Pancakes and Productivity

Happy Monday!

Thank you for all your notes and comments on my Path to Now post – I appreciate them  and can’t wait to post the rest! It has just about taken everything out of me to write all of this out over the past couple of weeks.

We had our first frost of the year – can you believe it? It was so chilly yesterday, I should have figured we would wake up to icy windows and silver-tipped grass.



At least today is beautiful! In the mid-50s and sunny, unlike yesterday. I think that run may happen today  :)


Pancake Monday was back in full force in our house today.

I made a batch of pancakes using this mix:


It’s not 100% whole wheat, but it’s pretty good and I don’t want to waste it so that’s what I’ve been using.

Today, I went with some layered pancakes.


2 normal pancakes and 1 baby one on top (the last of the batter) with 1 Tbsp (total) of cinnamon raisin pb slathered in between each pancake.


For the topping, I diced up a tiny, local gala apple and microwaved it in a bowl with some cinnamon for a 1:30.

Once it was softened, I stirred 1/2 Tbsp maple syrup into the apple and put all of that on top of the pancake tower.


I love pancakes. And melty peanut butter just makes them even better.

Even after that breakfast, I was even more excited for lunch!

One of my fun food finds this weekend was none other than a kabocha, aka buttercup, squash.


I followed Heather’s roasting instructions, but only sliced up 1/2 of the squash and left this half intact. I needed a soup bowl for lunch  :)



The squash turned out perfect and was the most delicious little soup bowl.

I heated up a serving of my black bean soup and added the last of my roasted brussel sprouts for a completely fall-themed lunch.


The kabocha IS SO GOOD! I’m so glad I finally found it here. I will definitely be buying it again.

I feel so productive today!

I’ve been working all morning, have a load of laundry going, roasted all of this squash, already have dinner planned out, ran by the post office, and am planning on doing some cleaning before my lunch break is over.

I think the sun shining is helping me out – it just makes me want to move.


What’s your weather like today?

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  1. The cutest paw prints ever! Your pancakes look gourmet!

  2. the sun has come out here too!!! i want outta this cubicle asap :) lunch looks awesome btw

  3. OHHHHH MY GODDD those pancakes!!!!! love the little paw prints outside too :)

  4. You really are the pancake queen!!

  5. awe! frost is so beautiful! Dang chilly, for sure. But your buttercup soup bowl looks AWESOME and would for sure warm you up !! :D

    great looking pancakes my dear!
    love xoxo

  6. It was nice here. Not cold, not hot. Just the perfect temperature and some sun. :)
    Those pancakes look so good, omg. :P

  7. wow those are some food porny pancakes. i had no idea jemima made whole wheat! good to know. those are epic! and those paw prints.. sooo dang cute :) i love it when i have paw prints on the hood of my car!

  8. Love your squash bowl, I’m making one tonight with an acorn squash!

  9. Those pancakes look amazing! I want to come over for breakfast! Love what you did with your squash too!

  10. LOVE kabocha. I’m glad you found it too :)

  11. Now I feel like I need to find/try kabocha. I wonder how long you have to microwave one to get it edible

  12. isn’t kabocha the best! I’ve had it before and its seriously so awesome! :)

    Breakfast this morning looks amazing, i love pancakes!

  13. OMG-these pancakes look divine! And so does the kabocha! I love broussel sprouts with my kabocha, too. Green and orange goes so well together : )

  14. Those pancakes look amazing! I can’t believe it already frosted over there. It’s warm and sunny in Arizona! Like always ;)

  15. PB on pancakes are so melty and delicious like frosting.

    I saw kabocha squash at WF today for the first time. I think I’m going to buy a small one next time I’m up there to try since everyone says how yummy it is.

    Today here the weather is nice and mild. We had frost on the window of my van when I left this morning but now its beautiful and I enjoyed being outside for a few minutes after PT. Makes for a much happier day.

  16. I’m in love with both your breakfast and lunch!! They look delicious! I hope you get your weekly HIMYM dose tonight – if I remember correctly, last weeks wasn’t that great so you didn’t miss anything major.

  17. I’m dying to try kabucha! That looks amazing! And so do your pancakes, Mrs. Breakfast Queen :)

  18. I just found kobacha too! Can’t wait to try it.

    It was 60 and sunny here today, but had to work through lunch so no walk today :(

  19. i just had the biggest lunch and you made me hungry all over again. i haven’t had pancakes in YEARS.

  20. Nice pictures of the frost :-)

    The pancakes look awesome…so yummie with all the apples on it.

    Here at the beach is kind of nice, mid 60, breezy and sunny!

  21. Our weather is gray and gloomy! The norm as of lately–boo! I definitely feel more productive with sunshine. So glad you finally got the chance to try buttercup squash. I’ve been eating it for years, so it’s not as exciting for me, but it’s still GOOD!

  22. Those pancakes look amazing!! I am always so jealous of your food and creativity :)
    Today it was beautiful here…67 degrees, sunny and bit breezy. I love fall!

  23. we’re on the verge of “frosting” too.

    we had pancake monday too…except it was pancakes eggs and bacon for dinner! i love breakfast for dinner. your apple idea looks so scrumptious i know my hubby would love it and will have to try it instead of strawberries next time!

  24. Aww, frost. Is it weird that I’m jealous?
    Yay for melty PB. The pancakes looks amazing.
    That squash shows up on blogs all the time, and I’m intrigued, but never know what to do with the different varieties. The soup bowl idea is great.

  25. That breakfast looks so good!!! Ah, and I know my mom would love it even more! She ADORES home-made pancakes! I have got to try adding warmed apples and pb next time I have them! Thanks for the idea girl :)

  26. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

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