Good Grahams

Man, what a Tuesday!

We had a dog visit the office today, so that was fun. His name was Angus! I loved it.

I got so hungry this afternoon – I guess because we ate lunch a little earlier than normal – so I had my snack this afternoon around 2:30 or so? I usually don’t eat a snack until 3:30 or 4, at least.


I brought a serving of my TJ’s nuts over raspberries trail mix today – very good, but I think I like it better in oatmeal than on its own! I guess because the chocolate melts on my oatmeal  :)

Work, work…worked some more…then came home for a quick dinner before heading out to our little neighbor’s football game.


I had another serving of my chicken noodle soup from last night, plus a roll with a little honey butter.

This honey butter is so good and it’s really that simple: honey and butter.


I got this at the amish market near Nick’s parents – it’s so good.


Honey + butter. Can’t get any better.

After eating our soup, we headed up to the field to watch some middle school football.


The weather was so nice tonight, but it did end up getting chilly once the sun went down.



We just got home, I packed my lunch, got in my pajamas, and made this Jess inspired snack, aka her Baked Apple Mess!


I diced up a little local gala apple and heated it in the microwave with some cinnamon for about 90 seconds.

The cinnamon and apple juices get kind of syrupy. Then I drizzled on some almond butter and sprinkled with a little graham cracker crumbs.


The graham cracker crumbs were SO good on this! Now I know why she has this :)

I also broke out some more holiday tea.


I forgot how much I love this tea.

Off to finish my snack and tea!

Do you use graham crackers for things other than s’mores? I have them, but never think to use them! They were so good on this “baked apple” – how do you use them?



  1. I love that tea! It’s so good. And how cute that you went to the game :)

  2. I agree that chocolate is best melted over oatmeal

  3. Oh those dusk pics are beautiful, I love the VA mountain scenery!!! As for graham crackers, I can’t have them in the house or I will eat the whole box – like in a day – I love those darn things haha!!! I do like to spread marshmallow fluff on them and some PB if I do have them though… hmmm and the man made me buy some fluff this past weekend – uh oh I see some unhealthy treats in my future! ;)

  4. I love grahams just for a snack or sprinkled on yogurt mess. I’ll have to try that with “baked” apple.

    I was at TJ’s the other day and tried to think of the name of that trail mix to add on my oatmeal. I’m adding this to my list NOW!

  5. i love graham crackers.. i eat them in almond milk any time i am sick. and i love to use them for my homemade cheesecakes! LOVE LOVE the scenery photos, nice sky!

  6. mm i love doing the apple + nut butter with crumbly thigns on top (i usually do granola)
    i like cinnamon sugar graham crackers as a snack-especially with peanut butter

  7. I have never had honey butter but I always drool over it as I pass it in the grocery store.

  8. Yum, that honey butter sounds fantastic!

    Way back the first time I did WW, they had this recipe for a faux ice-cream sandwich you made with FF cool whip and graham crackers that I liked. I’ve also done graham crackers and PB and graham crackers with cheesecake flavored cream cheese.

    That’s my favorite flavor of Celestial Seasonings tea! I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.

  9. great idea with the grahams!! i love eating them on their own too!

  10. There are graham cracker goldfish now, and I love dipping the cinnamon ones in Nutella!

  11. That tea is THE BEST!!!

  12. Graham crackers are great with PB & J as a snack instead of bread.. I love ittt :) That tea sounds soo good… it puts me in the Christmas spirit already!haha

  13. I love that you went to a middle school football game! I miss all the high school football games that I used to go to back in the day. Great memories.

  14. Ah!! Thanks for the shout out Brandi! :) Your version looks SOOOO good. Its all about the angles, and you killed it! But guess what i’m having in oh…20 minutes or so?? A BAKED APPLE MESS!! Just gotta finish some more homework first!!

    Anyways, so glad you loved it and hope to see it make some more appearances!

  15. Gorgeous sunset!

    Yep, I use ’em for pie crusts.

  16. Ahhh that sky is GORGEOUS! I’m such a sucker for a good sunset. I’d get soo distracted by a nice sky when I was driving at home. Especially during the summer. My sister always had to steer me back in the right direction ;)

    I don’t really use butter but MAN that honey butter looks good!

  17. Honey butter?!! That sounds too good to be true!!

    Those pictures are GORGEOUS. I just love beautiful sunsets like that. So peaceful. :-)

  18. Those are some beautiful skies!

  19. I never think to buy graham crackers, but I bet they would be delicious in all sorts of snacks! That one looks great.

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