Photo Slacker

I have got to get better about taking pictures!

I only have pics of dinner tonight, but it was such a good day.

We ended up going over to a family’s house from church for lunch today. A couple that used to go to our church was in town visiting, so a group of us ate lunch together and caught up on things. I can’t believe it had been a year and half since we’d seen them! It was a fun time – we had some bbq from a local place that’s pretty good. I had some pork, a bunch of broccoli and cauliflower, a huge amount of a really good berry salad and 2 hushpuppies.

I actually was going to get a scoop of macaroni and cheese since I was still a little hungry, but when I got up there, the entire tray was gone! I guess I was too slow  :)

I was hungry again by the time we were leaving (around 3:30), so I ate a key lime pie Larabar in the car on the way home since I was planning on running this afternoon. I love that key lime bar – one of my favorites for sure.

I came home, changed, and had Nick put a new battery in my HRM for me. Well…Nick wanted to go so we decided to just run one of our normal routes instead of me doing 7 miles today. Sorry Whit!  I know I said I was doing my long run today  :\  I’m actually just proud that I ran at all.

My goodness, it was chilly. I had on pants, 2 shirts, my gloves, and my headband/ear covers. By the time we left the house, it was around 40 degrees, completely overcast, and pretty windy. But we went.

We almost didn’t, actually. We left the house and started walking down the road and we BOTH turned around to come back home  :)  But, then we were already dressed and outside, so we turned back around and just did about 4 miles today.

I came home, put the squash in the oven and ran up to the grocery store to get a rotisserie chicken for tonight and tomorrow’s dinner.


I roasted a local acorn squash for us to go with the chicken. I also cooked up some kale with a little crushed red pepper and maple syrup.


This kale shrunk so much! I had never seen any cook down as much as this bunch did. I started out with probably 4 cups of raw kale and it didn’t even make a full cup once it was cooked.

But at least we had a green with dinner!

I’m trying to decide whether to bake something tonight or wait until tomorrow…I guess we’ll see  :)


What’s your favorite green vegetable?

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  1. I love all this roasting of pumpkin and squash. If the weather isn’t going to be our friend, we might as well make friends with the oven

  2. I love spinach. And snow peas. It depends on if I’m in a sweet mood or a veggie mood. For me snow peas are sweet like dessert.

  3. Kale & spinach!! I eat ’em daily through rotation :)

  4. favorite green veggie is probably kale, and okra. haha. :)

    spinache is pretty dynamite as well!

    glad you had a great night :)

  5. I love a good mix of greens….but my favourite looking is definately rainbow chard.

  6. I also need to get better about snapping pics. I never do it when I should!!

  7. I love spinach and broccoli!

  8. Bake, bake! I love baking.

    It’s weird how sometimes veggies shrink down a ton and other times they hardly do at all. I’m thinking I might do acorn for dinner tonight too…

  9. girl 7 miles is still 7 more than I run ..ever. soooo props to you :) I love love love spinach!

  10. gosh, no worries about no photos. life unfortunately doesn’t wait for you to have your camera, so you just gotta live! sounds like such a fun weekend – glad you had a good time :)

  11. i like kale but it takes up so much room in the fridge!!!

  12. I really am in love with spinach these days but I also love kale and collards!

  13. I always forget to take pictures too. No worries. I would have been really sad to miss out on that mac and cheese, but your squash looks great!

  14. I love spinach and broccoli, those 2 are definitely my favs!

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