Savor the Flavor

It is getting harder and harder to get out of bed. It’s just so cold and dark outside the covers – I don’t want to get out!

Nick went to church early again today to help out/work with the sound, and I’m leaving soon. We did get up in time to have breakfast together, though!


We got back to our normal Sunday breakfast today – eggs, fruit, and whatever else.

I had 2 over easy eggs over some oatbran with salt, crushed red pepper, and garlic.

Plus 1 slice of bacon and an orange I split with Nick.


Now I’m working on my coffee until I have to leave – this is from our last bag of Honduran coffee!


We need to go back to get more  :)


  1. I miss my home church so much!! I almost wish I could drive the 2 hrs just to go on Sundays! Have a wonderful and relaxing Sunday–I am off to do some baking :-)

  2. I finally purchased oatbran at TJ’s after seeing it on your blog so much. Please tell me your secret recipe to make it look so yummy :-)

  3. That breakfast looks good. I still don’t think i could eat eggs for breakfast though. I think it’s a cultural thing, we just don’t do that here in Portugal. I may try it some time just to see if it goes well though. :)
    The temperatures are finally going down here too YAY

  4. YUM i need to have eggs and grits today. Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Now that I’m a proud passenger on the oat train, I need to try your version! Every time you post it I want to eat it!!

    Happy Sunday :)

  6. happy sunday ms. brandi! enjoy your day :)

  7. ahah I so know what you mean – these winter months make it so hard to get out of bed.
    lovely oats :)

  8. mmmm savory oats + oatbran = yummmm!!! true that to not wanting to get outta bed, however the sun is tryin’ to find it’s way out here finally! i think the temps are supposed to go back up this week (at least in Ric?) so i am really looking forward to that :) enjoy your day!

  9. I gotta try eggs over oatbran!

  10. You are the queen of the savory oats, as usual.
    Mmmm bacon. I think the smell of that alone is infatuating

  11. i know what you mean about the cold! i’m loving this vacation-we had to open the window last night because it was WARM in the room! not excited to go back to freezingggg

  12. Sounds like the perfect Sunday morning! I don’t eat savory oats as often as I should – they’re really good!

    You should totally go back for more coffee ;)

  13. I find it harder to get out of my place than of my bed these times…. because it is just so chilly outside, especially in the mornings!

  14. yum. your breakfast looks great :)
    your meals always are so well balanced!! i love it

  15. Sounds like a nice little Sunday morning. I’ve never had savory oats, but it sure seems like you love them! I need to give them a try. I keep saying that, but I really do!

  16. Eggs and bacon are always a good choice :D

  17. I miss when my mom used to make me eggs every morning :( I suppose I’m old enough to make them for myself now…even though I don’t wanna :)

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