and Pizza

How’s your Tuesday going? Is it dragging by for anyone else? I can’t believe it’s only lunchtime!!!

The worst thing is that it’s actually beautiful here today, so I would much rather be outside than sitting in the office.

Oh well – it is what it is.


I woke up starving this morning! I love that – do you? Makes me feel better about eating a humongous bowl of oatmeal  :)



My base today had:

  • 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt
  • 1 sliced banana
  • 1/4 cup or so of pumpkin
  • TONS of cinnamon


Then I topped my bowl with a tbsp of crunchy pb, some dark chocolate chips and a few butterscotch chips.


If you haven’t tried pumpkin with butterscotch, you should.

Work is work – I’ve been busy this morning and was more than ready for lunch when Nick came over.


I brought the other half of my pizza from the other night and some broccoli for a little bit of green.



Today at lunch, Nick and I were going over all kinds of budget-y things. Sometimes, I hate being an adult!

It was so much easier when I had no responsibilities  :)


What’s your least favorite “adult” thing you have to do?

I hate having to pay bills, wash the dishes, and clean the toilet.


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  1. YUMMY OATMEAL! =D baby bok choy rocks. adult bok choy is too tough.

  2. Haha, can I just leave a laundry list? I’m not a fan of cleaning and dusting surfaces for one

    Butterscotch and pumpkin sounds wicked good. I wonder if WF sells butterscotch chips

  3. Yum, now I want some butterscotch chips!

    Probably cleaning. I really hate cleaning.

  4. Your oatmeal always looks incredible!

  5. HATE paying bills!
    This post made me think of a dessert I want to try…So deliciously bad for you!

  6. Hmm oatmeal :P Can you tell I’m in love?
    Well, I hate having to worry about money and I HATE burocracies. :|

  7. I hate to put the laundry away… I’ll wash it, fold it, but just always manage never to put it away… oh, and I don’t make my bed unless someone is coming over…

    But, I hate being a slob… explain that!

  8. It’s so nice here too, I want to be outside! I love the butterscotch addition to oats, great call :) Least fave adult thing is FOLDING/PUTTING AWAY LAUNDRY! I could vacuum, scrub, organize, dust, clean all day long however ask me to empty the dryer and you may risk your well-being haha ;) jk of course!

  9. That pizza looks delicious!

    I hate washing dishes. :(

  10. if there was oatmeal awards, you would win. every time. adult things? bills fo sho! and i hate folding laundry.. but i had to do that as a kid as well.

  11. I’m totally with you on cleaning the bathroom – HATE it more than anything!! Paying the bills is a close second. Especially insurance bills – those make me so mad!!!

  12. about to lick my computer screen, those oats look too good!!

    i do not like doing dishes or for that matter putting clean dishes away after the dishwasher runs!!

    havea great day :)

  13. Mmm oatmeal. I hate doing dishes too. And vacuuming.

  14. Hi Brandi,

    I hate pulling the garbage bag out of the kitchen can!
    (can never get the new bag back in right)
    The husband gets so mad,
    I just keep packing it down.

  15. I’m pretty sure that oatmeal is so decandent it could be DESSERT for me… ohhh my goodness, I love every little thing in it! :)

    Paying bills is definitely my least favorite adult thing to do… *sigh* surprise, surprise right? haha… It makes pay-day much less exciting when it goes straight from your bank acct right back out to bills!!

  16. I cannot tell you how much I hate cleaning the bathroom. I am lucky that my husband takes pity on me and does it sometimes.

    I like being an adult for the most part. Since I have a small child I am reminded how many rules there are when you are young. We so much look forward to being an adult. Being a kid is fun but so can being an adult. ;-)

  17. I also hate washing toilets and folding and putting away laundry. Ew.

    I LOVE waking up hungry! One of the best feelings ever!

  18. You have THE best pics, per usual!

    Saving for retirement is an un-fun adult thing. So is budgeting for Everything.

  19. I hate doing the laundry. I just hate it. and paying the bills of course.
    I had the same breakfast today :) well, almost the same :) And some kind of pizza for lunch too :))

  20. I definitely hate paying bills. I hate being stuck to a schedule and feeling obligated to get up and go to work everyday.

    I was expecting to see a pumpkin pizza today! Ha ha.

  21. Um yeah, being an adult can be a pain. Bills are terrible, and any kind of cleaning. I’m a clean freak, but I still hate doing it.

    That pizza looks so good!

  22. Butterscotch is good on anything. I could eat the chips straight out of the bag :-)

    I hate talking about budgets too. I control it and I sometimes hate having to be the bad guy when it comes to saying no we can’t have something. And dividing household tasks so they get done is a challenge sometimes.

  23. i’ve been putting off organizing my receipts for taxes since….last tax season….

  24. I’m actually okay with bills and laundry–I like playing with numbers and surrounding myself with warm fluffy things. Dishes are a pain, but I don’t hate it. What really sucks is driving. I hate needing a car to get around. I hate getting gasoline, I hate scraping ice off my windshield, I hate being constantly on edge at 5 pm because drivers around here like to attempt motor-murder-suicides.

    And I wish I didn’t have to clean the cat litter. But that’s pretty much it. For all the downsides, I’m much happier as an adult than I was as a child (mostly because, despite the 8-to-5, I have a lot more freedom than I did in the years of baton/piano/flute/soccer/straight-As).

  25. I love that you and Nick have lunch together every day. It’s so nice!

    I HATE taking out the trash. I have to do it for the whole building, and sometimes (like now) it’s filled to the brim and has just rained, so everything sloshes all over!

  26. I LOVE being starved in the morning. Love a good appetite.

    I HATE feeling full in the morning. It means I ate too much last night. That’s how I felt this morning. Ugh.

  27. mmmm, brandi, i NEVER get tired of seeing pumpkin oats. your bowl looks incredible!

    i think my least favorite thing about being an adult is not having a chauffeur. i miss the days of being driven everywhere. traipsing around this city on foot with heavy bags full of everyone else’s leftover food gets old! (if i ever cleaned the toilet, i would probably hate doing that, too.)

  28. What a fantastic blog you have!! I love your photography skills, I’m so impressed. Thanks for the giveaway shout out!

  29. Those oats look incredible – my mouth is drooling!
    Least favorite adult thing to do – get an oil change. I hate going and always put it off until the absolute last minute.

  30. those look like the best oats ever! :D

  31. Hi , Just found your blog through Honoring Health’s. It’s great. I am in love with your oats right now…and that pizza – but it’s too small! I can’t stop at just one slice unfortunately :( or :)…depends.
    Have a great Sunday and please check out my blog if you have time. It’s recently started and I love new readers or blog-rolls. Take care!

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