Almond Banana Split

Good morning and happy Saturday  :)

Last night, Nick and I went out with some friends to celebrate Nick finishing school – I have no pictures! It was fun, though. We went to one of our favorite places here, The Rivermill, for some burgers and pool.

I got up this morning at 7 and it was still pitch black outside! I do not like that – it should be light by 7 am, right? It’s so hard to get out of bed when it’s still dark at that time in the morning.

I wanted to beat everyone else to the grocery store, so I left home this morning at 7:30 or so to drive into town to shop. And now that’s done already! I like getting the grocery shopping done so early because I don’t have to go later in the weekend, and there is no one in the store that early.

Plus, I found a few things today that I’m excited about  :)

I came back home, put the groceries away, and made myself breakfast.


I love making oatmeal banana splits – so fun to eat!


Today was all about the banana and almonds.

My oatmeal mix was just 1/2 cup oats, 1 cup water, pinch salt, and lots of cinnamon.

I spooned that into my split banana, then topped it with TJ’s Almond Butter and chopped raw almonds.


Nick wasn’t feeling well this morning so we ended up not making coffee – I got to have tea instead!


I have so much tea, and I just don’t drink them enough.



We’re hanging around the house today, watching football, and taking it easy. It’s pretty overcast today and only in the 40s, so it’s a good day to put on my sweats and enjoy it.



  1. Gorgeous breakfast!!! Love the idea :)

  2. That’ll definitely have anyone who thinks oatmeals “bland” thinking twice

  3. ahhhhh your breakfast is epic my dear! banana split + seasonal tea = yummy yummy yummy.

    have a fabulous weekend dear!

  4. Love your banana split!

    I have to get some seasonal tea… It always makes me happy…

    Have a great weekend! :)

  5. i love the banana split!

  6. I just finished my own breakfast and I’m drooling over yours!!

  7. I love the playful breakfast.

    I too have tons tea and I need to drink it up. You just inspired me. Hunni just put my kettle on so I can drink a ton of it today since I’m freezing.

  8. that is a totally blogified banana split – I love it!

    teaaaa!! Celestial seasonings is BY FAR my favorite brand! I’m still waiting for the holiday flavors to hit my shelves — sugar cookie tea, I die!

  9. Yummy breakfast! :)
    I love being home when it’s cold outside, drinking some tea and relaxing. Best feeling ever!

  10. dear brandi,
    your breakfast creations take up half of my recipes to try list
    peanut butter swirl <3

  11. OMG that looks delicious. And I love tea, of course :) I’m excited for the seasonal ones.

  12. amazing breakfast!!! Love dessert like breakfast! :D

  13. i love the idea of oatmeal banana splits! genius!

  14. how did you like that flavor of tea? i’m curious about celestial seasonings’ holiday flavors =]

    • I actually love it! It has a very strong vanilla scent/flavor that makes it SMELL sugary sweet, even though it’s not. It’s kind of hard to explain? It just smells as though you’ve added sugar to it even when you haven’t :) Good! My favorite is still Candy Cane Lane, but this one is good.

  15. I love that breakfast idea. The AB looks so luscious.

  16. That’s sooo cute! Must try it soon!

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