Well….we lost our game. Not the outcome we wanted, but it was an exciting game either way. And there’s still more football to watch.


Back to lunch!

I had planned on getting some sandwiches from the little place in town, but Nick still wasn’t feeling great and wanted some soup. Luckily, I had some black bean soup I made a few months ago and froze, so we thawed that out, added some extra tomatoes and spices, and had an easy and warm lunch on this rainy, gray day.


I topped mine with cilantro and scallions, and made a colby-jack quesadilla on the side with one slice of cheese and a flatout wrap.


This really was the perfect lunch for today. Neither one of us wanted to leave since it was cold and rainy, and this warmed us up.


We both took naps today, which was nice. I’ve been in a tshirt and sweatpants all day and love it. It’s been a nice day at home, just relaxing, resting, and spending time together.

Roxy took a lot of naps today, too  :)

While watching some games, I had a serving of TJ’s nuts over raspberries trail mix to hold me over until we were ready for dinner.


Dinner tonight was pretty easy. I knew we would be watching the game, so I didn’t want to stand in the kitchen cooking and trying to watch the game.

I got Nick one of his favorite frozen pizzas, and I bought a new one for me to try.


This was actually my first time ever trying an Amy’s Kitchen product! I know, it took me forever.


I bought their Mushroom and Olive Pizza, and just added a little crushed red pepper.

It was great! Now I know why everyone loves their stuff. I can’t wait to try something else.


Roxy just came back in so I’ve got more cuddling to do  :)

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  1. Sorry for the disappointment; you have no idea how disappointed I was to find nothing on the TV except football and Nascar, haha.
    I don’t know what it is about cilantro, but my body could not tolerate that much.

  2. Naps are fun especially on Saturdays. Peanut and Leo take them everyday but I like a good sunday afternoon nap.

    I need to freeze some soups that I want to make this week. I have a great black bean soup that Hunni doesn’t like so I need to freeze some. That and some other soups.

  3. I love days when you can just stay in your sweats and nap and cuddle….we need those rainy days sometimes!

    The pizza looks really good….I’ve actually never had an Amy’s product either! Have a good rest of the night :)

  4. Sorry about the game! That soup looks amazing, though :)

  5. I’m sorry to hear about the game! I feel like I shouldn’t be worried about the Eagles game tomorrow since they are playing the Raiders, but you never know.

    Nice that you got to take a nap though. That’s often a highlight of my weekend. :)

  6. I indulged in a nap today too, and spent most of the day in comfy sweats and a tee shirt. Perfect Saturday!

  7. aww sorry to hear about the loss girlie :\

    Amy’s always makes up for it though!! love her pizza’s – especially the pesto one! yum :)

  8. awe sorry about the game!

    your soup looks incredible :)

    i could have seriously used a nap today! jelous ;)

  9. I LOVE Amy’s Pizza!!!

  10. I don’t know what looks better – the soup or the pizza! Sorry about your game. Mine was disappointing too.

  11. Hey lady! I just got caught up on allll your posts since last week! Some stuff I loved:
    1) Your three things that should be ilegal. I was “yessing” the whole way through that post!
    2) Brussel sprouts! Had some amazing roasted veggies last night with brussels in the mix and was reminded how much I love autumnal food like that. Yum
    3) LOVE how into football you are. I am not at all. In fact, I totally dislike it (can we still be friends?!) but I just love how into you are. Nick must ADORE it. HAha
    4) Sorry Nick is not feeling good :( honestly if that soup and quesadilla combo doesn’t cheer him up, nothing will. There is nout better on a cold gloomy day!
    So glad to have caught up on all your posts! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

  12. Hmm pizza. Haven’t had that in a long time :)

  13. Oh i love Amy’s products!! The pizzas and burritos are my favorites :)

  14. Amy Kitchen foods are a “once you buy one, you have to buy more” kinda thing! Glad you jumped on the bandwagon–it’s mighty delish stuff!

  15. your first Amy’s product? girrrrrrrrrl — you will become addicted. You’ve got to try the enchilada’s.. muy muy bien!

    so sorry about your team :( y’all will get ’em next time!

  16. Terribly sorry my Jackets beat your Hokies ;). It was a good game!

  17. Sorry about the loss :(

    The soup looks so good! I’ve been meaning to make some black bean soup for a while.

    Amy’s products rock! The Tamale Verde is m fave!

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